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6 days ago

The trail is short but the falls are worth the lack of distance. There is a fair amount to explore around the falls as well.

good easy hike with nice river views

Wouldn't really count thus as a hike but it was pretty.

Visited last summer and the views were UNREAL. We did the loop in a clockwise direction, heading left at the trailhead; if you hike this way, then all of the elevation gain is done in the first mile or so and there are views the rest of the hike as well as a downward slope the rest of the 6 or so miles. Conversely, if you hike the loop counterclockwise, there will be a lot more uphill hiking as the elevation gain is spread out over the miles.

Good workout on this trail today. Muddy in a few spots but overall good. You’ll face your fears on the bridge.

1 month ago

Road was closed when i got there. I had to walk extra 2 miles to the trail head, and it was covered with a lot of snow. Will come back when it has better condition.

Got some really nice pictures of the river

1 month ago

A fairly easy hike with gorgeous views of mountains and lakes. Mid-July, there was still plenty of snow in the upper parts, so hiking poles and good boots come highly recommended. We hiked it in the counter-clockwise direction and we thought the last steep descent was quite hard on the knees but nothing unbearable. If you prefer a less steep descent, go clockwise though.
All in all, a really nice hike with quite a few people on the trail.

1 month ago

This hike is pretty and not difficult. Lots of fresh snow so spikes weren’t necessary but did help when going up an incline. The cave is covered up right now, but the hike is still worth it. Saw a small avalanche as well. I can’t wait to go back when I can actually see the cave! Parking is about 2 miles away from the trailhead.

Went yesterday and the road is closed 2 miles before the turnoff so the hike is longer than what you’ll read about it. An avalanche covered the cave entrance so we couldn’t explore but up to the right are some small waterfalls and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. A lot of hard pack snow and ice, I didn’t bring my spikes but they wouldn’t be a bad idea to have.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike, very sketchy beyond the warning sign but worth the views. I got through two tunnels and over what looked like a very large rockslides. Beyond that there was a scramble across a slide field with a small waterfall in the center of it I didn't feel comfortable on, so that was my turn around point. This is where the elevated stone walkway used to be. There was more trail beyond to explore. .. trail is very unstable beyond the warning signs, rocks fell while I was on the trail so be very careful. I got to the trail at about noon and back to the car at two.

Pretty cool trail. Not that hard if you've hiked at all before.
The switchbacks at the beginning may give some older people trouble, but once you get to the bottom it's flat. Follows the river with spots to sit for a bit here and there (trees/ground, not man made).
The further you go the more you'll see how the water eroded the ground and you need to start being more careful.
I saw a tree fall into the water as I was walking along the bank.
Just park right before the sign for the trail and head into the woods, you should see pretty well traveled trail leading into the woods and you'll come across warning signs.

love this hike it is easy going next to the river the whole time.

2 months ago

This hike is so incredible! I've hiked it twice now and I'm always in awe! It's fairly difficult due to the steepness and the distance. But once you get to the top, it's all worth it. You forget all the pain and mosquito bites your endured on the way up. That view is so worth it!

very cool trail. I went in January and the water seemed quite high, it was beautiful.

What a rainy day in Washington, but what a wonderful Winter Wonderland at the Big Four Ice Caves!
Road was closed so it added an extra 4.4 miles (according to Apple GPS). Saw one snow avalanche and heard several. Be careful and highly recommend to stay on the trail.
My three dogs did so well, they love the snow!!
It wasn’t icy on 1/21, but snowy and slushy.

3 months ago

Great easy trail with awesome views. There is bridge washout in the middle of the trails, but we crossed it without any problem.

Great trail with beautiful view. Easy but was a bit icy in January.

Great easy long hike.

Excellent hike. moderately steep switchbacks lead down to flat trail continuing for about 2 km until the trail becomes washed out. after this section the trail is no longer maintained by the park service, but there is a useable trail leading to 3 intact rail tunnels, remnants of a couple bridges and more.

4 months ago

bad knees(like me)? -> walk it clockwise...and use poles.
great knees? -> walk it, run it, etc; direction irrelevant.
I grew up taking my family vacations out in this area. my parents would take my brother and I to lake ann every year. We would go fishing and visit with campers and swim, etc. I have many fond memories of this place. I especially remember how I could hear grown ups up on the ridge talking as they went on an "adult hike." this year, my husband and I spent a week out in the cascades and I was so excited to not only share my memories with him but to walk maple pass. as we were walking to the trailhead, a hornet decided to sting me (jerk) and it hurt like hell. I was also recovering from an ear infection and head cold from 3 days earlier. I would not be deterred...onward in a clockwise fashion we went. at 38 I have horrible knees (sx on my right and broke my "good" knee, the left one, 2 years ago). I am glad we got the steep stuff out of the way going up. if not for saving my knees, but for the insane indescribable monumental breathtaking views. the most steep parts were in the treeline. once you've cleared that, put on your hat and sunscreen (we hiked on September 1st) and stay hydrated. We ate some of the best huckleberries walking the last 4 switchbacks to the top. We had a great lunch and marvelled at the panoramic beauty. after a 30 min lunch we headed down and around lake ann not before getting a peekaboo view of Lewis lake. the descent going clockwise was so nice and kept the swelling and pain to barely noticeable. We made great time on both the ascent and descent. lake ann has changed since I was a kid. it's grown in around most of it and there no camping allowed. my only (minor) gripe is to the public at large: read all trails or wta or the parks info on a trail before going on a hike so you know what your getting into. We passed quite a few people in flat soled tennis shoes, no hats and minimal water and quite a few asked us how much longer to the top (green trails are GREAT maps sold at REI...when the last lady we saw whined at me asking how much further, I pulled out my map to show her location and she was stunned saying, oh my, you have a map and everything wow). Being ill prepared and complaining about it isn't fun, for anyone.

Most beautiful hike I've done yet.

Short and sweet with awesome scenery. Just enough snow to make it a winter wonderland hike! Trail is well maintained and easy to follow. Snow and slush covered most of it today but it wasn’t an issue for us.

Not really a hike but the caves were awesome!

4 months ago

Well intended hike, rain and fog closed us in, great exercise with out a view, will return at a later date

Be careful! The whole mountain is basically a waterfall right now due to the rain, which is causing snow avalanches. If you hear something that sounds like a loud jet- that is an avalanche. Parking lot is covered In about 10 inches of snow. Other than the avalanches it was very beautiful and a pleasant hike/walk. Go prepared!

Hiked on 11/16/17. Trail in good conditions, with 2 to 4 inches of snow/slush. Recommend waterproof shoes and of course, to stay far from the ice caves. Saw a wet avalanche coming down close to the caves. Although it was a relatively small avalanche, I could hear the noise of the heavy pack roaring down. Nothing to worry if you stay in the trail away from the base of the mountain. Beautiful hike, specially this time of the year. My son and I had the trail just for us.

First snow . Beautiful

5 months ago

Astoundingly gorgeous. There was a little snow on the ground starting off in the morning, and by the time I got back in the afternoon the forest had changed completely. I went into a fall hike and came out of a winter hike. You’ll definitely want to bring trekking poles as there’s a small area that’s a fall hazard and you need to tread carefully. Visibility was maybe 600yards or so, and gave a creepy/beautiful winter vibe. The reds and greens of the forest mixed with the white snow are gorgeous.

As far as I could tell, I was the only person out there today (Only car in lot, the only other tracks I saw were rabbits).

Snow is about a foot on the actual ridge. I wouldn’t do this hike without waterproof hiking boots now. In a couple weeks, I imagine you’d want traction devices and gaiters too.

On my way back, there were multiple large downed branches I had to break through or driver over. Sagging plants from the snow brushed against my car where they weren’t before. If you have a 2wd drive car with a paint job you care about I’d wait till the snow clears in the spring.

5 months ago

Windy and cool, not cold, at the top on 10.29.17. Light snow on the ground, no spikes necessary yet. Phenomenal views of Baker, Shucksan, Table Mtn, Koma Kulshan, and more.

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