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Chimney Rock State Park

North Carolina - Chimney Rock State Park Map

Not so much hiking as it was stair climbing. Great views though!

This hike which is a lot of stairs is great exercise but mostly for the views. My 11 year old kicked my but walking up the stairs. When you reach the top you can get a snack which he loved. Not a real hike but again, great for the scenery.

Get the elevator to Chimney rock to skip the first set of stairs. If you only walk to exclamation point is mostly stairs but if you continue to skyline then its a nice trail. Overall nice hike not too hard and with nice views.

We walked up all the stairs to get to Exclamation Point! Lots of stairs so not much hiking. The views are amazing up there and worth the climb! Then we went down to Devils Head. It was fine but no big deal to me.

Very beautiful waterfall! We went to top of Chimney Rock in the elevator after checking it out and hiking to exclamation point we then we went down the stairs that is marked ...Hickory Nut Falls. (Instead of starting at the trailhead) After hiking to the falls we skipped walking back up those stairs and went straight which took us back to the parking lot. Much easier than those stairs! The hike to the falls is good for anyone, past the stairs. It was pretty crowded. The park cost $15 a person to get it. Worth it for the views and of course for this great waterfall!

The hike is easy to do and the view at the end is amazing! Love this trail.

Too much woo stairs, it is not a real hiking to me. But the view was awesome!! Beautiful place.

Beautiful views.

Short hike, but there are lots of stairs which make it a fairly strenuous hike/walk. However, you will be rewarded with beautiful and unique views from Chimney Rock.

Enjoyed the hike. Took the smaller kids and they made it just fine. We headed for the trail but didn’t realize it was inside the park so we got to experience the whole park as well. Fees to get in are a little higher than should be. But all in all a good time. The falls were nice but employee on duty at falls so couldn’t cross border to get in water. Was our first trip to Chimney Rock so was well worth the day. Lookouts were nice.

1 month ago

Heck of a climb but a great reward!

you will feel.very accomplished once you get up there. The views are amazing! Does require a level of fitness as the rating suggests. Reward yourself with ice cream at the restaurant up there. Tastes even better at a higher altitude!

Nice hike

Okay trail would be best in fall so you could have a clear view to the Rock faces and such. Also watch out for snakes. I came across about a 5 to 6 foot long eastern diamond back rattle snake coiled up in the center of the small path. very big snake and he blended in very well. didn't know he was there till I was right on top of him rattling his tail and hissing. Lots of ticks on my dog afterwards as well. cool cave and nice rocks to climb.

The chimney rock state park was closed and this was only area open to hike. Nike hike through trees, few inclines, very enjoyable, a few rock steps but very manageable. Will go back to explore more trails. This is only one you don’t have to pay to hike, that is what I understood
Access to more difficult rocks and huge boulders, not for me

Took the stairs from the parking area bs then did the Exclamation and Skyline. Lots of steps and very little hiking but the views are awesome. The Skyline trail is mundane though.

Difficult trail but its so worth the views, and you'll climb many stairs to get to this level. Beautiful sites and natural wonders.

3 months ago

Beautiful waterfall just a short distance and an easy walk, just round trip of 1.5 miles. Nice wide path for a leisurely walk.

Very easy, but tons of bugs and spiderwebs. We couldn't wait to get away from the flies.

Yes, the fees are higher than normal for a state park, ($15/person/adult), but there is a reason.

Holy cow! This place is amazing, and if you are going to go more than once, get the annual pass for $28/person/adult.

I believe people when they say that it can get crowded here - why wouldn't it!? Our personal experience was that we entered the park around 2:30 on a Thursday in July. Not crowded. Waited for the shuttle bus to take us to the top. The shuttle bus was full when it unloaded, but only 20 of us on it to the top. Didn't have to wait for the elevator.
Hiked to Hickory Nut Falls. Many people coming down the trail. We were the only ones going up. Arrived at the Falls. We were 2 of 7 people there. Had ample time to explore and photograph. Magical.
Hiked down Four Seasons Trail to the parking lot when we realized we still had time before the park closed (7PM). Going down Four Seasons Trail is easy.

Amazingly, the park is dog friendly. They provide poop bags at random spots. There are more recycling bins and trash receptacles along the trails than I have ever seen in a park. Trails are wide and well kept. The entrance fee is at work everywhere. Highly recommend. Will be back.

I think the fees to enter the park are outrageous.

Nice spot, but it can be a bit crowded. There is a fee to get in, but it's reasonable especially considering all the other things you can do in the park. Waterfall is alright.

Went on this trail recently, on a Sunday. It was heavily traveled that day. There are a good many steps along the way, a decent incline, through the forest toward the trail that will take you to the 400 ft waterfall, that is gorgeous. Just hang a right at this trail's conclusion, and a 15 minute, easy walk, will take you to said fall, which was featured in The Last of the Mohicans movie. My husband, 2 dogs, and I had a blast.

Best views from the top of Chimney Rock (where the flag is). All wood steps to the top. Continue on the stone steps to exclamation point for views of the Gorge. If you want to continue further Skyline trail (dirt path) will take you another 2 miles to the top of the waterfall. The hardest part of Chimney Rock are the 500 steps to the flag pole, another 300ish to Exclamation Point. Elevator is back in service. Weather will cause trail closings. Call ahead...Park is known to have trails down without notice and still charge full price.

Not much of a trail, all man-made stairs. Beautiful view at the top, though.

Beautiful hike to beautiful falls. Kids made it easily

4 months ago

Loved this trail, some areas that you would definitely need to keep an eye on kids. No rails and some very steep drop offs along the way. Love the waterfall, and the fact you could enjoy getting in so I would bring a towel, swimming attire, and water shoes. Be in the look out for snakes seen 2 the day we hiked. Overall LOVE this trail!

Nice clearly marked trail. Can see dramatic evidence of the 2017 forest fires. Bolder fields are interesting. The stairs to the top can be treacherous when wet. Overall a very pleasant experience.

4 months ago

Go anywhere else in the state if you want to see waterfalls. We were shocked to find out that the fee is $15 per adult and $7 per child just to enter the park.

Fees are set by a private company that the state lets manage the park. As far as we can tell, it’s the only state park in NC with such fees.

Want a better waterfall hike that won’t cost an arm and a leg? Check out upper Bradley Falls, which is fee and a lot closer to Asheville.

Really nice climb out and back. Gorgeous waterfall and the kids took a dip in the pools at the waterfall base. Beautiful! We took the connector trail down to the parking lot...it was a great little hike. Lots of stairs going down.

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