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Love love loved it! Last hike we did before we leave for home. Glad we waited to do it last. Was not difficult at all.

Awesome trail, little traffic and awesome views at the top.

Beautiful waterfall, really crowded - get there early and hike the Moore Cove Falls Trail right after.

Took my seven and eight year old sons - the trail had lots of fun water stops and the water fall was approachable and beautiful.

I did this hike today and it was very nice. The view is so beautiful at the end! The hike isn’t too strenuous and I would rate it moderate to hard at the very end. Be careful with yellow jackets (there was a nest), I got stung and ended up with a severe allergic reaction and a rescue team had to come get me. So if you’re allergic, take your pen/meds with you!

First thing to note is that this is a different trail than looking glass falls which several people seemed confused about. The only water fall is a very small one near the start. The trail is not steep but the 3 miles out is entirely uphill. The view at the top is definitely worth it though!

Lovely views, lovely hike. The climb is never steep, just steady and moderate. We hiked up for sunset and soaked in our first Eastern sights of the Milky Way along with a hand-full of meteors from the Perseid shower. Other than a few passers-by, we had the place to ourselves.

Gravel and rock trail that is, for the most part, and easy walk. Not a lot to see along the trail except for the wildflowers and butterflies, which my girlfriend's daughter found quite attractive. The view from the tower is great, even on a cloudy day. The tower platform is still locked but you can ascend to the landing just below, which offers grand views. I wouldn't call this a destination trail. But if you're in the area it's worth a little time.

Great workout. Not a scenic “hike”.

Loved the scenic trail and the destination is breathtaking! Hike is very strenuous but worth it in the end!

Overall an easy well graded trail, very nice drop onto a lower rock. No pool but a great mist and shower.

Parking can be challenging. No real hike and very crowded, but a nice waterfall since WNC has had about 4 inches of rain the week before.

Hard work but the view makes it worth it! Lots of water on the trail causing frequent mud puddles.

This trail is fantastic. Easy walk up with a few points of interest and the view at the end is breathtaking. No wonder the trailhead is ALWAYS packed.

Great hike with fantastic views at the top. A very popular trail so expect lots of company and to be parking on the side of the road since the parking lot will most likely be full. The trail is very well maintained. I would describe it as a moderate hike since all of the switchbacks make the ascent very managable.

Fun trail that is uphill the whole way. Seems to be a mountain biking trail more so than a hiking trail. Not really much in the way of views either.

A 1.4 mile round trip, easy trail to a beautiful and quaint waterfall.

Great easy trail, quick in and out, a good bit of hikers, fun rocks to climb and get great photos. M

Very nice trail for a great view at the top.
Would say it’s more of a moderate trail than hard.
Would recommend proper hiking shoes due to exposed roots, noticed some people having footing issues with running/gym shoes. I would do the trail again .

Great hike! Gradual uphill all the way up with pretty foliage. Just a pretty and enjoyable trail. I would say it’s more on the moderate side than difficult. Heavily trafficked with lots of dogs too — but it is a Saturday in summer. Went early (started around 9:30) and it wasn’t too bad traffic wise on the way up. The view is definitely worth it with a nice, mostly easy trek down. Would definitely do this one again.

Beautiful waterfall after a nice meandering moderate trail.

22 days ago

There and back again! In an effort to answer the question that has plagued scientists for millennia (how is it possible that the art loeb is uphill all the way both ways?) I did this trail as an out and back. I do not have an answer to the question but I can confirm that it is, in fact, all up hill both ways. Seriously though, this is such a great trail and has a different feel depending on which way you take it. Whether you do it as two separate hikes or do it all at once, I highly recommend doing it both ways. I prefer the south to north route as you end with all the beautiful views and more isolated portions of the trail (cold mountain is well worth the detour) — a great reward after a tough hike. Regarding gear I can just say that this is one trail that is made easier with a lighter pack. Really consider what you need to bring and why? Is there anything you can leave behind? Could you get by with a lighter pack? A tarp instead of a tent? Lighter cooking gear? There are so many purveyors or ultralight gear these days — if you hike and camp a lot it is well worth the investment to transition your gear as you can over time. I did this 60 miles in 2 days with a 12 pound pack. Hiked from Davidson river to Daniel Boone and then back up to the base of cold mountain (34 miles) on day one and then back to Davidson River on day 2 (26 miles). Having done it in more time with a heavier pack I can tell you that the lighter pack makes all the difference in the world, particularly in some of the more technical sections of the hike. Do be aware of water sources as you go. Water becomes more limited as the summer get on and particularly between the shelters and shining rock water can be very limited. There is a reliable spring just past shining rock heading towards the narrows and it’s worth getting water there whichever direction you are heading in. There is beautiful camping all along the trail but also remember that if you are camping above the blue ridge, current regulations require a bear canister. You will likely see more signs of bear activity than actual bears but they are around. All of the bears I have seen in the area have been timid and turned tail as soon as they saw me. Just part of the deal. Whatever you do and however you do this hike, just enjoy it!

22 days ago

Great hike but definitely a killer... started at the Boy Scout Camp and ended at Davidson. I read this was the easier way to go however, don’t let the word “easy” fool you, it’s still very challenging. There were a couple tricky spots because of the unmarked trails just pay attention to your compass and map to be sure you’re heading in the right direction. We did this hike in 2 and a half days, our thighs were burning at the end from all of the ups and downs. Fantastic views in the Balsam knob area, unfortunately it started storming for us so we had to get out of there. There are a couple fire pits up there in that area, highly recommend snagging one of those if possible. Absolutely no coverage whatsoever so only plan to stay there if you know it’s not going to storm!! Bummed we didn’t get that opportunity because the sky would have been wicked to look at from there. Overall great hike, definitely worth it!

I have hiked this easy trail a few times but I always found that a lot of people wasn't aware of Little Moore Cove Fall nearby.

Not really a trail but a nice waterfall.

A good workout and mostly uphill.

Fun hike! Not as hard as a lot of the reviews said. We even saw some elderly folk making their way back down. It is a decent workout and definitely worth the hike! The view and rock face is one of the best the area has to offer! A must see!

One of my favorite hikes. Strenuous but not too long. Fantastic payoff at the top. Excellent half day outing.

Really good trail for an out and back that isn’t too easy. Good amount of challenge for a great payoff at the top. Took my wife and I (and carrying my 15mo old) an hour and 40min to the top and an hour and 15min down. Great spot for a quicker morning hike.

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