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Went when it was foggy so not much to see, but moderate climb with a few switchbacks to make your way up. Path was rocky so watch your step, but our dog was fine! Will definitely be going back to see the view!

12 days ago

Hummmmm. I have a lot of thoughts about this trail. It does have a little bit of everything. The Hebron Falls were very pretty - although difficult to get to. I like a little of a challenge, but oh the MUD!!! This trail needs some major improvements. If they could “raise” the trail with gravel that would be a huge bonus. The ladder climbs are fun and different from most trails I have done. However the multiple stream crossings need (at least) a small bridge. The local scout troop could do that in a few weekends.
Overall okay trail. I was tired after I finished - although the day before I did Cone Manor (also ~6 miles) which is a much easier trail.

Big payoff for only a short hike. Rarely do you get to view a waterfall from the top vantage point and this one doesn't disappoint. You really can't hike to the bottom but views from the top are special. I consider this an easy hike but it is mostly uphill on the return.

Awesome trail with the pups. Great falls but slightly slippery while exploring. Steep climb in some areas but worth it!

Great hike, well maintained, excellent views, and not too busy. Better views at the north summit than the south imo.

Nice quick hike in Feb.
great views from atop.

Rocky path with amazing views! so beautiful.

19 days ago

Nice Trail....It was a little busy but nothing too unexpected for an easier trail. Well maintained and easy to follow.

23 days ago

My gf and I along with our dog decided to make this our first hike. We are from a beachy city in Florida so this was definitely not our normal hike. It rained on us and was supper foggy for the first 45mins but cleared up a bit. Muddy and slick in some spots but nothing to crazy. The dog ran circles around us the entire time, she loved it just as much!

If you want a nice stretch of the legs on a non- strenuous trail, this is it! A nice change from steep, rocky trails. Very peaceful and pretty. Plenty of water along the way for dogs. Not sure if the little streams dry up in the summer, or not. I walked it while leaves were still off the trees so was able to see the surrounding mountain tops. Very nice!

Not hard I promise! I see families with kids on this trail all the time. The environment is great though. There’s a lot of water and Hebron rock colony can be accessed from this route. This is a great hike to do in the summer bc there are a lot of good potential swimming holes. Julian price park gets crowded so get there early in the spring and summer months.

1 month ago

Wonderful, not too difficult hike! Completed in mid February so the trail was quite icy, and the sky foggy, but other than that it was splendid.

great trail, not that challenging except for the rocks.

trail was icy but it was beautiful and it was foggy so we didn't see the view but so worth it.

It was a great hike for a couple hours of the day! Kids enjoyed it. Had a great time at the falls!!!

2 months ago

We connected two short trails (Tompkins Knob and Cascades) to make a nice little hour long hike. The Cascades were gorgeous all frozen over in early January. Liked adding Tompkins on just to add a little to the hike. Very easy hike for all ages and ability levels.

2 months ago

Would only recommend if you go all the way to the Cascades. We connected two short trails (Tompkins Knob and Cascades) to make a nice little hour long hike. The Cascades were gorgeous all frozen over in early January. Liked adding Tompkins on just to add a little to the hike. Very easy hike for all ages and ability levels.

The Cascades are the highlight here though. So if you just want a really short journey, drive a mile up the road and visit the Cascades from their own parking lot.

This trail was stunning after a fresh snow, but would be relatively uneventful otherwise. Pretty flat overall. Not a bad little route if you are right on time, butthis area of the Blue Ridge has much better to offer.

Great fun! Had baby backpacked and a 6 year old. Beautiful with the snow on the ground.

Great hike on a cold morning. It was 15 degrees when we started. The majority of the hike was close to water which was a plus. We took a small sidetrack to view Hebron Falls and well worth it. Several stream crossing but nothing to be concerned about. Plan to take hike again in warmer weather.

2 months ago

Loved the criss-crossing of the creek and than opening up into the hardwoods and Meadows.

excellent trail. lots of good views of small waterfalls and some good challenges for the moderate hiker. definitely a favorite hike. but, be careful at the end....going through the campground can be confusing, could be marked better.

trail running
2 months ago

Beautiful trail. Well marked and maintained. Had to stop and walk in several spots due to terrain. Probably not run for those without strong knees and ankles, but a really nice hike for most skill levels.

3 months ago

one of my faves...be sure to. check out Deer loop trail which veers off left from Rich Mtb loop...nice bald area to hang out and watch wildlife.

3 months ago

I went here to get a sunset hike and it was so beautiful. The trail is well-maintained and it doesn’t disrupt the forest much at all. Both views at the top are stunning, but I watched the sunset from the South View and it absolutely blew me away. Even though I went when the trees were bare it was awesome. I highly recommend!!

Went hiking with suz. Beautiful
Loop, definitely keeps the heart rate up but is casual. BEAUTIFUL views, a few places you can climb out on the rocks and there are little waterfalls. When we went some beavers had created a little pond that made it impossible to get to the trail about halfway through... (that is without taking off shoes and trudging through the mud) would like to go back and do the whole thing. Awesssommmee chillin water spots that would be nice for casual dips in the summer

Great trail. Easy until left turn up Cragway HT, not crazy difficult. It was super windy at the top but had incredible boulders and beautiful views of the valley.

Beautiful trail. More Laurel and Turkey Brush than I’ve seen in one place.

3 months ago

Great waterfall at Cascade Trail. Great scenic overhangs too.

Fun trail and great waterfalls. Fun with kids

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