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5 minutes ago

My favorite hike by far. We hiked it yesterday, 10/14/18 and couldn't have asked for a better day. We started at noon and we hiked it clockwise. Not a lot of people hike it that way, I guess. We enjoyed this trail a lot! Beautiful sceneries everywhere you look! Will definitely do this hike again. Maybe be hike it counterclockwise next time.

This was an amazing weekend, beautiful weather! My husband, 3 dogs and I had a marvelous time. I'm sooo glad we did this! I think it is a must do.

1 day ago

The hike its self is just ok, but the glimpses of aqua water make it well worth it. There is a ferry at the end of the trail that will bring you back to the parking lot. I found it hard to get info on it. It departs from the end of the trail twice a day 8:00am and 3:00pm. It was $10 cash and allowed dogs, this was the highlight of the hike for me.

on Maple Pass Trail

2 days ago

Well worth the trip. Wonderful views around every corner.

4 days ago

I loved this trail! Beautiful around every curve.

good short hike with an easy trail. awesome spot at the top. had snow flurries for some larch hunting and did not disappoint!

7 days ago

One of my favorite fall hikes in the North Cascades. It does not disappoint.

One of the top hikes I've ever done! In late September, the fall colors were mesmerizing and there was no ice on the trail. We took a counterclockwise loop and were treated to amazing views almost the whole way! On the advice of a ranger, we did not go to Lake Anne because the views are more enclosed. We did take the side trip to Rainy Lake to have lunch on a bench just before heading back to the car and it was beautiful. The total hike (8.4 mi) took us about 3:40.

8 days ago

A beautiful Fall hike. My friends and I came out here on Sunday 10/6. The trail is easy, and beautifully maintained. Great for those that are just getting into hiking. We brought traction with us and didn’t need it, but there were a few small spots that were icy. It did start snowing on us at the lake and never did let up till we were back at the parking lot. This is a very popular hike, get there early the lot fills up fast, cars were parked around the corner and down the road.

8 days ago

Hiked this for the first time and it was beautiful!! I'm so glad we went really early though. We counted 125 people as we came down. Too busy for my liking. The trail was getting a little slick in places. We will be going back though next year! Hiked it Oct 6.

My Wife and I hiked the Pass after a fresh snowfall last week . It felt like we we're drawn into a beautiful Christmas card . Fresh white snow clung to the branches of the pines , occasionally depositing the powder on our heads and surrounding forest. The switchbacks seem never ending but it moderates the steepness to make an easier accent .
As we got within a few hundred yards of the Pass strong easterlies had whited out the trail . The views down the valley and associated glaciers is awe inspiring, magic .
The drive to the trailhead is a beaut journey on it's own.

Probably the most beautiful hikes ever.
Autumn colours magnificent with the white paint of fresh snow thickening during the accent . Ice was a problem at times especially on the more exposed cliff track . Always enquire when micro spikes might be needed for safety and knee relief.
Not too taxing physically, a good burn taking 4 to 5 hours return , anti clockwise would be my advice .
This place has all the variable beauty nature can provide.

8 days ago

September 29, 2108. What an amazing hike. I went up clockwise to avoid the steep downhill grade on my knees. From the time I parked, to using the restroom, to arriving back at my car, I hiked 9.3 miles. I met a great trail buddy at the top from Seattle named Sean. We came across a bear on the trail downhill. Had our bear spray handy but didn’t need to use it. I wished I had a hat and gloves for the top of the trail as it was quite breezy and cold. Breathtaking views from both sides of the loop. Fall colors were brilliant. I would definitely hike this trail again next fall.

8 days ago

What a beautiful day for a hike! Clear skies and not too cold. Glad we brought microspikes-they we’re required for the last half mile to the lake. The views were incredible, so the trail was busy, but it was totally worth it to see the larches and beautiful Blue Lake.

9 days ago

Absolutely beautiful hike!! Went yesterday.. snowed the entire time. Didn’t have any issues until about a half mile from the top of the loop. I’d recommend micro-spikes for sure. Other than the snow, the trail was pretty damp and muddy. Going counter clockwise was great for my bad knees! I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!

Snow and ice. Bring traction.

15 days ago

We went clockwise. As a beginner hiker, I found it strenuous to climb to the peak. Return was easy. Great views of sorrounding peaks, fall colours and the lakes(Rainy and Ann). The descent felt easy although long. Carry layers and gloves.

Spotted two playful black bears from long distance during the start of descent.

on Maple Pass Trail

16 days ago

Great views. The upper part of the trail can get very windy.

17 days ago

I go every late September to see the color. Best fall colors in Washington

It is not lightly trafficked but for good reason as the scenery is top notch. Heavily trafficked. Moreover the most difficult aspect of this trail is the road leading to the trailhead.

20 days ago

Hiked on 9/22/18

Blue Lake is absolutely breathtaking! The trail is so nice and nicely maintained, the views are absolutely gorgeous, and the lake is crystal clear and pristine.

Absolutely perfect day hike and one of my new favorites!

*Need Forest Pass

22 days ago

A great hike with wonderful views all around. The fall colors are spectacular right now. We hiked on a somewhat rainy day which was ok since we were prepared for the weather. This is definitely a strong moderate hike. My GPS clocked the hike a 7.4 miles roundtrip and vertical elevation gain around 2150 ft.

We took peoples advice and hiked counter clockwise which made for a longer more gradual climb and steeper descent on the loop.

A must-do hike for your bucket list.

This hike was pretty disappointing once you get to the end, I probably should have read more reviews before we went. You get little glimpses of the beautiful lake. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m not a fan of hiking to see a Dam and power lines. The trail was nice though and we did see some little snakes. By the trailhead you can go swimming in the lake and it is beautiful (better than my hiking views

27 days ago

Absolutely fantastic views!

29 days ago

Truly the hike of a lifetime! The type of trail that gets more challenging and more majestic with every mile. I think about this afternoon regularly and can't wait to come back some day. Not to be missed!

30 days ago

We hiked this going clockwise because we missed the counter-clockwise trailhead. Still a very scenic hike! I have a knee that does not do well on long steep downhill hikes, so taking the clockwise direction actually helped because the east side (Lake Rainy side) has steeper grades in sections. The halfway point and second half of the hike (west side of Lake Anne) is the most scenic. Beautiful! If you do this hike clockwise, you will find yourself glancing backward occasionally for the views on the second half.

1 month ago

We went counterclockwise by accident, not having read any reviews other than talking to locals. I was feeling bad for those we met coming up who were going clockwise, because the trail up going that way is gnarly. Steps up of 20-25 inches. Narrow, NO view, dusty. relentless upward like climbing a ladder sometimes. Going down the gnarly sections, one can simply hop down, but I can't hop up! Clockwise this is probably a "hard" trail and gets two stars. Going the right way, one gets constant views for the effort. It is sunny for the first 60% of the trail going the "correct" way, counterclockwise. Take water, because Lake Anne is it in the fall. There is probably more water in the midsummer and snow thru June or later. For those not familiar with the Cascades, thinking that a 5000 ft pass is wimpy, better think again. They get serious snow up here and winter at 7000 feet in the north Cascades is like winter at 11000 feet in the Rockies. Prepare to spend 6 hours on the trail. It's almost the perfect day hike. We are from Nevada, and used to being the only ones on the trail. This trail seemed crowded, probably passed 15 groups going the other way, no idea how many people going the same way as we were.

too much road noise

9/9/18 Hiked up to the camp with no trail issues. Keep an eye on the weather report and everything else is clear to go.
Rough hike to do in one day. Very rewarding.
Easy to get to and well maintained.

1 month ago

Nice hike, no bugs. Ran into 3 mountain goats on the trail :)

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