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Fun trail. The stairs were fine (novice-moderate hiker, here). Great views of the Bay.

1 month ago

great out and back. fantastic views

1 month ago

Tremendously peace view from the shoreline adjacent to bridge

You can also park at the Pantoll Station and hike down to Stinson Beach either from Dipsea or Steep Ravine, and hike back up either way.

1 month ago

So gorgeous! There are amazing views of SF, the bay, the beach, and Sausalito. I’d recommend getting there early enough to find parking as it was intense by the time we left (about 1pm). We ended up adding a couple miles to our trip by adding the Battery Spencer Trail to the day as well as exploring a couple of the old batteries which I definitely recommend. As a Bay Area native, the views never get old and if you’re local and you haven’t been, I hope you do. Trail was about 40-50% shaded so prepare for that if your fair otherwise it requires very little planning. Great place to take visitors! Keep in mind you can only access the parking lot from the south so if you’re coming from Marin, you do a bit of backtracking - unless I don’t know a secret way to get through... which is entirely possible!

One of the better hikes in Marin. It's good hard work but well worth it as there are some great views and much of the hike has a great vibe. Lots of birds - i suppose that it's spring and the chicks have hatched. Definitely heard plenty of little chirp chirp sounds.

Good track, and incredible views, particularly on a sunny day. Some of the views are displayed in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slkEDAQakE0

Awesome hike ... marsh land, beach trek, hills with views of the ocean and forest. Back side of trail culminates with a half mile walk along the road/parking lot.

A nice hike with nice ocean views. Part of this loop is along the road which isn’t great. It becomes no pets allowed about .3 miles away from the lighthouse so know that you won’t see it if you bring the pup. Also gets very crowded near the lighthouse.

Trail is open (Jan15).
Good loop. Busy for first 1.2 miles and then very quiet. Steep climb. Beautiful views.

2 months ago


Gorgeous hike! Nice challenge but not prohibitively so. Great views of rodeo beach, sf and Marin.

Beautiful ocean views!! Just know it's not dog friendly at the Lighthouse. They will turn you away if you try to see it with your pup.

on Kirby Cove

2 months ago

Amazing hike with great views.

2 months ago

Parking was challenging but worth it. Easy walk to the top and the view was breath taking.

This is my first longest trail route. It has lot of trails inside you may end up going into some other route ensure you can carry gps trackers. In this trail route you will see golden gate and Pacific Ocean. Good for moderate level hikers to start with hard levels

Great hike, definitely not dog friendly though :(

Beautiful hike... terrain changes, fresh sea air, a tree swing. I really enjoyed it!

Loved it. Had a little bit of everything (cloud forests, beaches, wildlife) and felt very mystical.

3 months ago

Be aware that the trail is closed at Carson Falls - a posted sign says trail closed due to hazardous conditions. This hike is in a beautiful area but the trail map needs to be edited and updated for accuracy. I deleted my recording due to trail map errors and will record an alternate route next time.

The direction here will take you to a wrong address which is the other side of the mountain where DOG IS NOT ALLOWED. If you want to do the loop where dog is allowed you will have to go to Marine Headlands Visitor Center. The lady rangers here were nice enough to let us know and gave us the right direction but the guy ranger was rude even after we let him know the lady already let us know that dog is not allowed in our way out.

NOT HARD. Moderate at best. We were expecting a challenging workout, but were disappointed. Never even broke a sweat.

Great hike/run. I enjoyed going first thing in the morning as the sun was burning off the fog.

This was great. Very serene hike. There were probably some incredible views on this hike, but I didn’t see them because there was so much fog. I quite enjoyed the fog, though. It made for a very eerie and isolating experience. There was a short time where the fog broke and gave me a glimpse at Sausalito. It was breathtaking.

I saw quail, hawks, ravens, and a ton of little chirpy birds. Some of their calls were really beautiful. There were also lizards, a group of bucks, at least 15 rabbits, and plenty of slugs.

As far as difficulty, the main thing here is that it’s long! I was sweating a lot by the end, but there was never an incline that made me feel like my lungs were on fire. Anyone can do this hike.

I’ll definitely be back, and highly recommend this hike for people with at least 3.5 hours to kill. Don’t be scared off by the “hard” label or the long distance. It’ll hurt, but you can do it!

Great hike, great views. Not a lot of shade on the trail, so bring plenty of water for you and your canine companion.

4 months ago

This is a good, semi-challenging trail. Just the right length for a morning hike.

If you go to the coordinates that AllTrails provide for the trailhead, they are WRONG. Go past where it says to go (you'll see horse stables on the left, go just past those). You'll see a parkingj lot on the right hand side (if you're headed west) almost directly across from the horse stables. Park there and start your journey! There's a restroom at the parking lot which is nice.

The first couple of miles are mostly uphill-- a pretty steady incline, but nothing too steep. Then when you turn right onto the SCA trail from Rodeo Valley Trail, the trail gets fairly narrow, so just be careful. There's a fork in the road where the SCA trail turns into the Coastal trail to the left and the Slacker trail to right ACCORDING TO THE SIGN. The AllTrails map shows that if you stay right, you'll be on the Coastal trail, but the sign at the fork says differently-- it shows the Coastal trail only going down to the left (down some stairs). It shows Slacker trail to the right (not Coastal). TAKE SLACKER TRAIL. That is really the one you want to go on. We made the mistake of going left and ended up going part way down the wrong trail and had to hike back up.

You'll eventually see a sign that shows the way up Slacker Hill (which is marked as Slacker trail on the map). We didn't go up because it was too foggy for a good view.

When you finally get down to Bunker Rd, toward the end, cross Bunker Rd, but go left and continue walking down the side of the road until you get to Smith trail. The Map shows two trails that connect back to Rodeo Valley Trail, but that is INCORRECT. One of the trails is so overgrown it's impassable, and the other one simply does not exist. So again, when you get to Bunker Rd, cross at the crosswalk, and then just walk down the side of the road to Smith trail to get back to the parking lot.


Great workout, but not the best hike to bring your girlfriend on for her bday - bring lots of water and apologies.

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