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For my second hike in AZ, this was pretty decent. For those complaining about Sharing a road with 4 wheelers and trucks than just take the chuck wagon trail and bypass that. It’s quiet, has better views and you don’t have to complain to people about how crappy the hike is because of vehicles. While true that devils bridge is busy, I found most people to be respectful and take photos for other people while keeping it moving. At times it’s was comical watching people do head stands and such. Go summit Everest if you don’t want to run into people. That’s half the fun of hiking and enjoying nature with other people! The views are great and the hike was enjoyable. Don’t over think it and just do it.

Lovely hike. More moderate than easy.

Easy hike with wonderful views, one of my favorites in the area!

The trail was very hard to follow, got lost at least five times if not more. Was unable to find the cave/arches and the sacred ponds were very underwhelming. A long distance for little reward. Parking space was very limited as well.

1 day ago

Very dissapointing. Boring trail, chunk of it runs alongside a resort with some barbed wire, too many houses in view. No great viewssssss, then decends into a rather unkempt forest. Maybe its better in the spring when theres water? Who knows. Worst hike in my week in Sedona. There a many amazing trails here. Im at a loss as to why anyone would bother with this.

1 day ago

I love hiking this trail and fishing it. takes about an 1hr to hike it if you walk with a purpose, about 2 if you take your time and fish a few spots.

great hike for the whole family and amazing views of the red rocks.

Excellent trail. The last part is in the shade, so, dress for it. Scenery is breathtaking.

Such a fun hike. Definitely more than 1.2 miles from the parking lot to the top. Not too hard if you are semi in shape: make it to the top, so worth it. Amazing views!

Nice long trail with good views and fun stream crossings. Got lost a few times so helped that people were around. I bet this is beautiful in the fall with the leaves changing!

Great trail reminded us of the PNW with all the pine trees.

This was my second time on this trail ! Totally love it .It is So worth hiking to the end!! The first time I hiked it I got to enjoy flute music from someone way up on the highest peak just as you enter the trail, the sound was incredible! I could hear it for a long distance as I continued on my hike! I hoped I could experience it again , maybe next time. As I started my hike it was warm then hot , as I entered the forest the temperature dropped , which was very inviting! Meditating and experiencing the vortex areas is very spiritual for me ! Try it you’ll like! You’ll see!

Nice hike - definitely add the Chuckwagon Trail as opposed to the road. It was not as heavily trafficked as I feared from the comments and everyone was super chill and nice. If you’re a serious climber/hiker, I can see why you might be underwhelmed, but for the “Average Joe” it was quite enjoyable.

This is a beautiful canyon to hike! And switchbacks lead you down to the bottom to experience the ancient White House Ruins with stunning views of the canyon along the way. A Navajo vendor was in front of the ruins today so we got to purchase some original art pieces, too.

Loved this hike. It was definitely difficult but very doable since it’s so short. The views from every spot on the trail were beautiful and the top was just stunning. Good hiking shoes are a must. We found that there was enough parking but would assume that the parking gets full quickly in better weather. I would recommend using the gps coordinates from this app to find the trailhead because putting “cathedral rock trailhead” into google maps took us to the wrong spot.

This hike should be rated ‘easy’. It’s a flat walk to the pools and they were quite beautiful. We were there right around 3pm and the sun was directly in our field of vision in front of the pools. We waited it out and finally got some good photos after it went behind the rocks. The parking lot is so SO small. We attempted to park several times throughout the day before finding a parking spot. There’s no parking in the residential neighborhood nearby. I would not have been willing to park several miles away.

This hike is so full of people, even in December. The parking lot is located 2 miles from the actual trailhead and that 2 miles is not exciting at all. It’s a rocky 4x4 road. We “cheated” and took an ATV to the trailhead. The actual hike by our standards (experienced hiker) was not difficult and the bridge is actually quite beautiful. There was a line to take photos on the bridge but people were respectful and got on and off quickly. There are much more exciting hikes in Sedona, even in this general area. I would have rated this even lower had we made the full hike from the parking lot.

This hike is fun and easy and the view at the end after a short rock scramble was beautiful.

Fun! Definitely steep and difficult at some points, but overall it was totally worth it.

3 days ago

Was a blast! Cant wait to do it in the warmer months to swim in the water holes!

4 days ago

Antelope Canyon was formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone, primarily due to flash flooding through the northern area of Arizona. Rainwater runs into the basin above the slot canyons, picking up speed and sand as it rushes into the narrow passageways. Over time the passageways have eroded away, making the corridors deeper and smoothing hard edges to form characteristic flowing shapes in the rock. The slot canyons are a popular location for photographers and sightseers and are accessible with Navajo guides only and also are a healthy source of business for the Navajo Nation as well.

Upon entering “the slots” you know you’re in for a unique experience. Weaving along twisting tunnels, the intense beams of sunlight catch your attention first. But as your eyes adjust, a different world is apparent… shadowed areas open up to reveal swirling walls carved out by years of erosive activity. Then more tunnels and more light beams… taking you into a world where your imagination prevails. Truly a mesmerizing experience... and this surrealistic pleasure is located just below the Earth’s surface!
A must-see for all curious adventurers.

I took my mom (50y/o) on this trail because some of the reviews said it was easy-moderate. However, mom only made it about 1/2 way up the scramble before she decided not to carry on. I continued on up to the base of cathedral rock, but didnt finish the trail for fear of her trying to catch up and injure herself. I'd say it is an easy/moderate trail for experienced hikers, but for those who are not, it would be rather difficult. Be careful, and certainly wear hiking boots.

Continues past chicken point but then loses in forest. Very poorly marked. Got directions from s pink jeep driver thanks a bunch!

Head out early for best views. Bring your GPS!

My daughter and I loved this location. Absolutely beautiful place. Nice hike.

Easy, spectacular views the whole way, beautiful flowers, wasn't too crowded with a 9am start. Busier by 10am. Shared the summit with a jeep tour, but luckily they left pretty quickly and I enjoyed the views from the top to myself.

6 days ago

Great views! There is a large network of trails in this area and numerous trails that link up to this trail. Pay attention to your direction as you can easily start walking on another trail and not realize it. They are all great trails so can’t really go wrong, but you may end up on a longer hike than you initially planned on.
Great views and landscapes along the way! Love this trail!

on Soldier Pass Trail

6 days ago

Great views! There is a large network of trails in this area and numerous trails that link up to this trail. Pay attention to your direction as you can easily start walking on another trail and not realize it. They are all great trails so can’t really go wrong, but you may end up on a longer hike than you initially planned on.
Great views and landscapes along the way! Love this trail!

One of the best routes you can hike in Sedona! You are at eye-level with all of the Red Rock awesomeness, not canyon-bottom with views obscured, not so high on a Mesa you can't savor the love. Easy enough distance you can knock this out in a short time.

We drove in late in the afternoon and hiked this right before sunset on December 7th. Took about an hour and a half with us spending about a half hour at the top.

My husband and I did this hike in December. As people have said, there is little shade so start early and bring a hat/ lots of water. It took about 2 hours to get up and 1 hour to come back down, with little breaks/stopping. I think the trail is actually well marked... but I can see where people would get confused. As long as you follow the white markings and shoe prints, you should make it there just fine. Coming down is definitely hard on the knees and I can imagine this would be hard for anyone with significant knee problems. We loved all the views and so far this is our favorite Sedona hike!

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