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great views but tough. this hike will let you know what your fitness level is, for sure. I'm no speed hiker and it took me about 3 hours to complete.

This has become a regular hike. enjoy the view and quick access. also always friendly people on the trail.

Awesome hike to a 360 degree view!

Fairly easy hike, first part is a steady slight incline, eventually it levels out and then its just cake walk. Trail gets busy with runners and bikers but views are beautiful.

I like the trail, a little challenging but not too bad. The view is awesome, way better than I expected. Someone build a seat and a small table with rocks

I really did love this hike. If the sky Is clear you have mountain Views to the east and valley views to the west! It did have some areas of the trail where if I failed to look up I definitely went along the wrong trail as it seems there are some lightly trafficked areas that can pass as trails. The ascent was steep but a great workout and the descent was pretty challenging as well. I consider myself fit and was sore for a few days after. I saw 2 snakes that definitely made me jump but they were otherwise harmless. Definitely more bugs above the tree line but they didn’t bite.

The end was worth the hike! Not so scenic on the way but the top is worth it. Interesting surprise :)

Challenging, short hike with nice views of SLC.

Spectacular views! This was a fantastic hike for me and my pup. Definitely worth the incline to see all the mountain tops and the sites below. Recommended!

Not too bad but definitely had to take 2 or 3 short breaks on my way up. The "living room" set up is adorable. Enjoyed the hike. Getting down was so much easier.

trail running
10 days ago

Pretty views of the canyon. Decent amount of other people on the trail on a Saturday morning. Walked about 3 miles up and ran the way out. Good trail if you want something nice and easy to get used to trail running on.

Decent path. Not exactly a trail, I wanted to run but it became more of a light jog/ Walk. I brought my dog though and she loved it! There were so many dogs on the path just hanging out with their owners. Great area to take your dog on a walk and or take a walk with someone.

Easy morning hike. Half the trail is an off leash dog area that is unpaved and the other half is paved for walking and bikes.

Quick hike but very hot so better to do either early morning or in the evening. The trails are a little misleading with a number of intersections.

14 days ago

Good if you like walking straight up and down a mountain and rocky trails. It’s pretty in the fall and crosses a cool stream.

I am a beginner hiker in okay shape and this was a toughie! For me this was on the harder side of moderate. It basically inclines steadily for 2 miles, then gradually for a mile, then sharply for .4 miles. First mile-ish is in the shade, then it's pretty much no shade until the top! Sunscreen is a must and I regret starting this trail at 10:30am. It took me 2.5 hours to get to the top, and much of this trail ended up being in over 80 degree weather and lots of sun. Bring plenty of water. A neat 360 degree view at the top. I won't do this again until I'm in better shape!

Nice hike, would start the black mountain trail up higher, park on city creek and bonneville trail Blvd.

Great hike, awesome views, and awesome “living room” setup with a view better than any HD TV in your home

I partially did this loop and ended up walking along a creek. It was lovely and shady.

Grandeur Peak has spectacular 360 degree views. One side you have the Salt Lake Valley and the other you have nearly untouched wilderness of the Wasatch Mountains. There are some points up the trail that are a bit steep and rough on the knees, but nothing technical at all or anything too hard. The payoff in the end is absolutely worth it.
A lot of dogs on the trail. Nearly as many as humans. We did see a sign that stated dogs were allowed on odd-numbered days only, so if you aren't one to want to share the trail with pups, then try an even-numbered day. Also, few children on this hike unless they were being carried by their parents. I think a child 8 and over could do this hike.

It is really cool at sunset

Now this is a hike. A burner so to speak. Very steep in some places. Great view when you reach the top.

I would not call this an easy hike. We stuck it out through 0.6 miles of basically straight uphill before we turned around. The Mill D trail in Big Cottonwood is rated Moderate and was easier than this.

Beautiful views of the canyon and the valley!
Went with the intention of watching the sunset but we got chased out by a lightening storm!

There are a lot of things to trip on. There is some scrambling involved in a few spots. I'm 5' 5" and me and my two dogs handled it... pretty well.

Caution : There are plenty of little water spots for dogs to try and drink from. One of my dogs got very sick about 6 hours later... And it lasted all the next day. I don't know if it was from the water or something on the ground.. Just be aware of your pooch!

I would love to try this again, when it isn't storming.


great hike both in the morning and evening, under 30 minutes up from the street parking area at a reasonable pace.

it gets a little tricky to find the trail head. there are a few interesecting trails.

My favorite trail to run on the Wasatch front- never steep, great views alternating with shade!

29 days ago

This is a ball buster or a hike but beautiful and a fantastic workout.

Easy hike, but great to get out door's.

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