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The trail was very muddy and wet. It was not well marked, which made it hard to follow the All Trails map. The vistas were not that aesthetic, with houses and highways in view. This trail should be rated Moderate. I recommend going south at the start of the back loop. Overall, this hike was disappointing.

Trail markers are difficult to follow, and got off the trail multiple times. This is the most challenging and technical hike I have done in NJ. If you are not fit this hike will destroy you. The hike is more like 11 plus miles than the 9.9 alltrails.com states. We hiked with inch or 2 of snow. Beautiful hike and you can see the nyc skyline from a certain angle from top where American Flag is. The hike is up and down the entire way. It took us about 7hrs with stops and getting lost.

This is rough terrain, very hilly and rocky. It’s all uphill or down, with very few flat sections.

The surroundings are beautiful and you really a sense of being in the middle of a giant Forrest because the hills block views of anything man made for a good portion of it.

This late in the fall the leaves make staying on the trail tough, so keep an eye on the blazes to avoid missing turns.

Hiked Assiniwikam from the New Weis Center, green to red to pink. Gradual to start, steeper towards the mountain but still easy. Incredible, vast views from the main ledge. Looped back down to white to blue to Hi Point

A great trail, whether one does all or part of it. Very challenging, over 1000 feet elevation gain in the first two miles of the hike to awesome views of the surrounding areas. I'd suggest going counter clockwise. The end of the hike is rocky and you'll be challenged to complete. I would agree that this is one of the best hikes in New Jersey. Highly recommended.

Pleasant hike on a well marked trail. Good starter trail for an amateur. (That’s me) There seemed to be a few other trails that crossed this one, I will probably return to try some of those.

This was a bit of a tough one on the knees and blisters galore! Totally worth it. The views aren’t bad but you really are doing this for the workout! Would definitely do it again. It was more of 11 miles from parking lot counterclockwise.

really nice, well marked, nice views, lots of animals. tough trail, as good as it gets in NJ.

I did it counterclockwise in about 6 hours. The weather was the worst possible, hot (90) and extremely humid (after the night rain). The first part of the hike was fantastic, relentless up and down, almost no flats. The second half (after crossing the road) was disappointing. For me, an important part of the hiking is in the esthetics of wilderness. In this case, I was always reminded that I am in the back of NJ woods: three times the trail goes under the high voltage lines (that cracking above your head is hard to ignore), most of the trail goes along the dirt roads (I heard a dirt bike for a while), also there is an abandoned overturned truck by the side of the trail. There are no vistas to speak of, a couple of spots with a view and that is it. Nevertheless, if the appearances are not important to you, you can get a brutal workout out of this trail.

4 months ago

Fun trail, only couple of spots where you have to be careful, do some minor climbing which makes this qualify as hard. Otherwise some rocky terrain where you just have to watch your footing for some parts. Awesome views though make it worth it. Good hike for those who want a bit of a challenge in that aspect. Not challenging in the distance aspect or how long it is.

One of the toughest hikes I've done in NJ. I went counter clockwise and went at a fast pace and when I got to [a little more than] the halfway point (Stonetown road crossing at Monksviille) I was pretty spent and took the road back (3 miles). Great views during the first few miles and lots of steep, but short, up and down scrambling.

I did it counter-clockwise, which I recommend as the West side is easier, with fewer steep descents. So coming home is not too exhausting. I did it in 4.5 hours, and didn’t bring enough water. It is hard, but a great workout. I don’t recommend this with a small dog. I tried it last weekend with my dog, who sat down on the trail, so we had to backtrack. It was wet, and I agree this isn’t a trail for wet conditions. The reservoir is gorgeous. I have ridden my bike for 20 years in this area, never knowing there was such a great trail.

4 months ago

Lightly trafficked easy/moderate trail. Good workout .

Its not 1.8 miles but actually 2.4 which is fine. 1 pretty decent viewpoint and thats about it. Orange very easy to lookout and green going south a bit more challenging. Its not really a difficult hike and should be rated as easy, not moderate.

Challenging and fun! I parked in the recreation center parking lot and found the trailhead down the road to the right a little ways (it’s on your left). Some steep scrambles up and down rocks. It would not have been fun if it was wet at all! I went counterclockwise- great viewpoints at the beginning of the hike. I think I’ll try clockwise next time. Beautiful scenery, saw some hawks and a lizard with a blue tail and some butterflies and lots of tiny frogs.

The trail is pretty well marked with white rectangles with a red triangle. There were also blue diamond markers part of the way but that trail branches off at some point. There were a few times when I got off the correct trail because I wasn’t paying attention and there was a much more prominent trail that crossed the correct one that I incorrectly assumed was the correct trail. But between the GPS map and following the markers it was ok. The markers are pretty frequent so if I walked any distance without seeing one I knew I was on the wrong path! Unfortunately in one case I had walked down a big hill and then had to climb back up it...

Took me about 7h in all, including some sitting around at the viewpoints and various backtracking due to getting off the correct trail.

Definitely lives up to its name as one of the most difficult hikes in NJ, especially in the summer heat. Lots of ascents with descents and the descents along with the ascents are extremely steep, so its pretty hard on the knees. My Casio watch had elevation gain at 2850ft, pretty close to alltrails 2550ft. I would recommend you do the trail clockwise, I did it counter like everyone else but then you get done with all the views in the first half with nothing to see in the second half, so if you go clockwise you'll save the great views for the second half. Lastly its not too difficult to follow, seems like the whole trail has been reblazed so keep an eye out for the red/white blazes!

5 months ago

It was ok. Easy. I went with my 14 year old and 9 year old and they never complained. Well marked trail for first 2/3rds. Then lost the trail when it split and walked an extra 1/2 mike before we realized we were off path. Backtracked and saw a split but no white marker. Went up the split about a 100 ft or so and then saw the white markers. From there we were fine. I would do it again with little people. Close to the road in a stretch which was kinda annoying.

great hike with a variety of easy, moderate and hard parts. Was rather crowded at the top, but friendly people. Luckily all the dogs we encountered were on leashes, as my guy is still learning his manners with other dogs!

Great hike! I recommend if you want a bit of a challenge here and there. Closest to type of hiking found in the Catskills. Nice views for sure and sightings of various wildlife. Interesting plants as well - sassafras trees! Bushwacked across the top of the trail to save some time and one less peak, but still was 9 miles. Alltrails tracking worked great for bushwack.

Did the longer trail. View at the end of the trail is great. The look out point is super cool. The way back is definitely moderate (rocky, muddy and a little steep at points. while the way up is pretty easy.

Nice hike but if you are looking for a challenging one , this is not it ...It can be categorized as moderate but not hard at all

7 months ago

Hiked this after work and in a dress and sneakers—took probably around 1.5 hours, white trail the whole time. Really pretty. Didn’t see many vistas (two, but obscured) but I didn’t go off trail much because I was racing darkness so there might have been more. Overall really happy I did it.

7 months ago

Parked at the Stonetown Recreation lot. Crossed the street directly for access to a connecting path. Amazing views all the way. Great birding areas. Didn’t see anyone else hiking the trail. Phantom paths and RV roads cross in and out of the trail making it easy to follow one of them instead. Recommend using the heat signature overlay in AllTrails to keep an eye on stray paths and keep on the main red triangle. No “real” shortcuts: be prepared to walk the path or choose a spot to out-and-back (1. Board Mountain is good if you just want a few views, or 2. stop at Windbeam Mt / the flag if you’re not looking for a more challenging trail). The last leg is along the road (watch traffic on the curves). 5.5 hours with stops for photos, fuel, and to enjoy the scenes. My mileage tracker says 11 miles and I didn’t get lost on the intersecting paths. Bring water for 12 miles — better to carry extra hydration than not.

I did both the north and south trails this morning. Both were very nice, short peaceful hikes. The view from lookout at the end of the north side (the trail across from the parking lot) was lovely! The markers were more clear on the north side than on the south side, but both were clearly marked. Took about an hour and 15 to do both hikes at a leisurely pace. On the south side, the loop did require crossing the stream, which involved getting my sneakers wet. But it rained a lot yesterday so maybe that it isn't typical.We didn't run into anyone on either of the trails, which was nice since parking at crowded trails is always a pain. I also saw the wood carving/shrine that someone including in a picture. Does anyone know what that is about?

the views were worth the steep route up, and at the top there is a rock formation of a bench to sit and enjoy the view.

7 months ago

Beginning of the trail is difficult to navigate but about halfway through the trail becomes more clear. Very nice view at the top of the lake. Overall, very nice short hike !

Be sure you have the correct trail map for this park! It should show a large loop featuring Green—>Blue/Teal—>Blue (a long Yellow and Red/White trail should be on the map, too). There is another map showing as “current” online and it does not have the correct markings.

Anyhoo, I did that Green/Teal/Blue loop mentioned above along with a quick diversion down the White Trail to see the waterfall. Came in a little over 6 miles (I parked at the Weis Center, so some of that was also the walk to the car).

I’d consider this trail fairly untrafficked—I usually only pass one or two people at the most, but I’ve also never gone on weekends.

Doing the loop as I do, starting at the Weis Center and going down the green path first, you come to a steep, pretty killer incline about halfway through. There are also a few spots with some scrambling required over rocks—I even had to lift my dog up one part! Otherwise I’d more list this trail as moderate rather than difficult.

9 months ago

Thankful for the directions I got from the previous commenters...and thankful that my car was fine parked in the pull-off parking area. I think I expected a hikers lot, but nope, just the pull-off. Walk straight through the opening (previously described as a field - I guess it's a field) up the hill and turn right at a telephone pole numbered BT3044. Red blazes. Fairly spread out, so keep your eyes open for them! The view from the top is pretty lovely for a low-investment (quick) hike. Took maybe half an hour to get up to the top in 4 inch snow. Hung out up there for 20 mins, hikes down, never saw another person. The flag is tattered and should be replaced. :)

Great trail, short and sweet with a beautiful view at the top!

10 months ago

Great hike with some cool views of the mountains and lakes nearby. It’s poorly marked though but the trail isn’t too difficult to follow.

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