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Only giving 3 stars since it is my first trail in USA. Laurel ridge route took me 40 minutes, very relaxing, easy enough. Only negative is views looking towards Rumson are blocked by the woods.

6 days ago

Spectacular views. Great hike!

Pleasant trail. A lot of up and down. Good hike. Quiet.

There are several unmarked trails. You’ll need to use the app to navigate. We took the orange trail for most of the hike. One mile into the hike, go off trail slightly to the left and check out the view from the bluff.. Extremely muddy and swampy after a big rain. Lots of deer. Our dog loved the hike!

A walk along a creek. Sandy path that is very rooty. Plus the fire roads and wooded muddy pathways.

Decided to get out of the house and hike on this cold crisp and sunny Christmas Afternoon. I’m so glad we decided to and to get out in nature. The trail itself is rated moderate and it really should be rated a high easy or low moderate at best as it’s not really difficult at all. It was damp and muddy in a few area but easily navigable if so desired. We hiked the loop clockwise through the bare forest and headed up to the summit where we were rewarded with spectacular unobstructed views of NYC on this clear day. Throughout the course of the hike we probably crossed over about a half a dozen little streams that were gently flowing and the last mile came into contact with a golf course for a short period and small pond before cutting back into the woods to finish out. We came into contact with 8 other people throughout the 2 1/2 hours and 2 dogs so it was nice to be basically all by ourselves for the most part. Anyway if your in that part of NJ and or just want to get out for a little bit then I would recommend this mainly leisurely hike!

25 days ago

I have never seen so much trash on a hike before. I really hope they shut this place down do to what people have done to it, it's so sad given it's such a beautiful pond. People who litter should be made to clean it up.

A little easy to get lost when you get to the big field. fairly muddy. but great for dogs and an easy hike. beautiful

Had a fine hike. Lookout to manhattan was great. Lots of water (soggy) yes, but well marked.

Excellent workout. Not for dogs, small children, or a novice...your legs will be sore in the morning.. You will have to climb over large rocks/boulders. Great views. Lots of people. Wear proper shoes or boots. There is a place to eat and rest rooms.
Highly recommend.

Great for kids or a cute date. Very nice nature center for field trips. They rescued a pair of hawks and a few owls earlier this year and there are tons of turtles in the ponds.

No dogs allowed unfortunately.

2 months ago

I’m an older hiker and found that the steep southern ascent after the rock scramble challenged me. About 500 feet in .3 miles, stone stairs. Younger hikers should find it steep, but not as tiring as I did. Going to do it again, hopefully easier next time around. Views are ok, not spectacular, since this isn’t wilderness and you can’t get that sense of isolation from the views. The waterfall is hyped, but still nice for what it is. Best part was a flat walk going south after the rock scramble, through a field of river reeds. Beautiful there.

Went yesterday on an absolutely beautiful fall day. The two waterfalls we saw were incredible, as was most of the scenery. The trails weren’t super challenging but there were some points with steep elevation. Pretty crowded which negated any possibility of seeing wildlife. Also, we did get lost due some poorly marked trails, but we were able to get back on. Overall, if you avoid the wide heavily trafficked trails you are in for a great hike.

Great trail for the whole family and dog friendly. Some moderate terrain to keep it interesting. Great scenery!

Agree 100% with the reviewer below me. Awesome hike, but be careful after rain and do not bring your dog. My dog is like a mountain goat and we even had to sit down a few times to catch our breath and make a plan for our next step. Solid ground felt incredible after that hike!

Don’t go after a heavy rain

Very nice trails, views & fellow hikers.

Only did a small section to start. Beautiful, relatively quiet. looking forward to going back. Will bring my walking poles next time.

great hike during the fall during the leave change, second time I did this trail. first time was in the snow just as pretty but a bit more challenging

CAUTION: There are confirmed rock avalanches after rain!

We started on the Long Path Trail and headed down to the rock scrambles that are over a mile long. You will climb, get on your hands and knees, sit on your behind and slide down boulders to get through. There's no question that this is appropriately marked as hard.

Please leave small children (under 12) and dogs at home. We saw plenty of both but we also saw plenty of dogs that were terrified to keep going forward and had to be carried making it dangerous for owners and their fur babies. We also saw fearless children enjoying the boulders but also some driven to tears by fear, too.

The climb back up is challenging since it is steep. We went peak fall so the leaves on the ground made everything slippery. Bring PLENTY of water and wear proper hiking shoes. Hubby went with sneakers and regretted not putting on hiking shoes.

Awesome hike and the description is absolutely true !!!

Would definitely do clockwise, great views from cliffs as you walk down . Those views won’t be there on hike up unless trees are bare . Hiking shoes a must for rock scramble. Definitely add the women’s federation monument. Great view and a cool little castle.

We took 2 and half hours. We could enjoy whole trail. Recommend to go in fall. trees are so beautiful :)

Was a great hike went yesterday with two friends and it was awesome -“the view”. Those boulders were tricky but if you’re up for a challenge and beautiful scenery do it.

So I started this trail as a first timer and failed to do the proper research. Went in search of a good trail run but got about half trail run half sideways rock scramble. Did have great views and did get a bit dangerous as the leaves had just fallen from the trees and it had rained the night before. Most certainly not a run unless your looking for a spartan like challenge

Beautiful trail! Well maintained and marked. Highly recommended!

11/2/18. South Mountain Reservation is almost in my back yard and I've hiked it very, very often, I had not however (until introduced to it by All Trails) ever hiked this particular combination. An easy 4.5 mile hike that can be done in approx 1.5 hours — one feels like a Parisien Boulevardier on 10' wide trails for most of the hike (with the exception of the Lenape trail which is narrower and twistier). Fall colors make it feel like a sepia photograph. As others have noted though, with the exception of the Lenape trail (yellow), it is VERY poorly marked and I don't recommend doing this without the GPS on in the All Trails app.

2 months ago

Awesome views. Lots of history took place along these paths. Great hike!

Really enjoyed this hike.

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