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5 days ago

Great, well maintained trails. The difficult trail is more, IMO, moderate. We find counter clockwise more strenuous then clockwise on this trail. Clockwise ends with a wonderful view of the ocean on your way down. Watch for snakes, look well ahead of you. We had one pass about 4 yards ahead of us.

We took the moderate path and loved it. Approx. 5 miles and it took us 90 minutes. The beginning was a good climb and then it got easier as we went along. Saw a few rabbits and baby snakes along the way. Nothing crazy though! Loved the views as you finish! Will only pay for 2 hours of parking next time.

Bugs... lots of bugs. Rare in California, but this place had them abundantly.... Nice views of the ocean.

26 days ago

Great work out. This loop has a lot if great hills to climb. Poles Trail is a bitch! Lol.

Not sure why it says $15 to park above-this is the back way to El Moro and you just park on street free.

It is good beginners trail and has restrooms.

1 month ago

Great place to hike!!!
We accidentally did the difficult course but was worth the reward at the end.
Warning for rattlesnakes. Some hikers reported one 30ft away from us on the trail but was gone by the time we arrived......phew!!!! Some narrow, sketchy areas on the tail end of the trail.

Some challenging grades at the beginning of the trail. Views of the ocean and Laguna Beach at the top were nice. Second half of trail not a lot to see but a nice peaceful walk. No shade so I’m guessing it can get pretty hot in the summer! Bring a hat!

1 month ago

Very fun hike! It wasn't too hard and there was a beautiful view of the beach at the end!

1 month ago

nice hike with no real shaded areas but nice views but a nice cool ocean breeze, and depending on which way you go you can start with steep incline or end with a steep decline, the only issue i had was out of the 30+ bike riders only 2 gave any kind of warning that they were coming/passing and once i was barley able to pulled my niece out of the way and we were already walking on the right edge of the path

We hiked here this morning and had an enjoyable time. We got started at 8 am and it was already bright and hot and felt like a summer day. The sign at the parking gate says they open at 8, but maybe since there was a line of cars waiting they opened up early at 7:45.

Parking is $3 but some losers vandalized/burglarized the kiosk so the rangers didn't have us pay, we just had to sign in. The helpful, energetic, knowledgeable female ranger working at the Nix nature center asked us how long of a hike that we wanted to do and mapped it out for us and gave us a lot of helpful info. that was appreciated. Great 1st impression.

We did Little Sycamore to Serrano Ridge to Camarillo Canyon to Stagecoach South back to the center and then we went under the 133 to see Barbara's Lake. The trail started off with incline but it wasn't too overwhelming. It is rather flat on Serrano Ridge and then some up and down the rest of the way. There are some nice views and greener and more colorful than we expected. The ranger told us that the lake is the only natural lake in Orange County...pretty cool!

The trails are well-marked and with the map it is easy to get around. There are people hiking/running and mountain biking but it never feels crowded. We did about 6 miles and it was a good workout that took about 2.5 hours.

Love the hike (hate the $15 parking)

I have done this hike about 5 or 6 times. It is pretty easy to find. From PCH there is an entrance to the parking lot right by an elementary school (El Moro). There are 4 colored trails on the map to choose from. I have done all 3 except for the hardest one (the red). My favorite one is the yellow. It is marked as difficult but it isn't really that hard. RT is just under 5 miles and can be done in about 2 hrs. Be sure to go through the tunnel that goes under PCH and spend some time on the beach and the rocks. It is a beautiful place for pictures. The trails are well used but definitely not crowded and everyone is extremely friendly.

*this is more of a 4.5 star hike and would be a 5 if the parking was free or $5 or less

Good views, trail wide & well marked. Good for cooler days. Did it counter-clockwise, steep climb at the start, but glad we did it that direction.

Very nice trail. Good hiking surface. Nice views of the ocean. Expensive parking $15. Quiet. Nice to get a way from the noisy awful coastal highway.

It was such a beautiful hike! The only down part is that parking is $15 or I would be here every weekend

We did Willow Trail first then headed down Laurel Canyon Trail. Willow Trail is not shaded and all uphill going this direction, so it was pretty difficult for me. I was feeling very out of breath when we made it to the top. Laurel Canyon down was shaded and very beautiful. Definitely enjoyed the second part of the hike more.

The parking lot at Willow was full when we arrived so we had to park at the next one down and hike up to the trailhead. Added maybe another mile to our hike.

Beautiful views towards the ocean. Very exposed so bring lots of water.

Awesome hike with different levels/paths to take. Parking is $15 and you can get a map to figure out which path to take (categorized by mile). Took the loop which is the second longest and moderate. Go early bc there is no shade. I started around 11am in Feb weather and it wasn't too bad, but summer weather would prob get really hot. Follow the instructions on the map and you'll finish with a nice beach view (start the loop clockwise). Fairly easy and def. made me want to the 9miles loop next time.

Wow! We opted for the 5 mile loop and added a climb on The Poles before descent to the parking lot. Super workout!

2 months ago

Great Trail. We started with Willow Trail and came back with Laurel Canyon Trail. Laurel Canyon seemed to be more difficult than Willow.

One of my favorites. Great views of the ocean.

2 months ago

Intense peak initially with an amazing view. Will certainly come back more often!!

It was a great workout!! Uncovered trail so wear appropriate protective clothes. Gained great elevation with pretty steep hills.

Nice views of the ocean. Plenty of incline to get in a great workout. Different route options to make your hike longer or shorter. And you can stop by the beach after your hike. Win win.

Good hike, but not a lot of trees. Good views of the ocean, but then not a lot else. Still, a good workout.

This is a beautiful trail. Would recommend!

Great trail for a clear day... one large hill but then fairly an easy climb down.

We were visiting the area and had a couple of hours to do this hike. There are some steep rocky inclines but the views along the way and especially along the top were worth it! Wear good shoes and bring water.

Beautiful ocean views. The first mile is all uphill so a little difficult. After that, it’s easy.

2 months ago

Great hike if you take Laguna up to the ridge and take Willow down on the north side. Be careful of the dirt bikers!!! Two young teenager boys came barreling down Laguna and shoved me aside on the very steep and narrow trail, no bells, no warning. I fell and the two jerks just kept on going, thank God I didn’t break any bones. They need to monitor these guys who have no trail etiquette and cause accidents because they just want to barrel down the hill. Other than that, the day was gorgeous, chilly air, strong winds, clear sky, brilliant views of the Pacific to the West and the San Gabriels to the Northeast.

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