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1 day ago

Gorgeous short hike, def go to both upper and lower falls- worth it!

Nice, short trail with great waterfalls at the end!! Be sure to go to both the upper and lower twin falls. The lower one is the taller one that’s straight down, the upper falls turn a few times. Once you get to the bridge to see the upper falls, keep going up a bit to see the top part of them. Very beautiful.

Nice, easy, short trail. Lots of interesting trees and a cool bridge. Be sure to take the short detour to see Big Cedar Tree. It’s no longer standing but still awesome. Don’t forget to climb in the roots for a cool pic!

Gorgeous Seattle woods. Easy trail, lovely waterfall

Wonderful and rewarding hike. The many bugs made it hard to eat our lunch. We brought bathing suits but could not find anywhere we could safely enter the lake. Not too many hikers the day we went, though it was a Tuesday. Highly recommend.

It was a good hike, enjoyed it. The lake is very beautiful!

This is a treasure place close to city where provides numerous benefits in order to escape from the busy noise city. You can find a hidden magic place if you want to explore with curiosity. It’s likely good for any season and you can do a good exercise in the fresh air instead of getting gym membership. Save money but boosting our spirit and body! Enjoyable several natural things throughout the pathway.

Nice little hike, water is a clear blue, pretty area

Great short hike, disappointing waterfall but still nice to see

It was breathtaking.

Nice hike that loops around the river. Cool bridge everyone takes pictures on. Worth the hike for a nice outdoor walk.

Fun short hike! Brought my puppy to explore the outdoors and socialize him with kids! It was good to see so many kids out with parents!

Super easy and short looped hike with options to keep going. Beautiful moss covered trees and crystal clear water!

I enjoyed this hike. One of my favorites. However the hike down to the lake and back was closer to 11.5 miles.

Easy hiking. I love this place ⛰

Great hike with lots of changing scenery. It got busier as the day went with other hikers coming in as we were going out. Hardly a bug to be seen.

'Northwest Forest Pass' required for parking. I think you can get them for 5$ right at the parking lot, our vehicle already has one.

Trail begins wide and meanders thru the forest. It's loud due to the highway above you but this quickly fades. The trail will come alongside Denny Creek and then stairs will lead you right to the creek. You have to cross here and look for the small sign on a tree. More forest and then it opens up. Next you'll see Keekwulee Falls. Alternating forest and open rock switchbacks. We had low cloud for the hike in, and then the sky cleared while we had lunch at the lake. The second lake pathway runs to the left side of the main lake, only takes a few minutes to get there.

17 days ago

We went on Sept 2nd for our honeymoon. The trail was great, rugged but definitely worth it!

Short, easy hike with beautiful views the entire way. the only downside was the crowds of people but it was worth it to see the waterfall.

Hiked on 8/4/2018

This is a great place for beginners to hike rain or shine. It was a bit of a challenge for my two gamer children 11/16 yo. The falls are beautiful year round and are best viewed in the spring or after a good rain fall.

Arrive early this is a popular location. The lot was full by the time I made it back to the trailhead.

A discover pass will take care of your parking fee or pay by cc at the trailhead.

A easy one but, get early, after 9 or 10am is heavy traffic. Is beatiful and couple really nice spots!

17 days ago

I’d agree that it’s a low-moderate hike if there were such a thing. Completely worth the drive out. Beautiful area. Do not skip the short trip down the stairs to the lower falls. Absolutely beautiful.

17 days ago

Easy hike. You do gain some elevation the last mile or so but then it flattens out and goes downhill. There was old bear skat when I went but saw no bears. Pretty easy hike for me. When you start you walk through the woods then come to an opening then go back into the woods then cross a dirt road then go back into the woods. When you get close to the lake you will know because there are some openings where the trail gets rocky. The area where you camp is gorgeous and so green. The lake is amazing Too and my dog loved swimming in it.

Easy and great hike. There is roughly 2 miles of gravel so be careful when driving down the road. Easy to find trailhead and not very crowded for Labor Day. Views in every direction along the way.

18 days ago

This was a very easy hike, parking was easy to find and the waterfall was gorgeous during the summer. I’d recommend going during the week when it is less crowded. Regardless, it was a great experience!

Great runnable trail to an amazingly scenic lake if the sun is out. Most of the trail is through woods and the bushes along it rub you along the way. Important to note if certain plants give you rashes you may want to wear long sleeves. There is a great waterfall that comes off the lake in the woods. You can get to it by going a bit off trail and following the sound. It’s worth seeing. The trailhead is off Mountain Loop Highway however this highway turns into a dirt road with some large potholes so drive carefully as you’ll likely spend 30 minutes on the dirt road part. You’ll be 35 miles from the nearest gas station or cell service some plan accordingly. There have been bear sightings here too. I post photos of my hiking adventures on instagram under “adventuringKR”, which include some solid Goat Lake pics from a nice sunny day. Great place to camp.

18 days ago

This is a great hike! Clear trail, lovely forest. I actually wouldn't call it an easy hike. Low moderate? There's a bit of up and down, so if easy for you means flat, this is not that. There is short portion at the beginning that is pretty rolling and easy, leading to the falls view that could be good for families, but beyond that it gets more moderate and the heart rate bumps a little. We did ~8 miles of hard hiking the day before and felt it in the calves. *thumbs up*

18 days ago

Been there on 2018/07/08 (Sunday). Very good and beautiful river side hike. Good views. It is not easy hike. It is little challenging and calorie burning. Path is neat and well marked. I would go there again.

18 days ago

Been there on 2018/06/30 Saturday. Very easy river side walk. Has Parking lot. I was there at around 7:30, I was the first one in the parking lot. Beautiful falls and access to all the way to the waterfalls. Camping available near by. Best hike for kids and people new to hiking. This wont burn calories much. It is more of leisure walk than hike . I would go there again but as leisure activity than hiking.

My favorite place in the Olympics. I've hiked this trail plenty of times at every season. To me is the perfect show case of the Olympics for family and friends to see. Easy and scenic . I've taken all sorts of people through the loop. On a warm day, you can jump off the rocks. The water is cold but crystal clear. Make sure to take the little detours to appreciate it's beauty!

18 days ago

Great, little challenge. The parking is limited. Although you can park along side the road out of the main parking lot. There are bathrooms. The trail is a bit narrow in some parts. Great views all the way. I was surprised by the amount of people and dogs. Fun overall and spots to swim.

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