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A wonderful vigorous hike with a phenomenal view at top as your reward. A decent pace will get you to the top in 45 minutes.

Love this hike. 360° view well worth the effort. One of my faves.

Right now there is a fair amount of snow (about 2-3 inches) and ice on the loop so waterproof footwear and yak traks are highly recommended. We did not expect the ice and snow, so we went with hiking boots which kept our feet dry but it was nerve wracking with the icy patches. The gate is locked so it is a 3/4 mile to a 1 mile walk up paved road to the trail head. We did the whole loop in 3 hours with no stopping (I think it would be closer to 2-2.5 hours without the snow and ice) and got back to the car around 4pm, as the sun was setting. A truly beautiful hike all said and done, we will definitely be back again--either with yak tracks or in warmer months!

Did this loop hike on 11/10/18 going up Winslow and down Barlow. a decent amount of early snow covering the whole loop, very wet and muddy in sections especially on the Barlow trail. would recommend micro spikes already. Gate to park closed to must walk up the access road to the trail heads. great hike, will do again!

1 month ago

This trail was awesome. It was definitely steeper than I thought it was going to be. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow. I took the time to find the plane crash on Belknap mountain. I wouldn’t attempt to find it unless you are absolutely sure of where you are and and confident in your ability to get back to the blue trail. (You have to leave the trail to find it.) I’ll definitely do it again!

Great views along the trail and from the fire tower and Gunstock Mountain.

I live a house away from this trail is a great hike just not always a very good view .

Great hike with amazing views, take Winslow up and Barlow down. Worth the intense incline on the way up! Rocky trail with lots of roots so footing is important.

1 month ago

This was a fairly easy trail. There was some slight elevation. Very well marked as people stated. The views are not great even from the tower. The foliage is not at peak. Next weekend may be better.

1 month ago

First trail my family and I attempted after our recent move to New Hampshire. I’ve done some hunting and hiking in Colorado and Alaska, but my family has not. That being said- they did phenomenal. We made it up and back in a few hours. My children are 4 and 5, so it took a while longer than it may take most. The views were amazing. If you’re going in the fall or winter, dress appropriately, the temperature drops substantially at the peak, and it was SUPER windy when we went. Great hike though. Trails were easy to follow and the trail markers are clearly visible. All in all, great hike.

Well after the rain stopped...
great hike mainly because of the stunning leaf peeping. It was the perfect timing to see the autumn leaves. However, it was super muddy and slippery at times but great colors and good chilly temperatures to keep you nice and cool.

1 month ago

It was rainy, damp and SLIPPERY! Dry conditions...moderate. Wet conditions -I’d call it almost difficult. The one thing that no reviews mention is that 70% of the trial is rock strewn. This is the trail to take up - not down - if the weather is rainy.

Did this hike with my dog yesterday and really enjoyed it. I went up Wapack and down Marion Davis after reading some other recommendations. It was warm and sunny but conditions were really wet and muddy from prior rains, so coming down Wapack seemed like it would've been especially tough. A few sections of it were essentially a running stream, and it's got some very steep places, especially at the bottom. Both trails are rocky, but Marion Davis was a little more gradual and forgiving for the descent. Agree with others that getting to the top and finding myself in a parking lot with giant cell towers was a little jarring (that's where I dock one star), but walking down a bit to where the raptor watch was happening provided a great view and let me forget about the cars! I preferred Wapack for the giant pines and outlooks along the way -- Marion Davis doesn't provide any views.

This is a great hike. When wet a little slick but worth the steep ascent.

I did the north side trail Columbus Day.
It was misting and very wet and slippery and the valley was totally fogged in.
It was a bit challenging due to it.
I do this as a mom/son birthday hike every year so the weather doesn’t deter us.
This year my grandson joined us.

Nice little hike. We had some young kids attempting a decent hike for the first time and they all did really well. The trails were wet, but we didn't really have any problems going up or down. We went up Wapack and down Davis.

First time hiking it .....easy to follow and we had a blast!!! The views are amazing ❤️

Easy hike, serene and beautiful.

Prefect distance, did the loop. It’s pretty steady incline. Alittle look out past the picnic table. The dirt road to get there seems like it goes on forever

Amazing views, a good length, and one instance of confusing trail markers made this 4/5 for me. There are maps available under the “Shelter” at the parking lot at the beginning of the West Ridge Trail. Also a few picnic tables there.

We hiked this trail at the end of September 2018, and the trail up to the rock face was soggy or muddy most of the way. Definitely hike in waterproof hiking boots/shoes. The water also made some of the rock face near the top rather slippery.

Our intent was to take the West Ridge Trail up and back. It is marked with orange paint. There is a fork in the West Ridge Trail about 1/4 mile before the peak, and the West Ridge Trail continues to be marked by orange paint on the rock face. It was confusing because there was an orange arrow pointing down the other fork, so we erroneously followed that fork (didn’t notice the orange paint on the rock face on our way up... see picture I uploaded). That fork ended up leading to where the South Peak and Rimrock trail breaks off, so our ascent to the peak was slightly steeper coming from that side vs. the West Ridge side.

I have not been hiking much recently, and was carrying a 35 pound toddler on my back for the duration of this hike. I also do not have good hiking shoes anymore. My knees are definitely feeling it this evening. Would recommend using a walking stick / hiking poles.

Also would not hike this unless it’s a clear day. The view is too pretty to waste on a cloudy / rainy day. We were a couple weeks early for peak fall colors, but was still worth it.

You want me to go get some chicken

Cool beans

Great little hike. I'd definitely recommend going up Winslow since it's steeper. It was rainy and cloudy when I went but still a fun little hike.

Love this Hike!

who ever said that this Trail was easy must be a mental patient it was moderate not easy but other than that I made it to the top. ugh

Wapack trail (yellow) moderate climbing large rocks at times muddy after rain from Gordon last week. One hour hike up. Lots of bird watching at Raptors Migration saw falcon. No colors yet! Beautiful views though of area mountains. Took the Marion trail ( blue) down not as steep and rocky one hour down. Great afternoon hike!

2 months ago

Hiked the loop as shown, including the out-and-back on Brook Trail. A few hints: 1. The entrance to the orange trail is a short walk up the carriage road from the lower parking area (not at the lower parking area); 2. Don't bother with the out-and-back on the Brook Trail - there's no view to be had - instead do an out-and-back on Overlook Trail for a few extra miles and a view; 3. There's a great view of the Eastern Belknap Range about 10 yards from the intersection of the yellow (Boulder Trail) and white trails southeast of the Belknap summit - worth the short walk; 4. the white trail has some nice views but is a little rooty/rocky - still worth it; 5. Walking the carriage road back is ok, but hike over northern part of Piper if you don't want to deal with a few cars and/or a lot of pavement.

Overall a good hike! Views from the Belknap fire tower were great. Gunstock was, eh, ok. Would hike again.

Great hike! Make sure you have a decent vehicle. The road getting to the trail head is pretty rocky and narrow at times. Otherwise, the hike wasn’t bad and great views at the top. Will do again next time we’re up!

2 months ago

One of the best fire tower views in NH. Check out my full write along with directions and things to look for.

Great trail and well maintained. Some pretty steep sections going up but the trail is well maintained with places to step. Beautiful and breathtaking from the top! We did see a black bear and cub about 50 feet from the trail on the way down and 1/2 mile from trailhead. They did run away as advertised.

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