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Very short hike, and it’s very narrow near the top if you go up or down the blue trail. Also its seems pretty popular so it was kind of crowded at the top, but it has some pretty good views all the way around.

Wonderful hike. Bring crampons this time of year.


Short hike with BEAUTIFUL 360° views!
Still a good layer of snow (4/20/18) but nice and packed at this point.
As an out semi- out of shape momma packing a 25lb toddler, I had to stop after a few steeper parts. Worth the short hike for sure!

Great views, especially considering the minimal effort required to reach the summit. The trail is moderate in steepness, but extremely short. It was windy, cold, and surprisingly snowy when we went in mid-April, but still nice. A great family hike, I would recommend it.

short trail with one of the best views ive ever seen from a 2k.

40 min up hiking hard. 15 min down running.

Very very easy hike! Great for dogs and very easy to follow! The view from the top of the fire tower is 360° and just an overall nice easy hike!

short but sweet

12 days ago

Very well-marked and beautiful trail. Challenging at some points. Amazing views!! Unfortunately I couldn't quite make it all the way to the firehouse- had a scary ice wall that I just couldn't cross. So close!! Will definitely go back to make it all the way to the top.

By far one of my favorite hikes. Not too challenging amazing 360 views with some shelter on top. Already can’t wait to go again.

This was one of my first dates with my now husband. I was nervous to go up the tower but it was totally worth the fall view!

1 month ago

Great hike steep climb
nice views

Really great bang for your buck hike.
The shortest option to the top is only 0.2!

Great hike! Virtually no ice but lots of mud. Normal for this time of year. Easy start leading into a slightly more challenging end at the summit. Great view from the fire tower. I will definitely do this one again.

1 month ago

I did this many years ago during the summer and it was nice. I was thinking about doing it this Thursday, March 1st with some kids. Has anyone been on the trail recently? What condition is it in?

Gently rolling hills for the first two miles. Nothing that special, but not boring. Most of the elevation is gained in the last 0.5 miles, which is surprisingly steep for such a small mountain. I didn’t climb the fire tower due to the fact that some wasps had made a nest up there. However, some more courageous people climbed it without getting stung. There were some decent views to the north and northwest from ledges around the summit.

Very nice trial to hike last fall and it was a nice beautiful view

2 months ago

The trail itself is nothing special, though it is very well-marked and easy to follow. The view from the summit would make fighting your way through 3 miles of thorns and vines worth it, though. I climbed twice last summer, yesterday was my first winter ascent here and spikes are an absolute necessity. It was icy from bottom to top, with several sections of extremely hard, thick ice that showed evidence of people sliding once you got past the ledges. Full crampons wouldn’t be overkill, I brought mine “just in case” and we saw several hikers wearing them. Make the effort to really stamp your spikes in, and if you use poles drive those in as well.

It was a bluebird sky almost all the way up, but clouds started blowing in when we got near the summit. The views were still amazing, my partner was huffing and puffing his way up after 3 months of forced rest from a bad mountain biking wreck and he thought the views were worth the effort. The temp was maybe 5F, with 20+mph winds, so the 15 minutes or so we spent out of the wind in the fire tower after getting our pics were a nice break before the trip down.

Total time spent on the mountain, including breaks, was 6.5 hours. It was a very enjoyable hike, one I won’t have any problem doing again.

A fairly standard hike through the woods. There were a few tiny scrambles, but nothing too difficult. There were periodic ledges with nice views, but mostly just a lot of woods.

Did this twice last summer. Such a great quick hike!

Stay on the trail to the left when leaving the parking area. It takes you over to the Bald Knob with unobstructed views. If you continue over the Knob to the Old Canney Rd. (see local topographic map.) Keep bearing right and it will bring you right back to the parking area. By a map, or go with a guide familiar with the area. It's about a four mile loop along well defined woods roads. Good luck.

Great view from the fire tower at the top! Trail was steep in sections. Nice view points along the way with lots of rock face towards the top. Micro spikes were a must!

Moderately hard almost all uphill trail to fire tower on top of mountain with great 360 degree views. Great cardiovascular exercise. Families were doing it with young kids but it is a rigorous hike.

5 months ago

I moved to the area this summer, this is my favorite trail to walk my dogs at. It's definitely moderate- has some steep sections that become a workout for me LOL, and then some flat parts that you can just stroll through. I come here frequently but yesterday (November 22, 2017), I believe to have spotted a bear print in the mud about a quarter mile to the summit, along with a marked tree. Pretty awesome! I wish I would have taken a picture.

5 months ago

Nice hike. The top mile was icy. I’d recommend spikes. The view from the tower was worth it!

5 months ago

1 hr to summit, 40 min down

5 months ago

Lovely hike on easy trails. Not marked much, but the way was easy to follow. I did have this app to reference. Wasn’t sure we hit the summit as there is nothing to distinguish it. It was a beautiful day and the stream was active and running strong. There is a ledge overlook that is amazing. It offers an easterly view.

5 months ago

Not well marked in a few places and we went a 1/4 mile off the trail when we hit the granite. It was the beginning of November and already getting icy at the top. The hike was steep as others here have said. The views did not disappoint and we loved the fire tower:) I came down some of the steep spots on my butt but all in all we had a great day!

A must! I watch the moon rise here

Great hike, fantastic workout. Starts off nice and easy but gets much harder as you go up. Can get slippery in some spots where there are only rocks, but the view from the fire tower is amazing. Don't be fooled when it looks like it opens up, there is still around a mile left! Definitely more strenuous of a hike than we thought it would be.

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