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2 hours ago

Great views at the top.
This isn't an easy hike, there's quite the elevation gain, and it's just up, up, up. However, I wouldn't categorize this hike as "hard" in terms of terrain difficulty. Most of the terrain is pretty easy to climb, even the day after a big rain storm, but there was nothing slippery. Nothing that seemed that dangerous or treacherous. I was glad to have my trekking poles on the way down, but most other hikers I saw did not have them.

Great hike, definitely more moderate level than hard...absolutely fantastic views!!! Took us about 2.5 hours of actual hiking tound trip...the fire tower at the top is a great spot to take some photos. Less trafficked trail than Mount Morgan, where we actually were planning on hiking but it was completely packed for parking-this trail is only 8 minutes from Mount Morgan/Mount Percival...Highly recommended!!

7 days ago

Really enjoyable hike. Hard on the way up and slow on the way down, but worth it. With a heavy backpack took about an hour and a half each way. Be sure to pack your water if you plan to camp, the only water source is a small stream at the very start of the route.

Edit to my other post: the whole route is not closed, just the route to the left from the parking lot. Sorry for any confusion.

This route is closed as far as I know. There is a house being built here and the only way up the mountain is the fire tower loop towards the right of the parking lot. Still a good hike but a bummer that section has been cut off. Hopefully there will be some rerouting?

difficult but rewarding. great 360 views from the top

Prefect distance, did the loop. It’s pretty steady incline. Alittle look out past the picnic table. The dirt road to get there seems like it goes on forever

28 days ago

Awesome trails and decent views. Made a day of exploring set up a fire and made lunch. All in all a great day.

Great hike up. Really easy climb and great views at the top. There's a fire tower to climb. I think it took me an hour round trip.

Very challenging uphill and steep but worth it. Great 360 views at the top in the fire tower. Took us 4 hours round trip including eating lunch at the top. Best for off leash dogs.

Challenging is correct. Took the dog and I a little less than 2 hours to the Tower. Have to pay attention on some of the lower ledges. Will do again

1 month ago

Just a good uphill hike in the woods with no bogs, no bugs, no mud, and no scary ledges. I found this to be a very pleasant hiking trail, even though its ascension rate is challenging.

Going up Eagle Cliffs was the best part of this trail. The rest of the trail went up and down too many times to make the fire tower worth it. The parking area is just a pull off on the road.

loved the trail.

Great hike! Make sure you have a decent vehicle. The road getting to the trail head is pretty rocky and narrow at times. Otherwise, the hike wasn’t bad and great views at the top. Will do again next time we’re up!

This trail isn't for everyone. Beginners that are older or out of shape, beware because it quite possibly will challenge you beyond your limitations. If it has rained recently, the trail becomes a bit more difficult with much of the 2nd half of hike navigating slippery rocks and tree roots. I found navigating Mount Washington less of a challenge then this bad boy.

great trails. good for dogs to. love hiking on them.

Une vue magnifique en haut de la tour.

1 month ago

Would highly recommend this trail for any levels, with the understanding that it is moderately steep very quickly in and through the entire length of the trip up. Views are worth it!

1 month ago

I hiked it mid-afternoon. I drove to the location it gave me on the map; 137 Tower Rd Loudon. There was no visible parking so I parked on the side of the road onto a dirt patch hoping my car was safe. Hiking up was a moderately flat, slight incline. Nothing unreasonable. I was unprepared and didn’t have bug spray which ruined the walk for me. I made it to the tower and went back. I was unable to get a lookout onto the horizon. I wish I had a more scenic route. I’m 23 and over-weight and have asthma and it took me about 50 min to do all together. Considering I did a brisk walk/ light jogging. I would recommend to someone and do it again. Hope I was helpful!

1 month ago

Great moderate to hard hike. Pitch is pretty consistent with some steep and heavily rooted sections near the top. Great 360 degree views from the fire tower. My wife and I are in our 50's and in pretty good shape and took 4 hours and 40 minutes round trip hiking time. We found this and South Moat Mountain to be similar in difficulty and both had great views at the top.

2 months ago

Great trail, mostly easy but with some more challenging spots that make it fun. Amazing views at the top; I definitely need to bring my camera next time! Please be prepared to bring your trash out with you; keep NH trails beautiful!

it was a fun hike

Great hike! It was rated as moderate (*I see now, 24 hours later that it’s rated as hard) and it definitely was challenging. The views from the top are amazing! The ascent was tough- took us about 2 hours and 45 minutes. It had rained a few times, so the descent was slippery, even with poles. All in all it was 6 miles round trip.

2 months ago

We were unsure if our Fiat would make it to the trail head, but the roads weren't bad! Once at the trail head, we chose to go up Coot Trail. It was a steep and rocky climb to the top, but the tree coverage kept us shaded and cooler. Once we got to the top, we were greeted by the fire tower and beautiful views. The climb up wasn't easy, but the payoff was worth it. There's a path nearish to the picnic table on the right-hand side that leads to a ledge with some great views. If you're not afraid of heights, you can also climb the fire tower for more amazing views. We took the Bobcat Trail back down. It was definitely much more wet and slick than Cooter Trail. The rocks are abundant and slippery, so take caution as it's a steep descent. It was nice, however, to be able to try both trails!

Great hike with an amazing view.

2 months ago

We liked the trail overall. Kind of lonely trail. We met only 2 other families and a mountain biker.

Good -
1. Tree cover throughout the trail - no need to bring your sunglasses or caps. Just have some bug repelant.
2. Floor is covered with pine needles, leaves and moss - very easy for feet.
3. Accent is very gradual (always under 25%)
4. Few scenic views - looking over Squam Lake

1. trail is unmarked and has many splits that will take you in circles. Have All trails app on your phone
2. trail splits in to a small loop close to the summit. Take to right side path to get to some vista points. Also not that this path is harder that the trail so far. some spots are scary for kids to be alone.
3. Trail beyond the summit marker is rarely traveled and bit risky
4. I think we should avoid this trail on rainy days, as narrow parts of trail may get flooded.

A difficult hike in our opinion but worth it! It gets really steep at parts and it didn’t help that we did most of it while it was raining but those views at the top are breathtaking. Overall a really fun time!

Did this one on Friday, 7/20. Once you turn off of Rte 3 you travel 8.5 miles on what appears to be a logging road. The first half of that ride we travelled at about 30mph. Once you turn, the dirt road narrows to one lane where we travelled an average of 18mph! We did meet a couple of cars and much to our surprise there were 6 cars parked at the trailhead. We went up Bobcat because that was the only trail marked. It was a steady ascent. We came down Coot which comes out right near the toilet in the parking area. Coot is much shorter and I guess more steep? There was one big blow down about 3/4 of the way up Bobcat, but there was a fairly decent “path” around the left of it. The view from the fire tower was nothing short of amazing!

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