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1 day ago

It was a beautiful trail and I loved the forests. On the summit of Mt. Tom, a gray jay ate right out of my hand! It took about 4 hours round trip. (Plus breaks and snacks)

Trail conditions good.

Took 5 hours through a fresh coat of snow. Used snowshoes about 1/2 the time. Did it clockwise as others have. Great views from all 3 peaks in winter.

Plan a two or three day stay, the weather pattern changes by the hour.

22 days ago

Favorite hike for years, first hiked around 12yo

Let me start by saying this was a great hike. The Greely pond trail is an easy 1.2 miles. When you turn onto Mt Osceola trail the grade goes up immediately. I would describe the trail as moderate to difficult. It is consistently steep but no rock scrambling. The lookout just prior to the summit of East Osceola was great. The first rime of the season was on the trees. The wind was 40mph or so with strong gusts. The ridge to East Osceola peak is surrounded by trees so you are out of the wind. East Osceola summit has a cairn and that is it. No view. From there you make you way to the infamous chimney to the summit of Osceola itself. If you get to the chimney and it's icy look to your right and you can go up the bypass (the bypass is easier to see going the other direction) ... The summit of Osceola offers 180* views which were great. I was fortunate enough that the clouds lifted after about a 15 minute wait at he summit. It revealed rim covered trees on 1/2 of each peak. The contrast was beautiful. I would definitely recommend this as a fall hike. Especially to someone looking to bag two 4,000 footers in one hike!

This is a great hike with interesting terrain and views. That being said, there are some things to point out! This hike is pretty consistently steep. It's a shorter trail so of course you need to gain that elevation quickly. I took Hi-Cannon up and Lonesome Lake down. There was snow on the majority of the trail and ice for the majority of the upper half of the mountain. I brought spikes and they would've helped but I managed to do it without them just fine - my hiking poles assisted me enough. The trails are technically marked but the markers must be very old and worn away because I only saw a handful the entire time, but the trail is easy enough to follow where you shouldn't get lost. There are also signs at every intersection.
Kinsman Ridge trail is extremely steep going down towards Lonesome Lake trail. You have to use your hands in a lot of places and if you have a dog with you it may be difficult, although I did see a Golden Retriever on the trail but the owners said he had some trouble.
The ladder section is fun as you are on the side of the mountain and have spectacular views for this segment with a couple pull-offs for breaks/photos.
At the top there is a look-out tower and a lodge (this is a ski mountain) that has a snack bar, bar, bathrooms. On my trip this was not yet open for business for the season but the doors were open so we could at least warm up and take a break. There is also a tram that you can get a one way ticket for at the top if you do not want to hike down, although this too is only open in season (not when I was there.)
There are plenty of spots to enjoy the lake especially if you decide to take the trail around it instead of just by it, probably adding a little less than a mile.

Awesome must-do hiking experience.

We went up expecting a grueling hike based on the reviews we read. It is definitely properly rated as “difficult”. Lots of boulders throughout so you have to be ready for that. The weather we got was not great (light snow, super windy, cold), but that didn’t stop us.
The chimney while definitely not for the faint of heart, was a lot easier than expected. We completed the hike in 6 hours, taking multiple breaks and enjoying the experience. It was a fun and “easy” difficult hike.

One of my "go-to" trails in the Northeast!! Absolutely amazing!

1 month ago

Great hike! Went to north peak then south- descend was tricky as the first and last .5-.7 are very steep and there was ice and snow making it slick! Would recommend trekking poles! Happy trails :))

Deceptively easy at first, the ascent was steep and slippery. Probably one of the toughest climbs in the area. Views at the top are great. My recommendation would be to go up Mt Flume and down from Mt Liberty.

Would not do this again. Hardly any views. Glad to check these off the list. What’s up with the mileage? It’s 10.5 miles not 8.8. Another trail that is off on mileage...

2 months ago

Found it to be a difficult hike. Not because of the elevation or not being in shape, which we were, but the entire trail was walking over large boulders. Coming down was total concentration on where to step to not twist an ankle. Other than that, it was beautiful with great views of the clouds racing by.

2 months ago

This hike was harder than I anticipated. I am in my late 50s getting back into hiking after 30+ years. These were my 5th and 6th 4k's. We took the Webster Jackson trail. Jackson was a steep, wet trail, but we saw grey Jays on the way up. The trail seems to suddenly come to an end at a huge boulder then you realize you have to scale the boulder and 3 more above it to get to the summit, Did not enjoy that at all but the summit had great views and the steep climb down on the other side wasn't quite as bad but still bare rock. The path across to the Mizpah hut was delightful but then there was a very steep horrible climb up to the next part of the trail. If it had been any longer, might not have made it but it was only about .2 of a mile . The trail from there to Pierce not bad at all and the summit of Pierce was amazing! Made it all worthwhile, Took the Crawford path down, long and wet but Gibbs falls very nice near the end. Probably would not do this loop again but would do Pierce again from the Crawford path or Edmands trail.

Give lots of time. Avoid rain. Going home to cry into a beer now...

2 months ago

Great hike. Went North to South. Steep last half mile, but worth it.

Great loop trail! We followed the advice given in the comments to do the loop clockwise (Avalon, Field, Tom). Beautiful hike with plenty of stream crossings and little waterfalls! Up to Avalon was very steep, but nothing compared to South Twin. The view was very rewarding, Crawford Notch is gorgeously decorated with an array of fall colors this time of year. Mt. Field had another great view as well as some very friendly Canada Grey Jays! Mt. Tom is quite wooded at the top but there is still a view if you travel on the trail to the edge of the mountain and stand on some rocks. It took us 4.5 hours with breaks and our total mile count was 7.2.

Hiked the flume slide trail today with my experienced hiking dog, unfortunately the rocks were soaked and we both slipped... a lot. Must say the trail is very well marked up until the rock scrambles, so be cautious of that if you chose to walk along the trail which it appeared many have done. Overall if we didn’t summit in the clouds then the hike would’ve been VERY rewarding. Just know it’s very difficult for that last.. maybe 0.8 mile section before you reach flume summit.

Liberty springs was awesome, we were able to run the whole day down without any incidents, even with soaking wet rocks. That last leg of the hike on whitehouse is painfully boring and lasts forever.

Tuckerman Ravine is like some foreign alien looking landscape! Absolutely nuts! The glacial cirque is truly a sight to behold. Once inside the bowl, you climb up the headwall, and then another push up a set boulder fields. A fun and very memorable climb! Then, you’ll see the parking lot and cars and craziness that is the top, and probably have to wait in line for a summit pic if that’s your thing. Any serious east coast hiker, would be remiss to have missed out on Mount Washington.

Up Jackson over to mizpah hut and down Crawford path. Ledgy at the top of Jackson. And a bit unsure which trail to take off Jackson summit. Otherwise it’s a great 6-7 hour loop at a slow to moderate pace.

Do not underestimate this trail! We hiked it yesterday and it was awesome! We are slower hikers and started at 8am and got back out 10 minutes before dark. To put in perspective we did little Haystack, Lincoln and Lafayette starting at 11am and finishing just before dark. Allow yourself plenty of time to complete. Beautiful trail though

Harder than I expected, but the views were worth it. I'm a little disappointed that there weren't any signs at the tops of either of the mountains. There was some kind of school trip so I passed a lot of kids coming down on my way up and mistakenly jumped onto the wrong trail in an attempt to get away from the crowd, but I made there! Steep climb up and down Jackson, no matter which way you chose, but it seems most people did Jackson then Pierce and said it was easier? Either way its a slow, wet descent. The boards along the path had frost on them, causing a few slips, and there were some locations where there was no way around huge mud puddles. It had rained the night before, so I expected some wetness, but even the ladders were slick and a bit dangerous. Prepare to get muddy! Round trip took just over 6 hours, with 15 mins on each peak.

Overall nice hike. Was my first hike since having surgery and being out of hiking for a few months so we decided to only do Avalon and field since I was too tired to do Tom. A little tiring in parts but I was able to do the two mountains despite being a little out of shape. Avalon has some great views. Field does as well but there is only one spot and it is slightly blocked off by trees. Would say this is fairly dog friendly. Took my 50 pound hound mix and he did fine. There were a couple parts that were a little steep but he made it without my help. There were a few other dogs on the trail as well. Definitely do Avalon first as it is steeper going up like people said. The hike up was very pretty, lots of little water falls and spots where you have to cross water (plenty of places to step without your feet getting soaked). If you can do both 4ks it’s a great way to check two off your list!

2 months ago

Overall a pretty good hike but somewhat lackluster. Went up to South Hancock first then over the North Hancock. Pretty steep ascent to South peak but only for about 0.75miles. Small outlooks at top of each mountain offer limited views. As others have posted saw many signs of bears but no actual bears for us.

Significantly more challenging than we were expecting (read somewhere it was ranked easy/moderate) but it was a ton of fun. Not many clear views until you’re at the Mount Osceola summit but it was beautiful throughout. Very steep, rocky and challenging - favorite part was the chimney! It looked more intimidating than it was :)

Hiked this route to the summit yesterday. Weather was extreme (sub freezing and 40-50 mph sustained winds) and foggy so no great views, but the feeling of accomplishment was exhilarating. It was challenging but anyone on the fence based on these reviews should go for it. The detour this year is steep and is basically walking up muddy ski runs for an hour. Trekking poles help a lot. Past the hiker cabin the trail changes into a narrow series of steep rock steps up past the waterfall, where you emerge from the trees and essentially climb the waterfall on the face of Tuckermans. It is majestic. This section is more exposed and wet and requires some focus. Gloves are essential from here on. The trees continue to get smaller and eventually when you emerge past the tree line it is a steep rock scramble for what feels like forever but is really 0.6 miles. This is literally finding foot placement over and over on large and small rocks and the angle is very steep so it’s all quads. Just straight up. At no time did I feel like I was going to fall off the mountain, but you don’t want to turn around and look down much. This section is very windy and exposed and layering is a must. Reaching the parking lot and the stairs was amazing, and it was totally jarring to see all the tourists and train people at the stop. Still, Mt Washington should be on the bucket list of east coast hikers and the Tuckermans route is a great mix of views, changing topography and lung-burning exercise. If you’re thinking about it and nervous like I was - DO IT!

Superbe randonnée via tuckerman ravine et retour via lion’s head. 2h45 pour la montée, et 2h20 pour la descente. La chute d’eau est superbe et après l’avoir passé, le vent s’est levé et la dernière portion est difficile mais splendide!!! Au sommet, rafale de plus de 90 km/h ! WoW. Gants et tuque nécessaire ainsi que de bonne bonne de randonnée. Nous avions la tête dans les nuages au sommet alors aucune vue... Amenez vous du linge pour vous changer au sommet et du linge à votre arrivé au bas!!! Combien plus confortable...
Nous y reviendrons assurément!!

Great hike, exhausting though! I did it in a counterclockwise loop going up Dicey’s Mill to Passaconaway first. It was quite wet toward the top (above Rollins trail) due to recent rain. I opted not to do the view spur because it is a downhill hike and well, it would have to be a pretty amazing view to make that worthwhile, especially given all the mud. I then took Rollins trail over to Whiteface. It felt longer than 2.3 miles, with more ups and downs than I was expecting, but there were a couple of nice viewpoints along the way. Whiteface has stunning views, especially of all the big lakes. One could spend a lot of time on those beautiful boulder ledges! The descent down Blueberry Ledge trail was challenging! Lots of butt sliding and small prayers hoping my tired legs would hold up with some jumps down. I can’t imagine hiking UP this trail. I was thankful to have gravity on my side. It would be an incredibly challenging hike up, not just the ledge part, but lots of just generally steep parts too. Kudos to trail crews who have done an amazing job with granite steps. My dog handled everything no problem, but she is part mountain goat for sure!

I hiked this trail yesterday with my friend, and I’d consider us beginners, meaning we hike occasionally and aren’t that fast. We started the hike on the Sherburne ski trail detour and then ended back on tuckerman’s ravine (there was one point after the steep incline in the beginning of the ski trail where we weren’t sure if we should go left or right and there wasn’t a sign so we took the wider trail on the right and landed back on tuckerman’s). There was no one in sight for a very long time and we started to worry but then we ran into a woman who let us know we were on the right track and to keep to the left! So we ended up at the Hermit Lake Shelter after roughly 2 hours, then continued up Tuckerman’s trail. It really was beautiful and it was really the perfect day for this hike! The sun was out for part of the hike and then it got super cloudy. We each brought winter jackets, gloves, extra pants, and about 3.5L of water, and that was way too much. We’d always heard about how unpredictable the weather on Mt Washington was so we wanted to be prepared (but I don’t think on this specific day we needed all that extra gear, so our packs definitely weighed us down).
Back to tuckerman’s.. there was this wonderful narrow waterfall we had to cross at this pretty steep section on the way up and that part was a little nerve wracking but after that we just kept moving forward and followed the signs/cairns to the summit. The last part of the hike up is all rocks and you’re using your hands a lot at this point. I will say the rocky section was the hardest for me, every time I thought we were just about finished there were more and more rocks to conquer! Finally we reached the summit after 4 hours and 47 minutes! There’s a lot to see at the top and we met this fellow hiker who we had spotted a few times on the way up, and we all decided to hike down together. I’m not sure how we spent an hour and a half at the top but we did lol we hiked back down about 2.5 hours before sunset thinking that’d be enough time but boy it was not! We took lion head down and while it was beautiful and not as rough as tuckerman’s it was still really hard for us. The terrain was still very rocky and windy (at one point there was a ladder which I was grateful for because I don’t think I would have made it down safely without it!) the trail seemed to be NEVER ENDING. It quickly got dark, and a fellow hiker caught up with us and kept us company. I’d consider these hikers our trail angels because as beginners my friend and I easily would have gotten so discouraged in the dark on lion’s head. Toward the end we came across the bridge thats currently being built on tuckerman’s and just kept on trekking. We ended back at Pinkham notch lodge after a little over 4 hrs, so I’d say the hike itself took us about 9 hrs (not including the time spent at the summit). All in all, my least favorite part was hiking down but the hike up was wonderful in so many ways, and we feel extremely fortunate to have met such nice people all around!

Went on 9/20 with a first timer pup, she did great. There are a couple really steep parts but par for the course. Spent some time at the pond and lake taking in the sights as there were no summit views on this cloudy/ foggy day. Took us about 6 hrs round trip. Would do again with nicer weather at summit
3rd and 4th of 4,000’ers

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