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This trail can be described in one word: STAIRS! I hiked this trail after a morning on the Welch/Dickey loop. This was my first of the NH48 so it was tough on me especially after a full morning of hiking, but the accomplishment that I felt upon reaching the summit was unparalleled! Views are obscured by trees but beautiful nonetheless. I had beautiful summer weather on my side, too. Highly recommended for hikers beginning their exploration of the 4000-footers, but may be underwhelming for more experienced hikers. This took me 3.75 hours total on tired legs, including about 30 minutes at the summit.

12/8/18 Trail journal with conditions, photos, and gear list up at packandpeak.com now.

8 days ago

Hiked from 8:30am - 1pm. Well packed for almost the whole trail, a few areas of dry, unpacked powder. Microspikes were the perfect traction. Small side trails not packed, would need snow shoes for those. Not too difficult of hike, though there are some steep sections.

Great Beginners hike! Was pretty packed when we went up.

16 days ago

The trail is so well packed that one could do it without any traction at all, but I brought crampons and found them helpful, especially on the steeper sections. I felt like I got a great workout out of it, but it did not feel quite like an inspiring wilderness experience - you skirt a developed ski area, and are also in the trees for most of the hike. There are not many views except from the summit.

Trail was packed well from recent trampers. Snowshoes and spikes never came out. 3.5 hours out and back. Not much on views but still a fun little hike. The resident red squirrel at the summit is quite the friendly fella.

Our group of 6 planned on hiking both White Face and Pasconaway.. we decided to leave our snow shoes behind which was a big mistake. We used hillsound micro spikes all the way. The ledges at the top of Whiteface were challenging. The traverse on Rollins was filled with 1.5 feet of snow. We post holed over a loosely broken trail by one snow shoer. We were exhausted and decided to save Pasconaway for another day. It’s definitely winter and snow shoe season in the White Mountains

1 month ago

Took us about five hours up and back down with several breaks. A little steep in parts but overall not bad. A little icey towards the top but didn’t even break out our spikes. Good hike for a dog. Our 50 pound hound was able to jump up over every rock on his own and didn’t tire out. There were several other dogs on the trail as well. The only disappointment of the day was the very unfriendly dog at the summit which the owner had off leash and who confronted our dog. The viewpoint halfway up was nice as were the views at the top. The summit is small so probably better on a weekday when it’s less crowded.

1 month ago

beautiful hike. a little snow towards the top, but a great hike for the family.

Good hike - pretty easy - at least as far as the 4,000 footers go. Snow and ice at the top. Wish I’d warn waterproof shoes/boots but at least I had wool socks. The trail was a brook in spots from recent rain. Also there were a couple of difficult brook crossings as the water was high and fast. I assume those crossings aren’t usually as difficult as they were this day.

Great hike, we completed this hike on October 26th, clear sky’s and no wind at the summit. There was about three inches of snow and very little ice.

Nice hike in the snow. Chose this as a quick single peak option due to norEaster. Has a nice wooded Walk. Ok views, pleasant enough. Good hike for those just starting out hiking high peaks.

1 month ago

Better than expected. Nice hike through the woods on a fall day. Great streams.

Not being too experienced as a hiker I took this hike on 10-22-2018. It's my fourth hike in the white mountains. The climb is steady up and wore me out. Took several breaks on the way up and down. It snowed lightly for the whole hike. The summit was windy and cold and almost a total white out and still an excellent experience. Id think that this climb was moderate/hard and a leg burner. Will do again in spring to get some views. I recommend this hike

Low 30s, I thought it was perfect weather for hiking. Got warmed up once we got moving and don’t stay too long in one place because you will get cold! Gloves/mittens were a must. Hiked in this order: Avalon, Field, willey, then Tom. Went the wrong way passing willey adding an extra mile but we did the whole thing including breaks in about 8 hours. Got to feed a bird at the top of mount field! Bring bird seed! The three 4000 footers did not have good views but Avalon was very pretty. Personally wouldn’t hike it again but glad to get 3 4000 footers out of the way.

2 months ago

I went with friend during fall expecting a great fall foliage view. But there is no views on this trail. Even the top is covered by trees.

Fun, challenging hike. Starts of with gradual incline before the slide either way you go. The way up and way down are going to be steep and loose no matter which way you go. I went when it was dry and was sliding a lot so if it’s wet be careful. Views on the way up and down the slides were beautiful but I got fogged out on all the summits. Finished in under 5 hours moving at a moderate pace.

I’ve done 16 mtns this year and this is by far the most insane hike yet. Definitely a good call to go up north slide and down south slide. I did this hike on an overcast day after a night of rain. The north slide took me an hour, as there was very little hand and footholds and it was very slippery. If I had done it in dry conditions it would have been less terrifying, but nonetheless a good experience overall. About 75% of the hike is done on an old logging road (Livermore) and is very easygoing, whereas the slide is only 25% the hike, but will take the most time to complete. The slide is very wide, and I veered from side to side as I went up. Try to stay to the right of the north slide, since the trail to the summit eventually starts there. This trail definitely belongs on the terrifying 25, and should be treated as such.

2 months ago

This trail gets very steep, very fast. If you want a 4000fter they give it to you, quickly. The trail takes you straight up rocks but opens up to some amazing lookouts before reaching the gondola at Wildcat. It was a cloudy/foggy day for our group, which made the hike a bit more mentally challenging because you couldn't quite place where you were. A lot of up and down to get to all the peaks. Overall, good trail and would recommend especially on a clear day. Tough trail but worth the views! If you have time, I suggest also hiking Lost Pond at the bottom of this trail head.

beautiful view of fall foliage. I would recommend only go to the view point in the middle if you are not interested in the 4000 footer. The view at the top is not as good as the halfway view point.

A great all around hike with different terrain throughout. Some narrow spots, lots of mud but a good day hike. A few river crossings too for a pup to cool off in.

For those wanting a view — not many look out points but the one at Mount Willey is stunning especially in the fall.

2 months ago

Not our favorite hike but we’re doing the four thousand footers and is in the list. Pretty much a steady climb that doesn’t let up until you reach the summit. Limited views. Moderate is a good description for this one.

What a hike! Perfect for the end of September. We took Livermore road up to mt Tripyramid trail loop to pine brook trail to scaur trail back to Livermore out with our dog and although going up was a little challenging for him, it was doable with a harness to pass him up and down. Very straight forward trail. Highly recommend.

Great trail but we screwed up and did the south peak first instead of going up the north peak and down the south. I think it would be significantly easier to go up the north and down the south. Amazing views from the upper sections of the trails, not so great from the peaks due to the trees.

a great hike with impressive views about 1/3 of the way up. there are some small streams along the way. the summit resting area was small and crowded.

2 months ago

Super foggy at the sumit, but I stopped at the view and got to see the sunrise! Lots of stairs leading the way to the sumit, easy to follow with lots of good footing. Lots of construction noise.

Took pine bend brook trail to North and middle tripyramids, then descended down sabbaday falls trail. Sabbaday trail, with the exception of one steep section at the top is amazingly gentle sloping, and easy on your feet. I love Sabbaday trail.

If you plan on going on this route be prepared. The north face is considered one of the hardest trails in the northeast. Do some research before going. It is on the Terrifying 25 list.
Other than that, its a great hike. I enjoyed it and was exhausted at the end. The views on the three tops were blocked by trees. The return trip down the south was very enjoyable after the rock slide.

Good sweaty hike trail.

This trail was very strenuous right off the bat. People aren't kidding when they say you start climbing and keep climbing! we climbed A and D and it took us about 8 hours

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