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4 days ago

Fantastic hike. We followed the directions listed in the description. The views off of WhiteFace were great. This would be a great trail to break up and spend a quiet night in one of the great tent spots we found along the trail.

Interesting hike. If you are scared of heights I would not recommend because there are some parts on whiteface where you need to do some free climbing (my dad said he hiked this when he was a teenager 40 years ago and there were ladders but there are NO ladders at all now). We went up whiteface and down passaconaway, completed the whole loop in 7 hours and 48 minutes.. including breaks. We did take a long break at the top of whiteface (maybe half hour to 45 min long). Started at around 11:30ish and finished by 7.. just minutes before sunset! We weren’t paying attention to time at the beginning of the hike but once we left whiteface we sped up to beat the sunset. Also if you have bad knees I wouldn’t recommend unless you have the time to descend carefully and some type of support.

A friend and I made this a two day trip. Trailhead parking and directions were not entirely clear as we drove right to the Blueberry Ridge trail head. After some deliberation decided that we would park at the Ferncroft parking area 2/10m from the trail head.(this is the right move). We hiked in at 0900 and took our time. Even with the heavy rains the day before there was no water avail until the old Camp Rich site just below the summit loop. We saw a lot of moose and bear sign(picture of bear scratching was taken 10-12 feet from my hammock at Camp Rich). Although the summits are in tree line there are a couple of good overlooks. Camp Rich was a cool little piece of the hill. You can feel some of the care and history of that camp and can imagine many hikers and backpackers having great times and creating life memories. There are 4-5 decently flat sites with a large fire pit and plenty of deadfall. It has been very responsibly used with a solid “no trace” look. There is a pristine water source right at the eastern edge of the camp. To find the camp you will have to pay close attention. As you start to round the northern height of the clockwise loop, you will see the first ascent trail to Passaconway. Just before that left turn is a small stream running across the trail, back up from the stream about 20 feet and look north(left) to see a clearing and a lightly tread path into the clearing. Once in the clearing the path will lead you NW about 20-25 yards to the campsite. It was beautifully silent all night, no highway or road noise, with just the occasional jet wash overhead. BRING A BEAR BAG! To really up the seclusion and very lightly used trails we choose to bypass Diceys Trail and take Walden Trail to Wonalancit Ridge Trail. We where very happy with the choice as it was obviously very infrequently used. Great hike, great company, awesome. In summery if you are in it for the big bold summit views, not here. But for nature, seclusion, and very light traffic, you will love this hike.
Say hello to Lip the “fungi” on the Walden Trail (see photos)

Perfect weather for this loop on Sunday. Views are pretty limited. If you like extended exposed views, this is not the best hike. Managed the full loop with my 4 yr old lab in about 5 hours. He loved it. For those with dogs, the Blueberry Ledge trail was bone dry. There was no available water until the Rollins Trail just before heading up the final ascent to Passaconaway.

Good hike with steep inclines. the trail is full of rocks and tree roots so good hiking boots make a difference. No spectacular views until you get to the summit and even then the view is brief. The woods along the way are filled with different species of colorful mushrooms and the woods can seem quite magical. 6.2 miles round trip took nearly 5 hours with breaks. A moderately difficult 4000 footer for beginners.

We took the South trail going up and then did a slightly longer loop taking Clark Trail, then back west on the Hurricane Trail (uphill again) before heading down on the West Trail. Best part aside from the amazing views, was the mossy forest along Hurricane Trail. If you have the opportunity, take the extra .5 miles to head Southeast on Clark Trail, then West on Hurricane before heading down on West. Or, take the South trail going up and down.

This was a very nice hike. Dense forest with air plants and a generally soft trail with roots and some small rocks. Very peaceful and quiet. The first 2.1 miles are consistently and moderately up with some steep sections where you arrive at a false top. The trail then descends and ascends several times until you reach the summit. Views are to the north where you can hang out on rocks at summit. If you need a break from hiking on trails with lots of step ups and downs this is a good choice. It’s a great cardio workout! Enjoy!

Long and challenging, but beautiful, hike. Our ascent up Blueberry Ledge was fun, and somewhat quick. 3 hrs from parking lot to Whiteface summit (we stop for breaks, too). There was some more ~technical~ climbing up big boulders, but nothing we (or some dogs) couldn't handle. Socked-in summit at Whiteface, which cleared up as we moved on to Passaconaway. The traverse from Whiteface over to Passaconaway took about 3 hrs, and we elected to explore the view spur, which was a nice treat after no views pretty much all day! Our descent was wicked quick. We covered 4 miles in an hour and a half, a record pace for me and my partner. All in all a great day, 8:45 total time.

Straight up with limited views and small summit, not likely to do this again but glad I crossed it off the list!

My legs were definitely not in shape for this challenge. All the boulders made my ascent and descent very slow. If you have sore knees to start with, Mt Madison is not for you. The views are breathtaking!

High Humidity is not to be taken lightly. Phew I survived

1 month ago

This trail is relentless. False summit almost got me, quite a steep decline after that but kicks back up when you get close to the top. The view was limited but from what you can see boy it’s beautiful. I really enjoyed the hike, it’s as foresty as it gets. Smells like a Christmas tree the whole way. They say this is easy but I didn’t find it easy, I found it quite steep and strenuous. Left at 6:45am landed back at my car at 12:20.

1 month ago

Nice early morning hike to the top and some great views.

Great hike with my 7 year old. Just enough challenge and beautiful views from the top.

fantastic loop and terrain diversity, will be back for sure

2 months ago

...did this trail as an extension of the Lafayette Loop. From all the reviews it sounds like this was a much less strenuous way to bag this peak.

Really fun hike, it was definitely some work to get up whiteface , agree with the hard rating, but more fun than hard. Really enjoyed this loop to bring me 1/2 way to 48!

Amazing doing it for a second time this year

2 months ago

A fairly difficult trail even for a seasoned hiker like me particular on a hot and humid day. It's easy going on Lonesome Lake trail but once you get to Hi-Cannon then comes it gets steep all the way. And once you get to Kinsman Ridge it gets steep and scramble all the way.

The Cannon Mountain cafe is full service with all kinds of food and even beer but the view is dissapointing.but the view from the observation tower is much better. I had a pulled pork sandwich which was bland the chili was tasty but gave me stomach pain later. The most scenic view I think is from the various scenic overlooks.

On the way down I decided to take a detour to Lonesome Lake via the Dodge Cut-Off trail and enjoyed a swim there and friendly chat with AMC hut staff there. I think this trail has to be done with a pit stop at Lonesome Lake otherwise all that steep climbing and scramble will be hard to justify. It does add to the mileage but it's an easy flat hike to the lake.

Fantastic trail that is well-marked and leads to a wonderful view at the top (note: we only had time for the West Trail). As others have said, the trail gets a lot of use but in most parts it’s plenty wide to allow faster hikers a lane to pass. Definitely kid friendly, though it is a very steady upward climb, a few rock scrambles, and the last leg is over the smooth and somewhat steep boulder face of the summit. Definitely will do this hike again when we are in the area. I’ve been walking/hiking some, so in moderate shape, and the hike took us 1.5 hours up and back (though we were moving a little faster on our descent) using only the Western Trail.

I'm a pretty in shape person and avid hiker and this trail kicked my but in the best way! Went up to Liberty than over to Flume than back. Amazing views would do again.

Loved this hike. Took us about 7 hours to complete. Definitely bring PLENTY of water (there are a few streams, but you’ll want to bring a good amount). Views are fantastic, but not necessarily 360 open view-type summit. The very-heavily wooded hiking is awesome. Would be challenging for dogs, but possible for an adventurous pup. Can’t wait to come back!

Hiked today. Quick trip to the views! Nice breeze when you get above the tree line. Great way to spend 1/2 the day.

Was part of a AMC hike. Except for some steep parts while ascending Whiteface - the trail is pretty tame. It is during these steep parts that you get the best views. There aren't many on the mountain top. And the peaks are not clearly marked - its a small cairn with no signpost. Took us some 7.5 hrs. to finish.

This was a good hike, not to difficult for someone who is a little out of shape like me. The view is amazing at the top!

This trail kicked my butt! Not sure how much of that was the 90 degree, 60% humidity weather, but from mile 2 to mile 4 I was begging for it to be over. I’d agree with the other reviews... “stairs on steroids!” The view from the summit was not great for me, and even though there weren’t many people out, it felt too busy at the top because it’s a small summit. The description doesn’t tell you, but the map takes you past Mount Liberty to Mount Flume. I couldn’t make it that far that day! I am looking forward to hiking up Flume one day though, because it seemed like a serious scramble! I prefer scramble to stairs any day

Great mountain for an impromptu adventure. Planned the hike last minute with weather clearing late in the day. Truly enjoyed the wild hydrangea and abundant wild flowers, Trillium, Soloman Seal, Corn Lilly on the way up. Gradual climb with one false top that makes you realize you are hiking in NH. Best part is it is the road less traveled by. Osceola's parking was packed when we had four cars.

2 months ago

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3 months ago

This hike is just over 6 miles. It’s a climb right from the start, and doesn’t let up until well into the journey. We brought the pup and she didn’t have any trouble with the rock scrambles (there’s a few). It took about 2 hours up and 90 minutes down because of the wet conditions. Overall this is a great hike but not a lot to look at when you get to the top.

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