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I love the challenge. going up was a challenge but going down was rough. the hardest part was the rock climbing. be prepared to climb up that mountain with all your limbs, otherwise you'll have to turn back and not able to make the loop. be sure to have good shoes or hiking boots on during the autumn season because the leaves may be a bit slippery.

Views for days! This took us about 6 hours because we kept stopping to appreciate where we were - a new favorite!

Great hike! The views are beautiful due to the 360 degrees. The day we hiked it was a bit slippery so hiking boots were necessary due to extremely large boulders/earth. We got lost a few times due to unclear trail heads. Overall fun day in the woods!

If you enjoy rocky climbs this is without a doubt, one of the best hikes around. Not that difficult, and great views. Easily one of my favorites.

Beautiful views! One of my favorite hikes!

Beautiful and very challenging hike. Contrary to what the listing notes, this is a better point to point hike than an out and back. I would recommend doing it as a day hike over backpacking after doing it both ways.

Our group of 4 (young adults) completed the 4.4 mile trail in around 3.5 hours.. stopping only for a few spectacular views! It was snowing on the ascent, so the slippery rock slowed us down considerably. We had a great time!

1 month ago

Hiked this with our 7 and 4 year old boys today! Far more challenging than we anticipated with the rock climbs but the boys did great and the views were amazing!

1 month ago

This is a beautiful loop hike where much of the trail is on bald faced rock. I’ve done this twice: summer & fall (today), and it was equally spectacular each day. Hike the loop counterclockwise as there’s much more rock face to navigate on the back end, and doing that on the decent is just safer. After only 1 mi of hiking, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the Whites. This hike is also closer to 5 miles, based on my technology. The yellow blazes are faded here and there. But, you’ll find them, no worries. Enjoy it!! It’s quite memorable.

My husband and I hiked this today. Took us exactly 3 hours. It rained on and off and even snowed when we got to the top. It was a slippery hike, but we made it! Definitely recommend this hike (especially on a drier day)!

Day started with trepidation. We arrived on the scene - will it rain? Will it not? We don’t know! We’ll find out... we prepare for the worst and decide to leave the rain jackets behind. We embark.

The trees drip with condensation, yet we are not perturbed. Splashes of green and yellow fill the palette that is our world. The brooding skies threatened to soak us to the bone. Yet, we persisted, and were rewarded with a vast expanse of fruit loop vistas.

Blue skies beckon us to the summit, where we snack on a mediocre clementine. Onward still the yellow trees led us to the precipice of the valley below. We drank in views of the forest ablaze with color.

Over the horizon, the storm approaches. There’s only one thing to do: eat our sandwiches from Cafe Rustico (delicious).

We press on stay ahead of the threatening skies. What’s that in the distance? The parking lot - we’ve arrived! A celebration ensues by finishing the second half of our sandwiches from Cafe Rustico (also delicious).

In summary, great hike. Slippery rock, but manageable. Colorful leaves, bring a sweatshirt.

Fantastic view for very little effort!

foliage over Columbus day weekend did not disappoint! it varies throughout the whole 360 degree hike but there were definately breathtaking moments seeing the peak fruit loop foliage part of nh overlayed with moderate foliage in the foreground. don't turn back after the first viewpoint! go to the peak and go down mt dickey... you'll be surprised! we went on a slightly wet day but with shoes and lay low climbing those Rock slabs.. you'll be fine.

Beautiful foliage today! Harder to find some of the yellow blazes because of the yellow leaves and some leaves on the trail. About 2 hours (hiking only, extra time to enjoy the views) to do the loop, counterclockwise. Bring an extra layer if you plan to take in the views and foliage! It was windy at the top!

Took about just under two hours to do the whole loop not including stopping time at the peaks. Pretty quick pace both up and down. Very steep on flat rock towards the top but the views are beyond worth it. Overall moderate challenge and great hike for not being in the notch.

Beautiful foliage and view. Lots of large boulders, difficult when wet, wish the view was better as it was very cloudy when we went up. Overall, not too strenuous! Would definitely like to see it with the full 360 view at the top!

1 month ago

Absolutely loved this hike. I was surprised by how easy it was even though the trail was wet and muddy. The views are spectacular and wide ranging across both summits.

Started at the Jesus Valley trailhead. Took Snowmobile (red), then Main (blue) all the way up to Straightback Mountain. This trail well earns it's name. As soon as we started on the trail it was a mile straight up. The first 2 miles took us 2 hrs. At the top of Straightback we took Main (blue) over to Brook (yellow), then back to Snowmobile (red) to get back down to the trailhead. It was super foggy the day we went but I'm sure the views would have been pretty nice from the top. I will go back but I would not take the blue trail up again.

great trail, would not recommend with dogs off leash or kids in hiking packs.

1 month ago

With all of the great trails to hike in the whites , this is one to pass up. Limited views , walking on top of wet stones in stream bed, I’m giving this a 2 out of 10 points

A pretty quick hike with some really stunning views on the way up and down. Highly recommend going up to the right to Welch first; there are some steep rocks to climb that would be challenging going down. Highly recommend going in the fall as the foliage is incredible, but be careful if it’s recently rained. It’s a very very popular hike, and for good reason. $5 fee if parking in the lot.

1 month ago

Hiked with my 6 and 10 year old.

There are some steep spots but it's manageable for smaller kids. Middle has better views and the peak is expansive with lots of ridges but is noticeably more difficult than North. North is much easier but the views are not as good. That being said I would do both of them again but preferred Middle.

An absolute must do! Not that hard. Gets steep on the way up, but way down is easier. Hits two peaks and had amazing views throughout most of the hike. Took about 3.5 hours (I’m in good shape).

What I liked most about the Welch/Dickey Loop was the quick payoff. After 20 minutes of hiking (if you head counter clockwise out of the parking area) you get awesome views from a large open area. The views stay with you for a huge section of the hike and now (October), with the leaves turning, the descent through the woods is extra nice.
Get there early! At 9a.m. there was still parking in the lot, but by the time we finished at noon people had to park a half mile from the lot.

It’s was a nice trail but I would definitely not rate it as moderate. It is without a doubt a difficult trail.

This is by far the toughest trail in white mountains that I have done. Make sure you do Washington or or adams individually before attempting this. We started at 9 am on caps ridge and made it to jefferson summit at 11 am. The vies were breathtaking of fall foliage in New Hampshire. We reached adams at 1 and Madison at 230 and back to trail head at 730 pm. Got delayed a bit due to high winds in gulf side trail.

Getting to the ridge of adams was fine however climbing adams was quite tough, there is no stairway like path to adams summit and involves twisting and turning your feet in slightly awkward angles, with a little bit of scrambling sprinkled in.

After adams we went a long way down the ridge towards Madison hut. THE HUT WAS CLOSED. We gave some of our water to a couple who had not brought enough thinking they could refill at the hut. we left our backpacks at the hut and hurried up mount Madison. I felt Mount Madison summit was much more breathtaking than either adams or jefferson, with its 360 degree views and fall foliage of high fall season.

Things to note:
1) wind near and at adams and jefferson summit brought the temperature down significantly. We had to thrown on all our layers each time we came near to these peaks. Madison was much more tamer.

2) though the forecast said clear skies for the entire day, it became quite foggy on the way back, which along with higher than predicted winds made the going very tough on the gulf side trail.

3) we avoided climbing adams and jefferson on the way back by taking the gulf side trail and continuing on to the jefferson loop to reach caps ridge.

4) Gps tracker with all trails was extremely useful. Once it gets foggy and real windy, it becomes easy to lose path.

5) make sure each of you bring headlamps and hiking blankets just in case. We hiked the last half hour in complete darkness.

6) fix your turn around time as half the daylight that you half left minus an hour at the beginning of the hike.

Overall this hike got me a fair bit of respect for phrase “exposed over the tree line” hiking. If you are considering doing the entire presidential traverse, I highly recommend doing this trail first to get a taste of it. It pushes the strength of knees and leg muscles to the next level.

If you are fit and weather is good, this is a great hike.

The views throughout this hike can’t be beat. As others have commented though, be sure the weather is solid and you’ve packed gear accordingly. There are a lot of criss-crossing trails and the majority of the hike is rock jumping so it can be pretty slow going. I wound up getting turned around a couple of times but even with minimal stops, this took me 8 hours at a very good pace.

Clearly out of shape since I had my twins 1.5 years ago but still managed 2h 20 minutes on this one with about 30 minutes of breaks as the way up is rather tough. With the sun out it was pretty hot but at the top the breeze is really cold so make sure to have appropriate layers of clothing. Couple fellows ran around there in an armless T-shirt trying to look cool except the shivering didn’t help with that. Counterclockwise is the way to go to avoid having to slide down bare rock surfaces on your butt while looking down a cliff. The way down from first peak has a spot where folks who are afraid of heights will get a bit of a knees-weak moment but it’s really only that one rock ledge with sharp drop off without any trees that’s a bit scary, afterwards the hike is pretty easy and less exhausting the way up to second peak and then down the ridge. Plenty of bare rock surface that is slippery even when dry. Not suitable with sneakers and definitely not a good hike when there was even light rain.

1 month ago

Trail is typically pretty rough above tree line. At times lost the trail between cairns. Lower section is due for some maintenance. Still beats driving to the top!

1 month ago

Pretty good workout even though it’s fairly short. We only had a few hours so chose this and it was worth it! Went up to North Peak only. Took a total of about 2 hours to go up and back. Beautiful fall views at the top with the multi-colored trees. Wish we had more time to check out Middle Peak. But read the review about seeing the marker on the rock. If you head to the right of the boulder and down the path, it leads to a huge open area atop boulders. Very nice view!

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