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Beautiful and cozy trail and it’s mixed with the nature. Very relaxing.

3 days ago

Definitely an interesting hike. Tree lovers will enjoy this trail. Slippery rock can be very....slippery as the name suggests, so casual wear like sneakers are not recommended. Imo the waterfall is okay. The atmosphere is great.

A little taxing on the knees going down, but a good afternoon hike altogether!

4 days ago

Great place for hiking, biking etc. Highly recommend to those who want a good hike within San Jose without commuting.

Always a fun family hike and enjoy the beautiful views!

Seemingly endless combinations of hike-able units... I’m biased but not sure there is a better mix of loop options for 2-5+ hikes.

Nice views, lots of rocks to hike over, moderate hike.

Always a fun hike to do! Scenic and a fun discovery each time. Go down the coastal trail and end up at China Beach! A must!

10 days ago

I’d recommend starting with the coyote ridge trail and doing the loop that way. The lookout trail and tony look trails are hiking only and you lose a lot of the crowd once you get off the coyote ridge and fern trails. Great views of the entire Bay Area, definitely recommend making the extra push up to Maisie’s Peak. Overall great hike!

14 days ago

Beautiful trail.

Chill well populated hike. Mostly flat. Take detour to beach

15 days ago

Great hike. Views are amazing at the top.

Views of Pacific and GGB, mostly within forest

Beautiful trail. We didn’t find it physically challenging but it was a little mentally challenging for me (I’m scared of heights) as we hiked the middle section along the ridge. Beautiful views of the Santa Cruz Mts and Monterey Bay. Highly recommend.

One of my fave hikes to go on with my dog, there is the best of open space preserve and sheltered lush forest. During the summer the shaded portion is welcomed after the heat!

It’s a nice walk, but super flat and easy. If you’re looking for a nice stroll with a view this is fine, but if you’re looking for a challenging hike you’d be best to look elsewhere

The loop is significantly different from one side to the other. The right side trail while going from the parking to the campground is safer than the other. Staying on the left side trail going from the parking to the campground will take through the Castle Rock Falls and most part of this trail is on the edge of steep slope and through narrow crevices between rocks but gives fantastic views. We used one side going to the campground and another side returning to the parking lot.

It was good hiking for a few hours to see the nice view. Relax and fresh there

22 days ago

Loved this trail that we recently hiked with kids. A bit crowded but with family it worked great and was a good work-out as well.

Beautiful views of Gilroy. Wide trail with a gradual incline. Great place for a light hike!

25 days ago

Great loop hike. Spring time perfect.

We took the lower ridge route. Except for the charred hill, the hike is beautiful and has amazing views of San Jose. We especially liked the ranch museum and barns, fun place for the kids to start.
Beware, this trail has a steep initial incline; but that is what makes this hike superb . . . the views. you can go two directions, and still loop around. We hit it at sunset, but there was much haze from the fires in Northern California.
If you are looking for a half-hour to 1.5 hour hike with a good heart-pumping workout, try the Bernal Hill Vista loop. A Bay Area hike that leads to other trails. Santa Teresa County Park has endless forks for more trails. Come prepared with shoes that grip the ground, and trekking poles to take the weight off your knees.
We will be coming back.
- Mike and Angel Cutler, EarthTrek Gear

29 days ago

Had a great time hiking Land's End Trail and walking at the beach. This hike is fun and easy. We ate lunch at the Cliff House. Food was fine but I threw up after consuming 1 glass of alcohol. That must have been my body telling it did not want alcohol after a good hike.

1 month ago

Very calm and tranquil hike. Feels like a peaceful place throughout. Only disappointment was the semperviren falls. I wouldn't call it a waterfall. It is just a small drip of water falling off a rock. The entire height of the fall is about 5 or 6 meters only

Beautiful place

One of the most beautiful views.

Incredible wild trail and one of the best parts of San Francisco.

trail running
1 month ago

Can start also at Parker Ranch near Saratoga Country Club, crosses Fremont Older & Stevens Creek Park boundaries. Have phone or GPS, lots of forks, options & Vista points

1 month ago

It was a moderate hike with beautiful panoramic views all along way. Almost entire path is shaded unless it’s midday.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Ok, if you park in the parking lot just barely off Highway 1 a few miles south of Half Moon Bay, you can walk or bike this road to the beach overlook and go down to the beach . Nice views. From here you have 2 choices. On weekends and holidays you can head south for several miles on the cowell-purissima trail which is new and well constructed. The deal with the adjacent growers was to keep out the public on weekdays. The trail entrance is heavily gated here and not possible to go around. The second choice (not shown on maps and not signed) is to head north along the coast from where the trail starts just before the beach overlook all the way up to the Ritz Carlton golf course and Hotel where the trail continues (and is now official) through the Ritz Carlton and all the way through Half Moon Bay and above. This unmarked section of the trail is very heavily used, goes right along the bluffs (pretty close in places), is flat and beautiful, and takes you right to the beginning and into the official trail along the golf course.

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