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We did this hike but from Smithbrook Trail/Stevens Pass. It was about 7 miles round trip, easy moderate level. Had lunch at the lake which was stunning. Only downside was the bugs were out and we got eaten alive despite having on bug spray.

2 days ago


2 days ago

This was such a spectacular hike—nothing but breathtaking views from start to finish. We arrived at the trailhead at 10:30 am on July 15, were able to park on the road just outside of the parking lot. It was full but the early-morning hikers were on their way out, freeing up some space. It was 80 degrees and HOT! Went through a gallon and a half of water and stopped plenty of times throughout the hike (was great for taking in the view, too). We saw a lot of goats, some grouse too. As others have said, still a few stretches of snow but nothing you can’t cover with hiking boots. We brought YakTraks just in case and didn’t end up using them. We got back around 4:30, but could have made it quicker if it was cooler outside. This was our favorite hike we’ve done so far because it was as beautiful as it was challenging. Might even top Maple Loop in our book!

Info for first-time visitors:
-Our Honda Civic made it to the trailhead without issue. It was a dry, sunny day—not sure what it would have been like with mud, definitely wouldn’t have made it in snow.
-You’re in the sun a majority of the hike. Wear sunscreen and reapply like crazy.
-Bring your bug spray.
-The trail gets harder to follow once you’re in the basin (like you will have to navigate around/over some rocks, the trail isn’t clear-cut). Look for the cairns and you won’t get lost.
-Don’t forget to look up! We saw a 10 goats during this hike, including babies.

Don't let the mileage fool you, the elevation gain makes up for it! So beautiful at the lakes! The mosquitos and flys are INSANE right now, bug spray did nothing to help. I would give this five stars but the trailhead is just on the road and no bathrooms. There are lots of places to easily access Lake Minotaur and cool views of Theseus. Lots of places to explore and spread out and enjoy, only you can't enjoy because of the bugs.

3 days ago

Nice hike! The rocks on the switchback can be kind of difficult to maneuver if you’re not wearing boots. Lots of people were wearing tennis shoes but I wouldn’t recommend it - especially since there’s still snow on the trail to the lake that’s pretty slippery. Come early to beat the crowds.

4 days ago

We did this hike after Denny Creek Trail and when comparing the 2 trails, made this one feel so much easier. It took 1.5 hours to the top and decided not to do the hike down to the lake - it was pretty snowy/muddy and we didn't have the right hiking shoes on. It probably would've taken another hour out and back to lake if we wanted to go. The peak of this trail provides amazing views of Snow Lake

Very pretty home, forest pass required.
The snow on the lake is starting to melt.

Hiked this July 9th, trail in was clear but still a fair amount of snow at Rampart. The largest lake is still over half covered in snow/ice. Mesquites are out in force so take repellent. Warm during the day and not very cold at night. Water is crystal clear. I just absolutely love this place.

6 days ago

Grueling hike up from Deception Pass, requiring multiple snow field crossings (be prepared for your feet to fall through melting snow/ice). One particular section, just before the last mile of switchbacks, was not easily passable due to ice buildup and required a sketchy incline climb up and over the obstruction - not recommended for heavy packs. That said: amazing views, beautiful waterfalls, and Marmot Lake is a great reward for those willing to take the challenge.

7 days ago

Nice trail, not too long and not too short. very crowded though.

9 days ago

Nice hike. Lots of people on a Sunday. Go early to beat the crowd. The trail is mostly rocky. There was no snow till the view point. Some snow on the trail if you go further for lake access.

9 days ago

We got to the trailhead around 9am. The parking lot was already starting to fill up. We hiked up to Snow Lake and attempted to descend but there was still too much snow and we didn’t have the proper equipment. On our return, we took the trail to Source Lake and enjoyed seeing the waterfalls. The views from the side of Source Lake were amazing!

9 days ago

Pretty easy trail all things considered. Some parts are rocky. Went on 7/7 and the trail from the top down to the lake still had a lot of snow - poles and snowshoes or spikes are needed. The lake was also still frozen and white.

Not a bad trail but be ready for a climb. Also, both lakes were still frozen over, but melting. There was plenty of snow from snow lake, onwards. Better have a map and compass, but it’s worth the view!

Went there about 5 days ago a lot easier than I expected , got a little tough to make it all the way down since there’s still a bit of snow but doable ! Worth the little extra effort

10 days ago

Great hike, no snow to deal with a little water on the trail at certain points. Bugs were very bad and be aware there is not much tree cover so wear sunblock. Overall a good day on the trail.

micro spike is very helpful if you like to reach the lake

hiked Jun 17th, still a lot of snow towards the last mile of the trail. hard to see/locate the trail. have the map saved and bring bug repellent.

11 days ago

I love this trail...We hiked it last September and the lake is absolutely stunning! We ate lunch and rested by the lake before heading back. We will definitely go again this year. :)

11 days ago


One of the hardest hikes of I've been on. The snow makes the trail really hard to find, had to get out a compass and map to get redirected. the lake still has ice and snow on it on some areas. totally worth it, breath taking views.

12 days ago

The lake was still frozen over but still gorgeous! We saw a couple mountain goats. (Note: No dogs allowed on trail! Poor goats were chased by a hikers dog on our way back) There were still a couple good streches of snow to pass but not too bad. It was a gorgeous day so lots of fellow hikers on the trail.

Great views

13 days ago

Hiked this on 7/4. Couldn't make it to trappers peak due to a late start. Was able to view the now thawing lake from a ridge. Plenty of snow here, poles and micro spikes would be helpful. Would recommend trying this a couple of weeks from now once the snow has completely melted.

Was able to drive to the trailhead in a Mazda but a high clearance vehicle would have been nice.

The trail cuts through the forest for the most part, nothing very exciting there. The last 3 miles are mostly uphill.

beautiful hike!!!

15 days ago

Ohh the switchbacks! My calves are singing today. Did a day hike just to the falls. We saw a 4 foot rattler on the way back down stretched the width of the trail. He was minding his own business trying to get to the boulders above.

16 days ago

The road going in is a very bumpy. We managed in my Hyundai Sonata, but it would have been much easier in a high clearance vehicle. There isn’t much parking at the trailhead, but on a Sunday morning, there was only one other car there anyways. The trail up is rough! The trial was recently logged and there are a lot of downed trees, so trail isn’t very clear at first, but it’s doable. You walk along side a raging river with waterfalls almost the entire way. There are very few switchbacks and they are STEEP. But don’t worry, it’s only about 1.8 miles up. There was a snowfield at the top that was rapidly melting. If you look closely, you’ll find watermelon snow as well! The trail is pretty hard to find with the snow, but as long as you keep the river to your right, you’ll find the lake. There is snow everywhere, so I wouldn’t advise camping unless you’re prepared. The walk over to the cliff overlooking Theseus is short, so absolutely make the extra walk. However, we didn’t see a safe way down to the lake with the snow, so we saved that hike for another (much warmer) day. Gorgeous hike and well worth it. I highly recommend.

Challenging and beautiful

Did a day hike with my dog yesterday to check out the status on rampart ridge. Rachel Lake is completely snow free and beautiful. As you climb up the ridge above Rachel, it is packed with a good 3-5 feet of snow. Tread carefully since a lot of hollow spots sit on large rocks. The ridge has a few patches and majority of the rampart lakes are still frozen. The snow is melting quickly though so hopefully there will be more ideal camping up there in the next month. Great moderate rated day hike for a healthy person in my opinion.

love this trail , have been there 2 times, but going back just to encourage other people to visit there .

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