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12 days ago

I hiked this trail in early March, parking at the boat parking area off Lake Morey Road. The trailhead sign says Bald Top Mountain is 3.3 miles. I hiked with spikes, and carried my snowshoes just in case. I mostly had the trail to myself, seeing only 3 other people and one dog. There was some bear scat on the trail (not sure if that’s usual for March after a week of warmish weather) and lots of turkey prints. This is a really nice trail, not too steep, and there is a wonderful 360 degree view at the top. Some trail reports I had read indicated a much shorter trail, but those folks must have parked on Bald Top Road, which must be impassable this time of year. The spikes were perfect for my outing, and I hope I can visit again when there is enough snow cover to snow shoe the trail. I’ll visit again in the warmer weather and maybe try the shorter hike, but parking in the boat launch parking area would be great too.

Difficult footing made it seem more difficult than the numbers suggest. It was also relatively hot and humid, as it was July when we did it. We turned around at Pike’s Peak, which is an overlook 1.8 miles up. I have read that the trail is obscure and even more rough from there to the summit. There were nice views at the vista, though.

Gets progressively steeper on the way up, but nothing too strenuous. You start getting views at around 1.2 miles, and the panorama at the summit is phenomenal. On a clear day, you can see the White Mountains, the Green Mountains, the Lakes Region, and countless other points near and far. The beginning of the descent is very steep, all rock, then it goes over a fairly level ridge with nice views. After that, it gets steep again, hands are necessary at times. Overall a nice hike, but the descent route was more difficult than we were expecting.

This shows up under Oregon hikes even tho it’s not in Oregon.

The gate was still closed because of earlier storm damage to get up to the trailhead so we had to walk the 1.3 miles from the road to the trailhead. Once we got to the trail it was beautiful, but a little too cold to make it to the summit today. We’ll definitely be back!

Wonderful winter hike. Parking area has room for at least 10 cars and additional parking is possible along Old Hebron Road. Took me 2 hrs to get up (in the snow) and one hour down. Consistent moderate grade to the summit.

3 months ago

Great view for a short hike. I wasn't expecting as much Ice as there was. I should have brought ice spikes. Our dog had a great time.

3 months ago

This trail had heavy ice on it (November) and very unsafe. It might be nice in the summer but not late fall. Also my dog had a hard time with this trail, it’s not as dog friendly as I was hoping.

Used Cross River Trail (CRT) up and down, well marked with blue color; nice view at the top, good exercise. Ice spikes not needed.

What a hike!! The trail wasn't well marked but it was fairly obvious where we were supposed to walk. Usually I prefer loops but for this one, I would take Gorge Brook both ways if I go again. It follows a stream for a few miles which is nice and it has more nice views to stop at along the way than Snapper does.

nice trail, wish I had hiking sneakers tho. pretty wet, but still navigable and we're in our 60's. beautiful views up top.

I parked on bald top road and went up the cross riv... trail (blue blazes, well marked, moderate, very nice trail. 2.43 Miles to summit. Came down Ackerman trail, much shorter, about 1.5 Miles. Great on cloudy fall day but would be great in any season including winter I think.

Super hiking experience! It’s easy to find and close to food and lodging in nearby Lincoln, NH (Loon Mountain Ski Area). The trail head has my two favorite amenities: parking and restrooms. Dartmouth College has a new lodge that’s open to the public.

We took Gorge Brook up and Carriage Road down. I’d recommend that order. Gorge Brook is steeper and more rocky. Most of the trail up is along a small falling creek. You get a waterfall feature for several miles!

The top is over 4800 feet and above the tree line. Dress in layers and put more on before you pop out of the tree line and head for the top! Pack a good lunch and spend some time at the top.

on French's Ledges, NH

4 months ago

over grown path in a swamp. saw 2 red marks. didn't really care for the rotted bridges. didn't know there more trail heads. Maybe those were better

First snow of the year. Top was snow covered, cold and icy. Maybe PM will be better. Missed the last bit of the summit.

Great little trail ,off season and still bumped into 4 or 5 groups working their way up as we came down. After two days of rain trail was still navigable.

Great hike up Snapper and Carriage road to the summit. Took Gorge Brook trail down. Hardly any people going up, lots heading down. Started at 10:30am, got back about 2:30. Good hike for beginners who want to experience getting above the tree line

Last hiked in 1990. Took a group of teen and younger kids. Good hike; they enjoyed it.

5 months ago

5 months ago

Switchback trail, kind of long but worth the view!

A great trail with main viewpoints on the way up.

this is 5 miles round trip out and back not 4.1

The reward for walking to the top of the hill is the pond where you can stroll completely around the water and enjoy the mirrored reflections. Return the way you entered.

Despite living within a half hour this was the first time I've ever done this hike. Overall it was great, well marked trail-we followed the West Ridge up and down. I did it with my 70 year old Grandmother, 7 year old daughter, 3 year old son and puppy and it was challenging enough but not too hard. The view at the top is amazing. The only downside is the very narrow road, insane parking situation, people literally must have hiked up half a mile from their parking spots! Also lots and lots of traffic with people going up and down and boat loads of dogs some not on leads (no problem) but had some that ran up not on lead which really isn't good because just because that dog is friendly doesn't mean the other is. Either way I would definitely do it again. Reminder, it's carry in and carry out, help to keep our parks clean and enjoyable!

great loop and caught it on a great day. climbs steadily at a moderate grade. a bit rocky but no scrambling. Very cool summit ridge with outstanding 360 views. on this clear sunny day, could see much of the Whites to the north and east, and a clear view WNW over to Camels Hump, 75 miles away.

5 months ago

My boyfriend and I did this trail today to appreciate the fall foliage. It was a beautiful and well maintained trail. It was of moderate difficulty and the views from the top were lovely despite the fire tower being closed. My biggest tip for someone looking to hike this trail would be plan to go during the off hours. This is a very VERY popular trail full of families and dogs all trying to enjoy the same space. Parking was difficult and traffic on the trail itself was very heavy. All and all, it was a fun hike!

Incredibly rewarding trail. The loop keeps it interesting and the summit views cannot be beat. Full 360 views. Upper half of the mountain is rocky but like a jungle gym. Best 4K.

West Ridge trail up & down. Moderate hike, steep in places, rock face, fantastic sweeping views. Great foliage hike. Will go back to explore other trails/the loop.

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