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Not a difficult hike at all. I did the 6 miles round trip, and it’s only 1k elevation change. The weather was amazing but they do call it hurricane ridge for a reason, it’s windy. Good amount of snow from the lodge to summit. Views are amazing, on a clear day, you can see Mt. Baker, Straight of Juan de Fuca, and awesome vistas from the Olympics. Highly recommend!!!

Loved it!

A beautiful hike with great views and a nice climb.

28 days ago

Beautiful hike in a urban environment. Depending on time of year it can be muddy in places. Trail narrows in one section above the creek to about a foot in width.

Can’t believe I’ve lived so close to this trail for years and never hiked it until the other day! Parts were muddy & slick (but that’s to be expected in February on the Peninsula). Beautiful trail

As some others stated the road is rough, large pot holes, dips and plenty of rocks going up. We went Feb 10, 2018. Unfortunately we didn't make it to the trailhead. There was way too deep of snow for my car to continue onward. Enjoyable drive up and back though, there is a nice river you can stop at beforehand on the road.

This was a challenging yet doable hike for a beginner snowshoer. Amazing views made it all worth it. Just note that it is a mile and a half from the visitor center to the trail head. We did 6 miles roundtrip. Also, the road to the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center was in good condition but only open Friday - Sunday in the winter 9am to 5pm. Best to get there early. We were waiting in line at the gate at 8:40am, got to the Visitor Center parking at 9:30. Started hiking at 10am and back to the car just before 2pm.

Easy and beautiful

A beginner hiker may get winded on the ascent but it is SO worth it when you get to the top. I would 100% do it again. Make sure you bring water and sunscreen. There’s very little tree coverage

Beautiful day, weather held out perfectly for the hike. Trail is well maintained and easy to navigate still, not much snow on the ground.

beautiful mountains and view❤️

Beautiful!!! First snow shoe ever on 12/31. The road up was fine in my Subaru crosstrek - however the line got long quick!! Be there at 9am or before! Started near the lodge past the sledding hill... toward hurricane hill. This is the most stunning view! Made it to the end of the “road” and turned back. Didn’t wanna push it to far on my first adventure. A great first place and incredible views !!!

Used just my waterproof boots & poles but would recommend small traction devices for the way down. a dusting to 3 inches tops on the trail. Cloudy day so no view of Rainier but it's a gorgeous trail through the forest with waterfalls and little bridges. Followed 3 deer for a bit too! Great day out and a perfect length trail.

Was good bag to hike it with h snowshoes but ended up using micro spikes. A beautiful hike.

Went back in September and this hike was one of my favorites. The views at the top were amazing. If it's a hot sunny day, make sure you bring extra water because the majority of the hike has little to no shade.


Deep snow, snowshoes would have helped. Views were spectacular. The drive was worth it. And I’ll definitely be bringing my snowboard with me next time. Tons to do.

Walked this in Early August, fabulous sunny day, clear to the horizons. Saw deer near the visitors center. Easy walk, amazing top of the word views.

11/10/17 Fantastic hike starting from Longmire. So quiet and peaceful.
We started at 10 am, stopped for quick lunch, then finished around 2:30 pm. Short breaks every .5 mile or so 'cause I'm not in my best hiking shape and have short legs. We guess that in another week or so, you may prefer snowshoes, but you'll definitely need microspikes or similar.

We entered the loop trail from the west entrance farthest from the Ranger Station (past the lodge and restrooms). This was based on a recommendation because the east side of the loop is steeper with boulders and steps throughout.

Nice steady gain about 1.5 to top with some moderate switch-backs. The trail is vigorous enough that you only need light, but very water-proof layers. Since you're in the trees, you'll want a hat or hood as the water drips from the trees. About 2 miles in, microspikes highly suggested, especially for the downhill descent. I always use poles, but my hiking buddies didn't.

Tire chains only required if driving past Longmire. The roads were very clear up to Longmire on the day we hiked.

Just hiked this path, October 26 2017. Spectacular! Path was very well maintained, we did not encounter any snow, the day was beautiful, actually found myself not needing the sweater. It is a bit of a challenge, but definitely doable. Lots of steep switchbacks but it leads to amazing views. Definitely recommend this hike!

5 months ago

Lovely old forest and fairly level. Except for the last part following the creek. We couldn´t find exactly where the trail ended, so turned back.

Steeper than I had imagined and fairly open with little tree cover/shade. views of the opposite mountain ranges were great, and once at the top, you could see the Sound and Vancouver Island on a clear day. I found it interesting that the deer there are very social and meander among the hikers at the top, calmly munching on leaves and grasses. Keep a respectful distance and don't feed them. There are many social trails at the top, making it easy to take in the views from many angles.

Beautiful trail with stunning mountain views. There was still snow on the mountain tops in July 2017. The best part of the park and it was fairly kid and elderly friendly.

5 months ago

easy trail with an amazing amount of interesting old growth "points of interest" - I loved it!!!

5 months ago

Worth it!

5 months ago

this is a Beach Walk be prepared to get wet

5 months ago

Great rainy day hike! If you’re starting clockwise, jump on the Trail of Shadows on the left. Otherwise, follow the signs from the parking lot for Wonderland Trail. We went left and were happy to get the steep switchbacks done early! Super Trail with a few nice views. The leaves are just beginning to change! Beautiful!

Beautiful views. Much of the path is paved. Not too long. Incline is challenging but not too difficult. Actually saw a ram near the top of the trail. Make sure to stop at the visitor center, go in the back and take in the view there as well. Great idea to take a picnic lunch to eat at the visitor center overlook.

Great views the entire time but it was pretty similar to the views you can get from the visitor center. I did see a lot of wildlife though and that made this trail worth it! We saw deer, marmots, blue grouse, chipmunks and plenty of birds of different colors and kinds.

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