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This was a tough, steep hike but well worth the view from the top. Saw some big horn sheep on the way up. Only lower portion is good for horses. After a certain point it gets too steep and rocky.

We have hiked this twice. This trip reminded us this is a tough hike. Don't be deceived by the short distance. The middle portion is all steep rocky switchbacks up the front of the mountain… up about 800’ in ¾ mile. Very challenging. My Garmin showed hike at 6.1 miles starting at visitor center, with about 1800' elevation gain. Hot and no shade. I would not do this in the afternoon. Bring plenty of water. Not a busy hike so may have nice 360 views at the top all to yourself! As others have said ... don't stop until you get to the end of trail sign.

Definitely one of the best hikes on
Mt. Lemmon! The first part of the trail is a piece of cake, and walking through the pines was beautiful. Very shady and mostly flat. The turnoff to Sabino Creek is marked by a small Cairn, and a painted rock. From here the trail is still pretty easy, until you reach a primitive campsite and begin descending towards the springs. From here, the trail takes you down to a small stream bed which was dry when I was there. The trail is very spotty and sometimes non-existent past this point, but following the stream bed will get you to the springs. Look for Cairns along the way to guide you along. The trail definitely isn't maintained anymore, wear pants to keep from getting scratched up by thorns. Once you reach the creek, you can either continue upstream and enjoy the water, or go downstream about 1000 feet to see some really beautiful rock formations. There is even small cave downstream with a waterfall inside of it. It was really amazing and was a great spot to sit and cool down.

No water in the falls in early April but the Sagauro’s everywhere were insane!! A totally alien experience for someone who’s never been to the Arizona desert!

great hike really hot day though leave at sunrise

Hiked this yesterday. Started at 1030 and finished at 1345 (but hung out for 45 min. at the end of the trail in solitude--nobody else there)! Views are spectacular and make this strenuous climb well worth it. I usually hike with my 4 yr old, but this trail is not for her. Spotted one snake, one giant hawk, lizards and squirrels. Pretty cool when a helicopter comes down Bear canyon and then back up Sabino Canyon-- and it's well below you! I will do this trail again. Hot (yesterday was in the 90s) so bring lots of water. A must do.

We have done this trail a few times. I would rate this more on the difficult side....only 6 miles but 1700' elevation gain, steep and rocky in several places, hot with no shade. The trail had greened up and was in bloom this trip. Not much water in the pools. There is a camp spot under trees just across the pools for nice shady lunch spot! Great trail we hike almost every trip to Tucson area.

Fairly easy hike, I enjoy the views every time I go!

We drove in and did Picacho Peak and wanted more nature. So glad we found Romero Pools. It was beautiful, the flowers are out. The ocotillos are full and blooming and the beauty of vegetation on this trail took my breathe. I will be back with more time.

I started out at 6 am, and it was so worth it, peaceful and beautiful, with so many unexpected wild flowers I had never seen, plus gorgeous views of Tucson and the mountains. The pools were a wonderful payoff at the end, way more extensive than I expected. I will be going back again and again.

Great workout, pictures don't do there justice it's beautiful up there! Took us about four hours we left at seven and finished 11ish. Saw some bighorn sheep coming down! Bring lots of water.

21 days ago

Took the whole family for an outing. Thought it was great. Took a lot of rests on the way up. Jumped in the cold pool afterwards.

Great hike!! 3 rd time doing it!!! Views are wonderful!!

25 days ago

Start off the hike by hopping on Bear Canyon Trail at the south end of the parking lot at the Sabino Visitor's Center. Follow the path until it T's into a paved road and take a right. You'll approach some bathrooms and an option to turn right over a stream/wash with a small bridge. Cross that and you will soon find yourself at the intersection with Phoneline Trail. Phoneline has some elevation gain, but nothing too strenuous. Take it approximately 0.6 miles to Blackett's Ridge Trail. This is the portion of the hike that earned it the rating of "hard." It is roughly 1.7 miles to the summit and the elevation gain is no joke. As others have stated, there are a few sports that seem like they could be the summit but are not. You'll know you've reached the summit when you see a sign that reads, "END OF THE BLACKETT'S RIDGE TRAIL." You can also tell you've reached the summit by the simple fact that you will not be able to go any farther... simply down. The views at the summit make the trek worth it. Take some time to enjoy the views and refuel. We did encounter a couple of squirrels, but they were not aggressive (of course we did not feed them). As expected, the way back down was much easier and faster than the ascent. Tip: Wear sunblock as there is very little to no shade on the trail. We used the All Trails app which logged a total distance of 5.9 miles, 1,759 feet of elevation gain, and a total time of 3 hours and 8 minutes.

Second time hiking this trail. It never gets old! Gorgeous views all the way up. Challenging, but great for a novice that wants some fun. One of my all time favorites.

False Summit after False Summit, but each one more incredible than the last... don’t stop until you see the end of trail sign and the ridge comes to a point. Park there and gather yourself, fuel up a bit, and sit on the ledge with your legs dangling above the drop off into both Sabino and Bear Canyons... Breathtaking both in beauty and exertion.

By par my favorite still. Have yet to have a hike that compares!

The pools are glorious and well earned by the time you get there. Great day hike!

Very difficult, long pants, gloves helped. the 1st .8 mile is almost flat, then at the sign that says 'not a real trail' it gets hard hard hard. The views at the top were amazing. Last year saw a Bighorn Sheep.
Not a beginner trail, bring food & food. Took us 2 hours up and we hike 3 times a week!

A great day hike, 4-5 hours. We spent 4 hrs round trip including a half hour at the beautiful pool. Fairly strenous in places but views all along the way.

Very challenging hike, especially the last 0.2 mile. After the end of the FS maintained Trail (less than 1 mike in), it’s very low traffic and can be super steep in some areas. You’ll be scrambling up some short rock faces and sliding around a bit. Don’t do it if you’re afraid of heights (or do it??). Plan to be on all fours through parts of it and bring lots of water and a camera for the top. You won’t need boots, Trail shoes will work fine. Views are amazing, hike will kick your a**!

Good trail to the waterfall. Considering that this is Arizona, it was nice to see water although it wasn’t anything to write home about. Overall, I had a fantastic hike!

Great hike Salsa Dave

1 month ago

It's very steep in the second half, but you will be rewarded by a great view at the top. I was hope to see some wild flower in this trail, but there are few in early March.

The trail is rocky, to say the least, and much of it is loose and slippery, so I highly recommend the use of hiking poles, especially coming down. This trail is steep, but the view from the top is worth the effort.

1 month ago

Overall, good trail but somewhat boring at first. It gets better once you get into the actual canyon. The area of the pools is nice and with a bit more water would present some nice swimming holes. While I only went to the pools, I could tell that beyond the pools would become more picturesque. It looks like an adventure further up into the Catalinas.

Amazing hike! Didn’t make it to the peak only to the summit But being our first time hiking it was really a challenge! So worth it! Amazing views and definitely worth the hike l. I can’t wait already on my list to hike to the peak!.

1 month ago

Great hike. Definitely deserving of its “Hard” difficulty rating. Make sure to get an early start it took me about 3 hours round-trip and coming back down the trail in the afternoon sun is a killer. Beware of false summits. Continue along the trail until you reach the final trail sign designating the end of Blackett’s Ridge. Talked to a couple in the parking lot afterward who turned back around after the second false summit. It’s worth the climb!

Great hike, used trail running shoes, had no problems.

1 month ago

Great hike in perfect weather and when the falls are falling (which they were on 03/04/2018). Also makes for a great trail running loop if you include the Three Tank Trail and Garwood Trail. Note that this area is very exposed for those hot summer days.

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