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Curley Springs is meant to be a loop trail that can start at either Battle Creek Canyon or Dry Canyon in Lindon and make a loop upper then back on the foothill trails. My goal was to take my external GPS and track it for All Trails so they could revise this trail and show it as the loop it was meant to be. Not sure what happened but even though I downloaded the map and had lots of satellites connecint my phone to GPS, as soon as I made it up from Balltlecreek canyon to connect with the trail my dot locked up, and I got lost coming down. a little frustrating that Google maps worked better than this. Anyway here are my pics and cons of making the loop like I did.
Pros: I liked the variety of scenery. In Battle Creek Canyon you get to walk along and cross the river and see the Gorgeous waterfall. Then you head up in the hills and it is lots of growth. I was kinda glad I was doing this trail so early in the Spring for the trail might have been harder to keep track of with more growth (but then maybe it will also get more traffic?). There was a few times I wondered.if I should turn back because the trail was a little tricky, but your just walking along the Ridgeline for much of the time so if you stay close to it you should be close to the trail. Surprisingly when I got to the top where the All trails ends is the easiest section. (If you are trying to find this trail from the Lindon side take the right fork close.to.the end and the watch for another right fork. That is where I entered the trail. ). This was a beautiful section with amazing views of the valley. I thought this section would be the easiest, but there are so many different trails going so.many different ways that I ended up so far off from my Target. It would have been fine if my All trails would have worked, but ...

It's awesome and very beautiful!

Trail is clear and wide at the beginning. Nice hike and no snow.

1 month ago

Great hike all around! Definitely need good boots as the trail was completely covered in snow and it is a decent incline. Beautiful wooded landscape throughout and lightly trafficked. Close to Park City but you feel like you’re more remote!

This is one of my favorite local trails. I really enjoy the mix of rocky exposures, wooded areas, and open meadows along the way.

So that hike is only good for if you want to go up a steep steep mile! The falls aren’t even falls! We were freakin lied too. I was deceived by the pictures that are featured. Those aren’t the falls. The falls featured are called Bridal Veil Falls. The water is barely trickling down the rocks.

Love this hike and the changes in terrain. Love the bench that is right before the main waterfall.

Super steep but great views. Rock Sofa at the top is a must! Fun short hike. Watch out for rattle snakes

3 months ago

We started out just hiking towards the beginning because the snow was a little more packed, but saddled on the showshoes towards the middle of the trail and it was perfect. Weather was great, not too steep. Woodsy and beautiful! Brought my dog and she loved it as well.

This is a great trail and easy to navigate. Finding the trail head was very easy with parking near by. There was snow coverage for the entire trek, however did not require snow shoes, but poles would have been helpful on the return. Moderate is the appropriate designation as it got the heart rate going but did not have many obstacles. There is a fork near the trails end, we went to the right for what was another quarter mile and well worth it as the view was breathtaking. Going this way we did have to double back to return to the iron canyon trail.

3 months ago

Iron Mountain is an excellent day hike. The trail to the summit is well marked and maintained. It has a wide path and I would consider this an easy to moderately difficult climb. The views are not as spectacular as some other local hikes but the trail is enjoyable to hike.

I tried going December 16, I was not able to finish the trail as there was an unpassible part where small logs ran across a river, they had snow on them so I could not cross. I I would recommend this trail because Ivan tell it would be a great trail in the summer, just not the winter.

4 months ago

very steep but the woods on the mountain side were beautiful with a great view of Park City.

the dog and i did the grove creek to battle creek hike yesterday..nice to get above the inversion and very warm up top...scenery was beautiful, switching from jagged cliffs to waterfalls, to meadows and back..up at indian spring meadows area (i think that's the name) lots of deer...on the way down battle creek canyon there are a few really slick icy spots covering the trail...loved this hike..

Beautiful views of the valley, shear cliffs and a waterfall!

4 months ago

Nice and icy


moderate trail. out and back to Indian campground. beautiful foliage for late fall. mice water features. trail was clear.

5 months ago

Gate closed so hike was longer than expected with a 6yo. Quiet and forest trail is lovely.

on Iron Canyon Trail

5 months ago

Great late fall hike. Limited parking at last intersection before dead end. Consistent uphill over hard packed dirt and rocks. Views make the workout worth it.

Kinda boring to be honest. It’s almost winter time, so come by on a Saturday to walk through the construction to get to the hike. The creek is pretty, but the falls at the end are literally water trickling down rock slower than my fridge puts out drinking water.

Hiked this trail yesterday—11-7-17. The trail was still dry and free of mud and snow. Just went to the falls/Springs. Spectacular views, but the narrow rocky trail on the side of the mountain was unnerving. I was wishing for a trail in the bottom of the canyon to see some of the falls up close and personal. Would not take children or dogs on this trail as one false step would be tragic. The climb was not difficult. We have such amazing beauty in our backyards!

One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve been on. Every corner you turned, there was new scenery. Beautiful fall leaves & running water along side you.

Gate is closed. Forest service has a sign saying “closed due to icy road conditions”, but this is BS. THERE IS NO ICE ON THE ROAD!!!! Suspect it is closed to reduce hunter traffic in the Canyon. I have been up this road several times when it actually is icy or snowy. Hike up road 1.5 miles to reach trail head.

A little muddy and icy in spots. Gate up to trailhead was closed, short walk up to trailhead. Great views

Trail is currently closed due to some kind of construction and heavy machinery passing through, we were asked politely to leave and to spread the word.

Great hike up through the mountains. The trail in many spots kicks up in grade and was kind of steep. This time of year the trail has a little snow on it and was a little icy. We took our 8 year old daughter and she did just fine.

6 months ago

Pretty wet, and muddy. Was still a beautiful hike, some parts had a little snow.

Very beautiful hike and great for kids!

Good hike with a pretty steep hike up to the falls but it was well worth it.

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