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This place has an incredibly gorgeous waterfall called Looking Glass Falls and mild rock climbing if you want to get closer to the waterfall. And not far from there is Sliding Rock, which is also a waterfall but different in that you can actually slide down the whole thing like you would a water slide at a water park. It's gorgeous. Traffic was minimal, at least when we went it wasn't bad. It was really nice.

9 days ago

Fairly strenuous, though the switchbacks make it manageable. Take water as there’s none up top. The view off the bald face is amazing but do watch your step. Hammock camping on the top is epic.

This hike was easy for the most part. There were areas that you had a little climb if you wanted to go to the top of the lager fall. There was some really pretty creek areas however alot of the trees were down and did blocked lots of the other falls. I did walk/climb around amd over a lot of the trees to get a better view of a couple of falls but you still are not able to see them well. The large fall is really pretty and worth seeing it.

20 days ago

Awesome trail! Directions a little confusing, but we took Buckhorn Gap to the falls and Avery Creek Trail on the way back to the forestry road.

One of my most fave hikes I have done! Would of been better if my buddy was in better shape. They held me up on pace. But you can actually bring a hammock and pitch it up at the peak and be fully relaxed through the day and have a pic nic too!

Trail is definitely longer than 5.3. more like 6.5 or so miles. The view at the end is worth it.

sweet views at the top. really enjoyed this trail, its a good workout but not long enough to be too challenging tho.

Even in winter, amazing views once you reach the end! Make plenty of time to sit up top and enjoy things.

nice, easy, pretty trail with good campsites nearby

It was a hard climb, but worth it once you get to the top. A lot of ice still on the trail, so be careful.

Looking Glass trail is a great challenging hike, however you don't get any great views, except on the trail. We made it to the top, had it not been winter one would not have been able to see the surrounding mountains. Plus we met many hikers on the trail, good to see people taking advantage!

Great view at the top enjoyed the climb

Spectacular views at the top! Well worth the climb!

My wife and I have now hiked this trail twice in the past few months, and 3 times since we moved to Ashevillle back in 2011. Not too strenuous, and as already mentioned a great view at the top. It was a little muddy in several spots, I assume residual wetness from the snow we got a couple of weeks back.

Mapmyride indicated that this was 7.5 miles round trip, and that seems legit as it was about 1.5 hours to the top, and that speed is consistent with what my wife and I have done in the past for an uphill hike like this.

lots of switchbacks helping to keep the trail not too steep. All in all , a very good workout.

Hiked this trail with my 10 year old yesterday and we absolutely loved it! She said it was her favorite so far. Still pretty icy from the snow, but gorgeous view at the top and not as difficult as I expected. Will definitely do this one again soon!

Trail was muddy and had some packed snow and slick icy spots glad I brought a trekking pole along. Some spectacular views at the top.

The hike up is not near as hard as people say. The “suck” is that there’s no water source up top - which translates to a heavy backpack. I camped over night on top and it was a wonderful experience. Do watch your step when on the rock face. One slip on a frosty morning and you could become splatter at the base of the mountain.

This trail is a whopper. Make sure you have some water and snacks packed. I did this in just under 6 hours and it ended up being 12.5 miles–a mile longer than described. This loop is also unmarked, so I found it helpful to follow my progress on the app.

The first 4 miles are pure ascent, with the first 2 being especially grueling. Be prepared. Once you reach Shining Rock, you can hop on Art Loeb from the 4-way intersection; the preset connecting trail is overgrown! Once you reach the Greasy Cove trail, the descent is gradual. Once this trail converges with Greasy Cove Prong, I believe the idea is to cross the river and continue the trail. However, I must have lost sight of the trail or perhaps it was obstructed due to fallen trees, because I couldn't find a connecting path. So I did what I had to, and hopped down the river on the rocks until I arrived at the Big East Fork trail. From here on, you walk alongside the river until you reach US 276. If you're like me, you'll be so relieved and take off your shoes to drive off barefoot.

Not as difficult as it may say, but the view at the top is awesome. I would recommend going in Sept or Oct to see the colors of fall.

Hiked it twice in the past couple months. Not too hard but definitely not easy. Takes about an hour and a half to hike up for those who prefer a slower pace

Hiked with the family today! Fun, yet challenging- I highly recommend this hike.

Rehired today great fall views. One of the better hikes in Pisgah forest

3 months ago

Very nice trail, excellent shade, nice views along the way, and a stunning view once you reach the top. A must do.

Best summit view I’ve seen yet! Awesome hike!

Winding Rocky and rutted like all Pisgah back country trails which in my opinion makes them the best with plenty of switchbacks to cut down the steepness beautiful hike in the land of waterfalls would highly recommend it⛰

This is an easy hike to see a great waterfall. It's only 1 mile from parking area to Cove Creek Falls. After seeing the falls head back down to the second group campsite where there is a sliding rock with swimming area. You can slide on your butt however it looks like more fun on inner tubes. Great place for kids.

First time back on a mountain since August and it was absolutely brutal but very well worth the view in the end

Great hike. And what an awesome reward at the top. My dog loved it too. It’s only his second hike after his alc surgery and he did great. Will def be hiking this one again.

Steep trail after helicopter pad. Great views.

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