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2 days ago

Easy to go off trail. could be marked better. But a great hike.

Good trail. Glad I can read and know they have signs everywhere stating that the trail has a large wash portion (and it's on every map). Makes it easy to prepare if you're using the most baseline of observation.

Just to be clear, this trail is marked as hard in this app but I would rate it as moderate. There are great views and the ruins are amazing. Beware of the three way trail sign because if you are not paying attention you will end up on another trail and not back to the Rogers trailhead

Beautiful views and great trail

Great hike around the loop today. Warm temps but cloud cover helped. Nice easy hike with beautiful cactus!

Great hike, beautiful scenery and well marked trailheads. Bring plenty of water, as it is a challenge with steep inclines and a lot of switchbacks. Well worth the 5 hours

I enjoyed my hike immensely. Not only was I surrounded by the beauty of the desert, I was able to challenge myself physically. I scrambled, jumped, ran, and climbed with a grin. It’s an active trail with lots of bikers so it’s best to keep your wits about you. Most people I passed were polite and the bikers were appreciative when I let them pass.

14 days ago

Loved it!! Everyone was so nice and helped others out!

14 days ago

Road wasn't too bad...just long and slow but the views were unbelievable! The hike was beautiful with lots of interesting plants, natural features, and spectacular views. Ruins were a sight as well. Please respect the rules when visiting them and leave them as you found them. It was unfortunate to see all the footprint on the remaining fragile roof.

Great views on the way up to Tom's Thumb, lots of loose rocks in areas of the trail so footing could get tricky for some

High clearance vehicle needed. Road was recently graded but still rough in some areas and my 2wd Tahoe did fine. Very long drive.

Creek was dry. Ruins were amazing ! The scramble/rock climb to the top ruin was a bit sketchy so if you are afraid of heights....... The hike back is all uphill.

Beware of skunks! Came across a dead one and a live one. Keep your pups leashed.

Beautiful trail. Really quiet and serene. Loved that there was loads of shade.

First, let me clarify a couple of things you will find in other reviews. 1st there is NO fee at this trailhead and next there ARE potties at the trail head.

We hiked this trail counter-clockwise. The views on the first part of the trail were nice, the last half was a bit underwhelming. I certainly would not rate this trail as hard. Maybe moderate due to length, but not due to elevation gain. We started on 104 the Lost Dutchman Trail then took a left at Black Mesa. We had waited until the "top" (mile 6) to have lunch. and there really isn't anywhere for that, so we continued until about mile 6.5 (counter-clockwise) and walked down to some nice rocks on the left in a little gully and had our lunch there. Can't say I'd be running back to do this one again.

We did this last year in my Isuzu Trooper, never had to put it in four wheel drive, but did the hill slow and in second or third gear. We want to go again and take the trail towards Reavis ranch, does anyone know how many miles to Reavis from Rogers trough trail? and is that part a buttkicker?

From 1.5 to 3 this trail is definitely difficult. From 3 to 6.4, it’s absolutely the most peaceful trail I’ve hiked. Well defined and just a great hike. I’m 65 and I made it. Challenging at times but totally worth it.

A must do...
Just enjoy the views, and have fun.

Arrived at 6:35am to a locked gate, no sign saying when it would open and no parking at the gate area. No reviews mentioning the opening hours! Sunrise to sunset I later found out. The trail was heavily trafficked at 7:30am on a Saturday morning. The hike was absolutely gorgeous though!

Hiked 3.5 miles up then back down twice during our stay at White Tank Regional Park. Trail is rugged between miles 2-3 but certainly worth the effort. We’re 60 and 66 and found it doable. Path is plenty wide. Expect rocky spots but nothing that can’t be stepped up and down.

just did the loop yesterday, taking advantage of a little cold front that just came through. Had light drizzle - it was even chilly at some points - just fabulous! Hardly anyone on the trail once you go beyond bell pass. Steep, rocky inclines but with great views and well worth it . Does take time though. Made it to Tom's Thumb in 3 hours which included stopping for lunch. Another 2.5 plus to get down. (not a trail runner!)

1 month ago

To get to the First Water trail go past lost State Park 1/8 of a mile turn right. Follow the dirt road about 2 miles to the parking at the end and start the walk there. Check the map but head out of the trailhead. Restrooms there. At the first fork take the left which is more of a straight ahead: First Water trail. We hiked out 30 minutes and viewed some of the prettiest collections of suguaro and other cactus we have ever seen.. Very scenic rock formations, cacti, just beautiful.

Challenging right from the start but got easier when you reached the ridge.

1 month ago

Good for a long hike, or Grand Canyon training. Some good views, decent changes in terrain, trail width is wide. If you hike the other trail on the backside it's a lot faster and steeper with better views in my opinion.

If you are looking for a great trail to practice before a big trail race, this is it. With just a little over 3k in vert, this loop can be technical and requires for you to bring lots of water. Usually very busy from the start of the Gateway trailhead, but once you pass the Gateway Loop sign, then the trail is all yours!

what a beautiful hike!!! it had some great views, a little too busy for my liking but it was still nice. only hiked about an hour in a half in, can't wait to do the loop though

Nice climb, great parking. Excellent place to rock climb without gear. Incredible views.

it would have been nice to know the Malpais trail is over half sandy wash. great views up to Malpais hills. not an easy biking trail

My limited experience with all trails in south mountain there are many mountain bikers. All have been friendly and courteous. Recommend leaving the headphones behind in order to hear bikers on trails.

1 month ago

I had tried to do this hike before, but apple maps lead me to wrong spot. I did today using gps and alltrails to get me in to the trailhead. It was a great hike. I wouldn’t rate it as hard, I would say moderate. The return hike sucks the last mile and to get to the big ruin you have to do a little climbing that may make one uncomfortable, but in total it’s not bad and a lot of fun. Very peaceful, not heavily trafficked. Trail is pretty easy to follow. Definitely make sure you bring plenty of water and snacks... oh yeah, saw a good number of places that would be very cool to camp along the trail. I think I will return to try.
Drive in is rough, make sure you have high clearance four wheel drive car.

Hiked this trail yesterday. I like it and plan to eventually do the 17 mile loop.

2 months ago

Nice walk in the park. As others have noted this is definitely not a difficult hike as there's nothing really technical and very little elevation change. Still lots to see and be sure not to miss the rare crested saguaro cactus about 2.5 miles in from the beginning of the trail (if starting going left that is). If coming from the right you could easily walk by it . enjoy.

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