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Great trail, 13 km and we finished in 2 hours and 45 minutes. We went clock wise so the steepest part of the trail is when you’re descending near the end.

Views are worth the initial climb. Not too difficult, just need to be prepared for a lot of very steep incline switchbacks for the first 1.5miles. Be careful coming down, as it can be slippery. One of my favorite in the area. Huge boulders at top make for unique views.

This trail was more mentally challenging than it was physically though you’d better be in good shape if you want to take this one on. The trail is the worst marked and hard to follow that I’ve ever been on. I marked the trail I used on the way up with markers which saved me a ton of time on the way down and saved my neck when I went off trail on the descent. I ran into another lone hiker on the way up who claimed to have almost died because he took a wrong path and ended up stranded on a cliff. This would be a better hike if some effort was put into marking the trail correctly. Do not try this hike if are not good at reading trails and terrain. It is correctly rated as hard for good reason.

A big group of us all took our dogs and we had a wonderful time on this trail. It’s not difficult and I would personally rank it as easy as opposed to moderate. You also get a nice view of the lake the entire hike which is where we stopped to eat lunch. At times, the trail is very narrow with cacti everywhere so I would recommend wearing long pants or being extra cautious in those areas.

Well maintained parking lot, restrooms, and trail. Trail is mostly uphill with a few flat spots, so be prepared to climb. Views are nice and there are other trails to venture if time permits. Hawks are currently nesting so they've asked hikers to stay quiet at the top.

Took three of us four hours out and back. Two hours to reach the summit, and another two to get back down. We would have made it down a bit faster had we not gotten off trail. Markers can be hard to find at times, especially on the way down so just be aware. Amazing view, challenging at times, climbing is fun, well worth it!

***A note for future hikers: Please be considerate and not block the view.***

We hiked this today and there was a group of people who sat on the rocks right in the way of the view of the desert. They stayed there for quite a long time and had their snacks there too.

Other than that, the hike was pretty amazing. Just be aware that the trail itself is not marked as Monument Canyon. The map in this app got us there.

1 day ago

Went up last weekend. Clean trails, steep in sections. Great views. Highly recommend.

I guess what I should have said is make rock cairns, DON'T USE SPRAY PAINT!

For the person who said take a spray can and mark the trail, give your head a shake!!! If you need the route marked out for you best stay in town.

3 days ago

Fun and challenging hike. Right around 5 mi round trip. I’m in pretty good shape and pushed myself to get to the top and back in just under 80 min for a workout (not running). Casually this hike is more like 2.5 hrs if you want to enjoy the awesome views. Best to get there before 8 am to beat the rush.

Great hike. Hard to follow the trail at some points and definitely a challenge for beginner hikers in terms of climbing rocks, but beautiful views the entire way and lots of fun!

Great hike up and back with a lot of scenic views along the way. First mile is a little challenging but the reward is worth it.

Beautiful up and back on well maintained trail

4 days ago

The best hike I’ve been on so far! Absolutely stunning views, maintained trails and a bathroom on site!!! Fun incline workout, Loved it!!!

on Black Mesa Loop Trail

4 days ago

Great trail - make sure to bring plenty of water as well as sunscreen, food, and the usual hiking attire. The trail is generally moderate with very few areas where you are actually climbing. We completed it in 4hr 40min with our dog along with us. Beautiful, dynamic views. The rangers at the trailhead were very helpful. Watch out, the dirt road to the trailhead is a little rough, but nothing a car cannot manage.

trail running
5 days ago

This was a great run. The first Mile is hard and really gets your heart rate up quickly. After that it levels off a bit to the top and has great views.

6 days ago

First time to AZ hiking, entered off road. Should have used GPS, struggled a little finding trailhead we came in on, was all good though. Awesome trail!

Great trail with amazing views.

7 days ago

My wife and I took our four boys (12,9,6,5) today, and it was a great experience. A lot of people along the way, but not enough to feel crowded. Clean trail. The climb aspect of it wasn’t too difficult at all, but a little rocky at some points. Usually we have tears, whining, and scrapped knees, but it was pleasant, and not too difficult for anyone.

7 days ago

We loved hiking along Saguaro Lake. We did 3 1/2 miles total or so in 1 1/2 hours with lots of stops for pictures and visiting with other hikers and a snack. We turned back before the end because many people saw a rattlesnake and I was afraid I'd scream. I've never seen one. Next time we'll bring chairs for after to dip our feet in the lake. We got our pass at a gas station before we got here. There's a list online of who carries them. We forgot the hiking stick and see many people had them. Trail had lots of hikers on a Monday morning but I like having hikers to help each other like at the beginning you get to a fence, and someone said go through, it's to keep horses out.

fabulous hike great workout

Omg what a perfect morning. Prescott was buried in fog, but Spruce Mtn was bright and clear. Got started at 5:30 am, 37F and brilliant starlight at the trailhead. Had a couple of false starts following blue tree blazes in the darkness. Once I caught the trail had no more issues. Pretty sunrise at the watch tower. Loved it.

This was a fantastic family hike! I did it with my 3&6 year old along with a friend and her 2&4 year olds. We went about half way and back and enjoyed a dip in the lack afterwards! The trail offers exciting corners of lake feels, lake views almost the whole way, small rock challenges, and tree canopy spots. We loved it!

8 days ago

good workout and great views

I'm not sure how this is considered dog friendly, but I would consider it very hard. I'm a 30 yr old, avid hiker and found this to be very challenging. the trail going up was almost impossible to follow, I had to keep stopping to see if I could find the next marker. I got off trail several times which made for some really sketchy dangerous climbs. The way down I actually found it easier to spot markers. Whoever said this is like a mini flat iron, I found this to be twice as hard as flat iron. Wear good shoes and don't give up. Use the map on this app as a guide. And be careful!! I got up in 2 hours and down in 2 hours and both included getting lost haha. I wouldn't recommend doing this hike alone... I wish I hadn't... But proud of myself for pushing through.

Awesome hike

Great hike with a spectacular view. Must check it out if in Mesa.

9 days ago

Spectacular views! No wonder this trail is heavily used.

Great trail, but, someone is not right about the miles. I used 3 different device's (at the same time) and got an average of 7.9 miles. GPS times 3. Steps useless. The map ???.
But a great hike no matter the distance....who's counting anyway??

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