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7 days ago

We followed the trail clockwise in early-mid Nov, with sunny and crisp clear skies in the 40s with leaf-concealed mud and puddles in low areas and some small icy spots in the elevated rocky areas. It was interesting seeing the faint remains of Doodletown, and the assortment of mountain tops allowed for numerous beautiful viewpoints, including Bear Mountain, the Hudson River, and NYC. I’d consider this a Medium-difficulty trail. Elevation gains were a nice challenge and GPS was invaluable on this partially-unmarked trail. Foot traffic was light to moderate. Would love to see it in June!

Some puddles here and there but still passable.

13 days ago

pros: a nice loop, beautiful views in most directions along the ridge, even can see the NYC skyline. lots of beautiful creeks and small waterfalls. leaves were still in full bloom. pretty easy hike in regards to physicality.

cons: much of the trail was also a creek, esp on the 1777W portion. nearly the entire time walking on some sort of rock, definitely high ankle boots recommended. this made it the most unpleasant. trail was OK in regards to marking but given the leaves on the ground definitely lost it a few times. our dog had 20+ ticks on her by the end of the day...

busy but so close to the city that it's worth the trade off.

Great, well marked trail. Inclines were challenging but reasonable. Descents with a lot of leaf litter were a bit more challenging. Lovely views. Can’t wait to do it again in spring or summer!

Awesome view!!!! Great workout!

Did the Mount Beacon/Firetower side instead of the Fishkill Ridge side. After all the rain, alot of water on the trails.

Note that the trail information/route has been updated as of November 2018 to reflect the current route of the eastern section of the Wilkinson Trail.

20 days ago

This was a great hike. Downloaded the map since others have said it is poorly marked which is true. Be warned accounting to our fitness trackers it was closer to 9 miles and we did not deviate from the mapped route. Recommend for those in moderate to good shape.

22 days ago

Walking on rocks almost all the time. It was quiet though.

28 days ago

Quiet trail compared to many in the area. No facilities (use Anthony Wayne area). Keep an eye on markers as easy to get sidetracked. Just after the half way point this trail continues onto an unmarked stoney road while the blue and red/white trails curve to the right. Not easy underfoot (ankle support suggested) and could be slippery when wet. Nice viewpoints from both sides of west mountain. Cool historic area in last two miles. Took 3 hrs with about 1.5 mile extra for missing turnings.

It is a beautiful trail, especially in autumn, the leaves are beautiful, agreed with others, 90% of the trail are exposed to the far mountain views and valley. It felt like walking on a ridge. There are some steep climbs up and down. I would not recommend to take this route in the raining day.

This Hike was OK, got really crowded by the shelter and the road walking at the end isnt so great since people fly down the street. The lake was very nice especially with the fall colors. Not many views unless you add in the short spur to Black Mountain which I highly recommend you do, adds about 250ft of extra elevation gain to your total hike but you get to a very nice lookout point and also get to summit a MTN which also has amazing views of the Hudson on top. PS Trail is very rocky in some spots so make sure you have a good pair of boots.

Really Beautiful. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because at night there isn't enough yellow reflective patch on the trees to navigate out towards the parking lot. It was a bit difficult, but with my offline map, the grace of God, instinct, cellphone lights and the help of our friend Charles, we were able to navigate back to the Parking lot after dark.

Such a fun experience. If you are novice, you will be able to do this trail. Make sure you start in the morning and give yourself extra time.

great hike awesome views

Very pretty trail - lots of great look at points. Watch your markers -

Great hike. Bummed we apparently missed the trail that breaks off for the bridge, but overall very good hike.

Wet, muddy, lots of streams and you step over stones to cross, which can be fun. Mixed acreage and roads connect several reservoirs, really nice view of Hudson from Black Rock peak. They have an education building for school kids and there are minnows in some streams, nice. Tons of trails, got off trail several times, should have planned colors of flags ahead of time for whole loop.

1 month ago

Great hike.

My oh my... very confusing trail. Most of the time I felt like we are lost as you can barely see/find trail marks. , Poor marking added an additional excitement but if we were on a trail at dusk we might not be able to get out of the woods until next morning. Summit views are to die for, overall nice hike, nice waterfalls. This trail is definitely "moderate" to "hard".
Around one mile into the trail there was a "killed deer weight station" which made me sick, it had a huge scale with iron chain accompanied by picture instructions of what do you have to do with it(absolutely disgusting and sickening). Not sure if you want to bump into that if hiking with kids... Otherwise trail was ok

One of my all time favorite trails. Begins with rippling brooks for quite awhile. Magical woods, mushrooms, variety. I enjoyed that even more than the expansive river views further along. A good effort, but not scary.

Great trail! A bit hard to navigate in sections with two leashed dogs, bit worth the climb!

1 month ago

Very nice hike, good mix of elevation, scrambles and pathways.

We parked up at the reservoir road parking at around 9:45am, no other cars there; then followed the yellow trail scramble up to the reservoir, followed by the yellow/teal trail pretty much all the way around the first figure eight route shown on the map. Total around 7-7.5 miles, took around 3.5 hours, with some nice passes of the other lakes/reservoirs, but no waterfalls. Trails very easy to follow.

Lots of vibrant colored vegetation, and small wildlife, and we saw a discarded snake skin on the black rock mountain viewpoint rocks, and a large timber rattlesnake about half a mile from the main car park, so keep your eyes open!

I would give this mountain 5 stars because it’s one of my favorite mountains in the area, but I’m giving it 4 stars due to poor trail marking. I had to heavily research all of the trails and where they led to before hiking them. I also took pictures on the internet of the trail markings, so if I lost service and couldn’t use GPS, I had pictures which I was grateful for when I got to the top of the Dark Hollow. I was trying to find the Megaliths. I had taken a wrong turn at some point, gave up, went home, researched again and went back up the next day. The megaliths are absolutely amazing and breathtaking once you find them. All of the other trails including the one near the trestle itself are also gorgeous! Especially when the mountain laurel is in full bloom. Regardless of the poorly marked trails (which should be updated) this mountain is totally worth it! Just watch out for bears!

Overall the trail was really nice, I do however have to agree that there were some parts that were not marked clearly. I definitely do plan on coming back. Also wish that people would keep their dogs on a leash like it’s been posted and maybe watch their kids more.

nice hike but like most got lost and ended hiking 12 miles. drag hill was exhausting in full sun but teddy of hike was moderate in the shade. Did it clock wise, trails around three camp were non existing. I was with my dog and didn't see any humans between first and last 30 minutes.

Excellent trail. First mile hard up, good cardio, then fairly easy down next 3 miles with varied terrain.

Multiple peaks with short but steep climbs. The trail marking is HORRIBLE - we had to have our AllTrails map out the entire time. We took multiple wrong turns. I wouldn’t say to avoid this trail, just be cognizant of trail markers.

2 months ago

Nice hike. Well marked up until the bear swamp lake, at which point the directions on map seem to go off the trail and across a small mountain. I stuck to a trail that went around that mountain to the left. that part of the hike was the least interesting to me, and with a missed turn it ended up being just under an 11 mile hike for me. Looking back, I think you'd be better off taking the path to the right of the mountain where the directions go off the trail. All all it was a nice hike.

3 months ago

A few sections with some decent ascents but overall nothing too challenging with little to no scrambling needed. Go on a clear day, views are awesome!

Except for the poor trail markings:

Decent elevation
Good views/vantage points

I’ll go back with my hammock for an overnight

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