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on Marys Peak Trail

1 day ago

A little defeating. The parking lot removes a bit from the accomplishment of finishing. Overall tho - the hike through the forest is just as amazing at the top. Amazing trees. Awesome workout too! It's a steady incine the entire way to the top.

Beautiful hike! The lava rocks all over were very neat and the river was flowing hard. My 5 yr and 6yr kids did this hike no problem. A little sticky with the mud..well avoiding it on the rocks anyway , but nothing difficult. The water was a beautiful blue and the moss all over the forest was a sight from a far off land.

4 days ago

Amazing. A must see!

Was a decent hike. Be careful driving in, LOTS of deep pot holes. Extremely muddy right now. You’ll approach a small structure you can dry off in or build a fire, pretty cool. Steadily steep hike all the way through. Getting closer to the summit is very steep for sure. Views at the end are breath taking! Just wish the rest of the hike could have been as amazing. No complaints though, I would LOVE to see this place in the summer.

It was my first time in years sense I’ve been there. It was even more beautiful than I remember. It was my three dogs and myself that went. Found some pretty cool areas just around the falls as well. :)

Finally made time to try this trail. It was a nice easy trip up and back to get back into hiking for the year. Slightly muddy in spots from the mountain bikes going down after the recent rains we got.

Nice easy trail but with some hills. We encountered a little snow and some mud but the views are very nice.

This hike was absolutely amazing. Views were breathtaking. Hike was definitely moderate, pretty steep at times. Lots of cliffs. Even a small cave. Bit of snow on the ground still. Definitely wear hiking boots, very muddy. Couldn’t ask for a better hike so close to town, felt like I was in a different world.

nice, easy hike in. no snow but a few spots of minor mud but ends with breathtaking view of the falls.

Great hike with beautiful views. Trailhead was a bit hard to find, but maps led me to it (there just wasn’t any indication for a trail). End of the trail is on a dirt road which I wasn’t expecting so I kept going past the “ending” only to find out I had finished it a while ago. Not much parking, which was fine because there was only me. Pretty muddy as well

19 days ago

After you reach the bridge continue on for a short distance and up a pile of rocks/small boulders to a beautiful view right at the base of the falls. It was so icy (beg of Apr) be very careful!!!

Good family hike (youngest is 10) with a great payoff at the end. Only reason not 5 stars is that the trail had large sections of mud throughout. Not a big deal but it forced us to look down at our feet and not at the spectacular surroundings.

First time to Falls, directions and trail markings not great, but Falls were lovely (especially Green Peak Falls). Short hike on nice trails.

Did this hike on a whim. It was pouring rain and slippery on the rocks, but it was nice because everyone else was headed back. When I got to the pool, it literally took my breath away. This was a favorite and the pictures just don't do justice. The entire trail was so peaceful, lush and green- even without the pool it is worth it!

Completed this hike on our Vacation last week! Just came in on the gravel road side of the trail and it was easy to walk and great views! Worth doing if you are there!

nature trips
23 days ago

The moss! Amazing power from that water falling. Smooth walk, not too much traffic, a little snow (March) but not cold. Can lower to base with ropes. Great for kids and dogs.

nature trips
23 days ago

The pool! Can climb down with rope. Stairs super well maintained. About 100 steps up and the same down. Clean, bathroom setting at trailhead. Went in March, no snow, not cold: just perfect weather. Tons of water.

Beautiful and lush bright green forests. Love the porous lava looking rocks along the trails and the blue pool is gorgeous! Wear hiking boots!! Stepping on a lot of rocks and unleveled ground, as well as very muddy in the spring.

Aqua Blue! Clear Water Beautiful Falls, Good Hike

24 days ago

I have completed this long-planned trail today, following Gerard Bonfils's advice provided below - thank you! The trail is really never marked but it also has no forks, so you will not get lost. It is really muddy in some places but it is never impassable. There is a marsh approx 0.1 mi before the shelter, where thousands of frogs were giving their concert - amazing! The view from the summit is certainly gorgeous. In brief, the trail is worth to explore.

Great trail, easy to find. Still a little slick in a couple of spots, and the snow is pretty much gone. I went beyond the trail to the road and hiked the toad for a bit just to make the hike a little longer. But really awesome views

Easy, pretty hike. Beautiful Oregon countryside and majestically blue pool at the end.

Great trail for all ages. A bit muddy this time of year. If anyone finds a pair of boots up there, my daughter left them along the outside of the van and I took off not knowing, shoot me a message. marchavarin@hotmail.com

25 days ago

3/29/18 A beautiful day for a hike! Still snow on the trail but doable in trail runners. Beautiful views of crystal clear water and roaring waterfalls. Worth a stop for sure.

It didn’t take long to find a view on this trail. After parking along the road, it only took about 10 minutes to hike through a wooded path. The trail opened up into rocky, rolling hills with a couple great photo opportunities. The trailhead is a bit difficult to find, but it’s worth it.

Was a little bit of a tough find off the road, but once you get to it it’s not too bad to stay on track. The snow up there makes it a bit slippery in spots, but if you come prepared, the views are absolutely spectacular! My pup & I will definitely be back!

Spectacular hike! Around every twist of the trail was a fresh display of nature that was more breathtaking than the last. Even the drive in was gorgeous. I came in from the west on Row River Road which turned into Brice Creek Road and brought me into the National Forest... I had originally typed "Upper Trestle Creek Falls" into my GPS.... I never found out where my GPS wanted to take me. I took one look at the tiny, scary, one-lane, gravel path called "National Forest Rd 2232" it urged me to turn left on and decided nah, I don't want to die today. I had ZERO phone service at this point (I'm from out of state, not sure if local phone carriers provide better coverage in this area...) but I figured I'd carry on down Brice Creek Road. There were little campgrounds, picnic spots, etc along the way and in short time I came across "Brice Creek Trail - East Brice Champion Creek Trail head" which was a great place to start. There was a outhouse and a board that had posted some directions for different trails, and there were signs marking how to get to the upper and lower falls along with how far each was. The temperature was supposedly near 50 degrees, but it felt chillier in some areas. It was super damp and chill near the falls, and the weather was on and off sun/sprinkles. I was grateful for for my layers and raincoat to adjust along the hike. I took about 3 hours to do the 4ish mile loop. The trails were a little snowy in some spots, and other spots required a bit of balance and coordination, so I definitely took my time. There were also lots of nice spots to just sit and take in the beautiful creek, falls and forest. All in all it wasn't too challenging or strenuous, though. I think it required the perfect amount of effort for a nice afternoon hike :)

Pretty spectacular views from the top. The trail was a little muddy in some places but overall well kept. Make sure to use AllTrails directions getting to the trailhead otherwise you add a few miles. The hike itself was pretty easy. Incline for the last few miles to the top. Definitely would do it again!

Very pretty hike. will do it again.

Gorgeous but be very careful. We found bear scat today! Google maps has not been updated. there is a log that fell, so the road doesn't even look like a road and is closed. the falls are amazing.

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