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My husband and I did this hike in December. As people have said, there is little shade so start early and bring a hat/ lots of water. It took about 2 hours to get up and 1 hour to come back down, with little breaks/stopping. I think the trail is actually well marked... but I can see where people would get confused. As long as you follow the white markings and shoe prints, you should make it there just fine. Coming down is definitely hard on the knees and I can imagine this would be hard for anyone with significant knee problems. We loved all the views and so far this is our favorite Sedona hike!

7 hours ago

This hike was my first hike in Sedona and I was not disappointed. I expected it would take me about 3-4 hours but I ended up staying on the trail for 6 because I was stopping and enjoying the diverse scenery. As soon as you pass the retreat (which was loud due to construction) you run across a vortex tucked away in the brush. I noticed a few colorful totem poles that lead me right to it. As you continue through the canyon it turns from low brush to a beautiful Forest. I was surprised to see fallen yellow leaves, moss & grass out in the "desert". The trail only gets rugged towards the end, but is totally doable for inexperienced hikers. Once you make it to the end, there is a nice size space to sunbath on the rocks and enjoy the scenery. On my way back down I found another vortex area tucked off the side of the trail. I enjoyed a short break there before making my way back to the trail head. I highly recommend taking this hike!

11 hours ago

Great trail. Moderate, easy and then sometimes butt burner. Keep in mind tho that the red sand is fine and if it has rained, which it had the day before we got there, it will be like clay and stick to your shoes or wheels, which for us having a new SUV we needed to get our horse brush out to clean them before putting in our vehicle.

good easy climb, beautiful at the top! spend some time walking around and seeing all sides at the top!

3 days ago

Worth the little bit of a climb. Very beautiful views at the top!

Hard to get there

In the winter this is a moderate trail because crossing icy rocks many times isn’t easy. Still fun, but bring a walking stick, carry an extra pair of socks, and have dry shoes waiting in the car.

An easy hike with a gradual elevation gain and several stream crossings. Views are amazing.

Great and smoth

Amazing panoramic views. Incredible sunset and easy quick get down under darkening skies. Good for dogs and wide summit.

11 days ago

Great hike. Loved the views. Lots of places for nice photos. Unfortunately my husband slowed me down. Ended up taking 2 1/2hours start to finish.

Parking space is extremely limited, due to this we did not do the hike

The fork that leads to the arches is 1.3 miles from the parking lot. The scramble up to the arches is well worth the effort!

Fantastic hike, a must do in Sedona!!! Our B&B host recommended this, and we loved it! A quick hike (including rocky scrambles), mostly in the shade, with a stunning view at the end and lovely desert plants. When you think you’ve reached the end, keep going... highly recommend. :)

Amazing views from top and man playing flute was so cool! Easy and good for kids.

We started out on this trail and due to the hot weather, decided to veer off on the shorter Vista Trail (about 20 minutes each way from the trailhead). We saw the yin (Kachina - feminine) and yang (male) vortices, along with a stunning view of the valley below. Highly recommend this short and rewarding hike!

Super fun. easy. beautiful. you do walk across the river a few times so be prepared.

very easy nice hike but I did get lost a few times

A fun easy hike to an amazing vortex and view.

Good hike, don’t know about moderate rating through , mostly hard packed trails

14 days ago

Great trail--has a little bit of everything. The trail markers could definitely be improved though!

14 days ago

Amazing cave! Go all the way to the top✌️

Very fun hike and amazing views!

16 days ago

Great views and easy hike! As with the other reviews, stay off the 4x4 trail and just go up and back on the hiking trail.

16 days ago

Trail is great with beautiful vistas. Deeper into the canyon, hiking path narrows a bit and forested area becomes much cooler due to lack of sunlight. Trail becomes more challenging near the end as path is strewn with many rocks and slope becomes steeper. Trails end offers a nice view looking back down the canyon.

I have to agree that this Trail seemed overrated. Some of the canyon views were very pretty but this was not a must do for me. Much of your time is spent in forested, obstructed views of the canyon. The stream crossings were somewhat fun. About 4 hours.

16 days ago

Nice easy hike but poorly marked. There’s a loop essentially but we got lost many times. We started on one side of the loop, got lost, and found ourselves continuing on the other side of the loop. Basically, there’s tons of areas that look like a path but aren’t.

We were trying to find the “arches” which we learned didn’t exist?? But we did find a hidden trail to a slot canyon which is what I guess we were trying to find! Anyhow, it was a really cool picture shot!

16 days ago

I've hiked this trail a few times. I went about a month ago when there were still leaves on the trees (but many were already on the ground) and it was breath-taking with the fall colors all around. Also hiked it in the spring and beautiful greens everywhere. One of my favorite trails Be prepared for the parking lot to be full and need to park along the road which adds to your hike.

17 days ago

Narrows-esque with less variation in terrain. Mainly in shade around Thanksgiving. Not as crowded as expected.

Beautiful area. Parking lot is very tiny so be prepared to park away from the community.

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