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on Fort Funston Trail

1 day ago

Great place to bring your pup! Fun running in the dunes - great views

This is more of a dog park than a trail. Great if you like dogs. To be avoided if you don’t like dogs or are running.

Scenery: 2
Views: 4
Difficulty: 3.5
Crowds: 3
Shade: 1

My 1-5 Rating Scale Comparisons for above:
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4.5 for Scenery: Berry Creek Falls Big Basin State Park
4 for Scenery: Steep Ravine Trail

5 for Views: Nimitz Trail Tilden Park
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Love the views of the hills & Bay Area. The hills give you a great workout. Interesting to see the Nike Missle site and learning about the history. I'd definitely do this again and hopefully keep hiking down to the Farallones Trail. Love the smells of the nearby plants and eucalyptus trees.

Decent workout, gorgeous views of bay area and pacifico

gorgeous views. lots of sand and dogs

The walk, as others have said, is completely ruined by the tall barbed wire fence - completely unnecessary, we have walked around many reservoirs that don’t employ such aggressive boundary techniques. However, the water temple is beautiful and peaceful and made it worthwhile - this is what gets the stars! But if the temple had been closed I would have been disappointed by this hike.

28 days ago

Super when it's not foggy or windy. Woof!

Lots of shade once you move off the top of the ridge. The redwoods are great and not that much elevation for a relaxing hike.

1 month ago

Was nice, went with Fuqua Energy Club Gang for Klinkman’s bday, some pretty aggressive hills for the first half. But definitely some panoramic views. Getting there took longer than I thought because the road up was classic windy and frankly would be insanely dangerous in the dark because I didn’t see any streetlights and I did see a lot of steep drops around some intense u-corners.

Beautiful views of the Pacific, but too many dogs off leash to be a favorite for me.

1 month ago

Nice and easy hike. The trail might seem steep at times but almost 90% of it is fully shaded. Loved watching the redwood trees and my friend also spotted many wild flowers.

Excellent MTB trails

2 months ago

We did this hike last year and loved it. It went a lot faster than I expected. The cross at the top was fun to see in person (and not just in Dirty Harry). A great SF stroll.

BEST dog park in the Bay!

2 months ago

Very fun trail, a lot to see, especially the hang gliders. Not strenuous, good for a walk in most weather.

challenging and worth the effort. we went up the paved way and my 7 year old made it up with me. once you get up to the top the old Nike missle post and buildings are great to look at and take pictures of. the view of course is a awesome.

Nike Missile base is just a dirt patch

Yet to see a hang glider land

3 months ago

We started off going to the left of the loop, which was a lot of open unshaded incline. Definitely was a lot longer than we thought. Started at 8:30 got off about 12. We did like the different treads, not very many people out there.

3 months ago

My go to hike

My first official hike happened here the first week I move to CA...aka...first week of June. It was challenging, but that's because I was/am inexperienced. My friends were experienced and even they enjoyed it and found some challenges. It has beautiful views and it was an amazing adventure that I would definitely repeat.

4 months ago

Overall a decent trail. The first half was nice, with a good amount of shade. The trail got very steep in the middle, and the second half was almost completely exposed to the sun. The second half was also a biking trail and had good views, but was pretty uncomfortable on a hot day (~90 degrees).

Dog-watch galore. Beach access. Hang gliding area. Beware of horse poop on trails. Overall, cute hike for families. I would not consider this area if you want something intense.

trail running
4 months ago

Good variety of terrain. Good steep sections with flat sections in between. Enough shade to not burn under the sun. Loved it!

One of the places I've been to.

5 months ago

There’s a cool cross at the top in remembrance of he Armenian genocide and some nice views of the City (but not the Golden Gate Bridge), Twin Peaks Tower, all of East Bay, part of the Pacific and down to the south end of the Bay. It was an easy hike over soil and scattered rocks if you take the trail, but you can take a wide variety of offshoot trails to the top, some steeper but doable. It can take anywhere from 10 min to and from the top at a brisk pace to 40 min at a stroll, but what really makes this hike awesome are the views of the skyline and the lush forest you walk through on the longer loop. It’s dog friendly!

5 months ago

The lower flat portion of the hike is fantastic for kids. It is rather flat and easy. You can also make it interesting for children by having them search for banana slugs. Our top count is 52 slugs spotted from the parking lot to the far end of the trail.

Beautiful scenery and great view on top of hill
Map looks trail is small but not :)

5 months ago

I’ve been coming here since I was a kid. Even after all these years I still love this little spot. Now I come with my son and he enjoys it as much as I do.

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