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This was a great walk for my crew today. They really enjoyed it and pleasantly surprised

14 days ago

Great trail! Would not grade it as hard. More of the high end of moderate. Well marked. Dachshund friendly. Great workout. No real excess to the lake.

trail running
15 days ago

Nice hike, has a little bit of everything. Little creek sidewalk, some vertical accent and decent, had a little walk on a gravel road. Would recommend you bring a stick for cobwebs, and possibly long pants. Some areas were a little overgrown. A good break away from typical Brown county hikes, probably will end up doing it again down the road.

21 days ago

This was a great trail despite some areas in need of maintenance. We completed the full 10 miles in approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes. Like many others have said, the trail is well marked, provides great views, and is in the shade the majority of the time. Exposed roots and fallen branches are concerning if trail running. The point of the trail for us was to get some mileage and climbs in before a trip to Arizona, and this trail provided that for us. Will definitely come back.

25 days ago

Beautiful park with nice views of wildlife and scenery. We went on a cloudy day so the beach was empty. The trail map given to us at the entrance had been copied many times it appeared so it was pretty much impossible to read. The trails are not marked well and at times we had no idea where we were. Regardless of all that it’s a beautiful area and I will return. One more thing is they need to clean up some of the trash on the trails from losers who leave cans and bottles. Sad.
A little TLC and this park would be 5 stars.

I’ve been here multiple times but have moved on since finding more trails. This is an extremely trafficked area with lots of kids. It’s right next to the IMA/Newfields and has swings, funky bench’s you can even climb, basket ball court, climbing area, and a giant skeleton.
Venturing further into the woods you’ll find some nice views of the river, worth going a time or two but I wouldn’t say anything mind blowing.
There is a Blue Heron that I would say lives there because I’ve seen it every time I’ve visited.

I really loved this place. There is an Osborn pioneer family grave site here and different types of trails from wooded, grassy, and swampy areas. However, when I have gone the swamp and creek trails theywere dried up quite a bit so make sure to go during the wet season if you would like to see more water scenery. Maps and trails are incredibly easy to follow.

Gorgeous views. We actually hiked at Hemlock on a rainy day, and it was a lot of fun.

Bring bug spray! What a cool hike. Several different ecosystems, a pretty tough sandy incline, lots of wildlife, and plenty of isolated beach. My first hike in Indiana and I can’t wait to go back!

29 days ago

The whole 12.8 was open today and was an enjoyable hike. It’s a lot sandier than I expected so it’s a good idea to wear ankle socks or even gaiters if you’re intense! The trail is mostly flat but there are some small, exciting elevation changes within 2 miles of battleground. Bathroom and water stops accessible along the way.

closer to 10 miles and that was longer than I thought!! Nice trail that were well marked. Mostly shady with some open meadows. Around mile 8 were some odd cold air pockets which were refreshing and unexpected! My son and I had a lot of fun and are glad we can say we made it!

1 month ago

The trail itself is nice., Good inclines, white diamond blazes on the trees. The trail head sign was slightly covered today. My friend and I hiked it counter clockwise. To hike it clockwise walk down the gravel road a bit and pick up the trail with the sign that is marked “High King Hill”.

If hiking it counter clockwise you’ll come to a shared trail/road that has blazes all along the way and it eventually comes to a T. Go left and you’ll see trail markers on the left. It says it’s the Tecumseh trail but it carried the white diamond blazes and brought us to the bottom of High king hill. A few downed trees at one point which required climbing but nothing hard.

The road in is gravel and had signs that cautioned about flooding. So keep in mind how much rain we’ve had when you’re heading to the trail.

Moderate well marked and not busy. , but mid July @ 94 degrees may not be the best time to try it.

Beautiful views along the way. Waterfall was a lighter flow than what I was expecting. But still very peaceful, not a crowded trail.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Fun trail and some great views of the lake. Moderate to difficult, trail well marked, lots of light to medium elevation changes and wood plank bridges throughout the trail. Most of the trail has tree cover. A bit deceiving as there is a lot of winding particularly on the back half of the trail. Trail could use a bit of maintenance, some areas have more vegetation on trail...a few trees were down, but only a couple spots where you have to walk through or around. Hit several spider webs but no ticks. A few hikers out, couple trail runners and several on horseback. Ladies at front gate we’re very helpful by sharing the type of traffic on trail. Good to know what to expect in advance. Peaceful yet challenging ride and plan to ride again soon. 100 min ride with several water breaks. Good cardio workout and you will definitely feel the burn in your legs. My son has hiked and backpacked the trail several times, good training for section hikes. Whether you ride or hike, take plenty of water. I have also camped and fished at the park. Well kept and very clean. Good luck, have fun and be safe.

1 month ago

I hiked this trail June 30th 2018. You are in the shade 95% of the time. There are a few open grassy spots along the way, the longest stretch being on the back side of the dam. Well marked. Definitely narrow. I only met 4 riders along the way. Often times the only way to give right of way for them is to be in the brush. I picked up my first ever poison ivy rash. I had no issues with ticks. I completed it in 4.5hrs.

Was on this trail yesterday and got lost when I got to the Creek… Not very well marked on the other side. Literally spent four hours yelling for help. Luckily I remembered honeycomb rock when I saw it and was able to find the path again. One of the scariest days of my life.

This is a nice trail out to the beach through woods and the bog. Insect repellant is prob a must...I mean it is a bog after all. I didn't have a problem with bugs with repellant on. The first mile or so is shaded with packed sand, providing a stable walking surface, and also a raised boardwalk through the bog. As you make your way toward the beach, the hills get steeper and the sand gets increasingly loose, making it a challenging hike. The views are well worth the dune hike, and I'd prefer to hike here to this beach over going to the crowded beach anyday. Great trail.

It’s a decent trail with low traffic. Not hard but not a moderate run either.

1 month ago

I have it 3 stars because half the trail is closed; but it is a beautiful lil stroll beyond; and if time and dollars willing- you could jump over to the Indy MOA next door.

This is one of my favorite trails in the area! If you go in the summer time, you can eat some of the blackberries!

Nice chill walk

Definitely a moderate hike; lots of ups and downs and multiple small river crossings. I saw quite a few people on horses and there was bit of poop, but it never bothered me.

There were two large fallen trees on the trail while I was there. Not a problem for hikers, but could be for horses.

1 month ago

Great trail with wonderful, woodsy, views. My pregnant wife and I walked at a relatively slow pace and completed it in an hour and a half.

Bummed. Hiked from cherry lake; followed the markers, then along the creek bed, as there was nowhere else to follow, then dead ended into private property. Followed that to a road, obviously not the trail & had to turn back. Checked with my hiking buddy to see if we missed another branch of the trail. Had not missed any other routes, marked or otherwise. Disappointing to say the least, wish these trails were marked appropriately and/or maps were available at trailhead.

A Moderate to Hard trail for the area considering the distance and the number of elevation changes. We loved the hike and look forward to doing it again in the future. I brought my binoculars in hopes that I might see a bird or two along the path. I think the 90 degree heat of the day kept the birds so inactive that i different raise my glasses once.

This is a nice meandering trail. Use caution as it’s a MTB trail too. No benches or pic-nick tables on this trail.

Trail is very easy. Intersects with a lot of other trails in and around Delphi Indiana. Also runs through the Canal Park which features an interactive Museum about the Wabash and Erie Canal.

More of an urban trail with paved walked ways etc. but still very nice and relaxing, could do without all the construction noises though. Kids (9/7/3) got a kick out of it.

trail running
1 month ago

Great Trail to find your stride and keeps you on your toes.

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