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Extremely fun and challenging trail. In the summer you can run down the scree slope on the backside for an added bonus

This was a welcome challenge in April 2018; wore ice trekkers on the way down with poles due to snow and slippery descent. Plenty of spectacular views! It was too windy for us beginner to intermediate hikers (no to very little scrambling experience) to attempt reaching the abandoned teahouse, but we were pleased with the distance. We hit the trail marker at Noon and at a slow pace, it took us 7.5 hours return. I asked for a view and I got it!

Great trail! Was very icy and slippery as you got close to the tea house, but otherwise a beauty trip on this mountain.

Very icy and muddy but good views along the way! We had no views at the top and was very windy. Will be doing this hike again in the summer!

Loved this hike. Definitely a work out but nothing too strenuous. We did it with crampons and they were definitely helpful. View at the top is amazing. Took us about 4 hours total.

Very cool hike. There’s a few steep sections where you have to work but in general the incline isn’t anything too tough. Hiking the ridge by the tea house is very fun. Definitely recommend it.

13 days ago

Excellent winter trail heading up wearing spikes. Very easy to follow route..

Great hike - can really push yourself and make good time up and down the trail. Good view of the valley and Canmore throughout. Incredible at the top, to peak over the massive cliff.
Tea house is interesting.
Done this hike a couple times.
Prepare for more exposure to the sun and heat than covered hikes


Great winter hike. Snow was pretty packed down and not much ice.

beautiful beginning to a relentless climb! understatement, I plan on making this my first hike of the next season.
you climb and climb and climb stop take a break.... Those last few hours of going up and you still have few more hours of going up! wonderful hike

pardon my language but this mountain was an absolute b**** to climb. really steep and challenging, but the view at the top is worth while.

I did this hike first weekend of January and had a total blast! The first hour or so of hiking is a calf burner just a heads up! It’s the scramble to the top and the ridge walk that make the hike worth it. If you are thinking of doing this hike in winter I highly recommend a walking stick or something along those lines. Snow builds off the ridge and breaks off, I learned first hand and had a very close call. I wish I had a stick to poke and see what was safe to walk on. And be sure if you make it to the true summit to write your name in the little capsule at the peak!

No wonder why everyone loves this hike. Fantastic views the whole way. Good physical challenge and a well worn path. A bit too busy for my liking especially on the weekend. Lots of fun.

good little scramble to the ridge

Very little ice and snow. Amazing conditions for mid December!

Did it on 18th November only to the heliport. The strong wind, bunch of snow and ice made climbing the peak inaccessible and dangerous. But the hike was really good, views spectacular, with wind and cold on the heliport.

Was a challenging hike views were amazing at the top where we enjoyed a nice beverage. The descent is where this hike loses stars - almost like going down a rock slide at times. Doesn’t really allow you to enjoy the hike and more just worried about not rolling an ankle / staying upright. All in all a good day hike to get a sweat on !

Very tough trail but beautiful, little bit of snow at the top yesterday. Recommend to take the left path to go up and down. The path to go down using the loop is too sketchy. Also, try to go down fast (baby steps type of running) it is easier that way, and use the rocky areas instead of the trail at the summit, since at the top,it is snowy and very slippery.

6 months ago

Great hike!

Really cool hike. There is a small scramble but easy enough to pass. The sights are amazing all the way up. Chains

6 months ago

Did this hike on Sunday Oct. 15th 2017 and it was amazing! A few minor patches of snow on the trail, more snow along the ridge. It was fairly straight forward on which trail to stay on, just keep an eye out for rock cairns or lines of small rocks that block off a splitting path. The trail is pretty steep until you reach the ridge, highly reccomend poles - especially for the way down as the trail got muddy.

Awesome hike. Beautiful day for it too. About 4 degrees. Getting wet on the bottom and light snow up top but still dry enough. My dog refused to do the chain section

amazing hike! Pretty much had the trail to ourselves all day yesterday. Definitely a more "technical" hike once you get to the chimney. The first part of the trail is relatively easy, slight incline moving your way up. The chimney requires some good footing but isn't impossible. Continue on until you reach the chain link which was a lot of fun, just be confident and you'll be fine! The views from the top cannot be beat and the first lookoff also gives you some awesome pics. This took us around 5.5 hours to complete however melting snow and ice made it quite slippery so we took our time. Could do in around 4-4.5 in the summer.

A great but very challenging hike. The elevation gain is quite high with a steep trail.

Awesome hike, definitely a go to every year. This trail can be a bit busy as it is a popular route. It also requires a bit of scrambling. Running down the scree slope is super fun.

5 stars for the above reasons.

Definitely more tricky than I was expecting, it was a pretty slick up top despite having good traction footwear, but the scree running on the way down was a blast. The panoramic views on this hike are stunning.

One of my favourites. Make sure to have good traction footwear for up top. Don't need spikes yet.

Nice views from the tea house platform. The route was fun, challenging, and various different terrains. Pretty busy with hikers by early afternoon.

Beautiful hike!

Beautiful hike, lots of good elevation right from the get go to get the heart rate up. Couldn’t do the ridge walk unfortunately due to incoming winds and the drop in temp plus the snow but will definitely be back in the summer!

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