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1 day ago

Steep and beautiful hike. The views were amazing especially with the leaves changing colours.

6 days ago

Amazing. Hard. Long. We did go counter clockwise, thank goodness, the other way around would have been madness. We are mid 30s, fit and used to strenuous hikes. Still took us 8 hours (with lots of photos). The scramble on loose rocks felt iffy, we heard an avalanche while standing on the top in an adjacent valley. Bring plenty of water. We had rain, snow, mud, loose rocks, sunshine,... everything, so bring your layers! Breaking through the clouds to the sunshine above was glorious. Stunning 360 degrees views. The ridge hike was delightful. Overall, strenuous and no joke, be prepared and know your way.

We did this hike yesterday morning, it took us 4 round trip to the helipad including lunch at the top. Nice inclined up with a few sections of steep and a boulder field cross. Views from the top are amazing, on one side you have Canmore and on the other side alpine meadow where we saw a family of grouse.
Hiking poles and boots are highly recommended.
We started hiking at 8:40 and nobody was there, we saw a whole bunch of people on the way down.

One of my all time annual favorites; any weather or any season. Always best counterclockwise.

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15 days ago

WHAT A GREAT HIKE ! It will challenge you because of its steep trails and the rocks but it worth it ! We did it pretty fast and didn’t take much breaks...it took us about 3h30 up and down! We went a little higher after the helipad but it was a bit beyond my limits and I didn’t want to fall ot hurt myself...we didn’t have poles and I think it could be helpful for the last part! You have to do that hike absolutely!!

15 days ago

Loved this hike! Steep right away till you hit the ridge with a few short level(ish) spots on the way up. Amazing views from the ridge, gorgeous all the way along. Go all the way to the end for a tiny scramble to the highest point and more amazing views beyond. Will be back for sure! One thing to note, I read in a blog post that there was the "new trail" which you follow to the left, and the "old trail" to the right. I think we wound up on the old one on the way down because it was a bit steeper and had some small rock ledges to climb down which we definitely didn't encounter on our way up. Nothing crazy though, and made for a more interesting descent in the end. 4 Stars only because I would have liked it more if it was longer and a bit more challenging. I would rate it more moderate than hard.

That was wonderful!!!!!! This is the best hike that I’ve done in Canmore.

Difficulty: Hard. Make sure you reach level 80 before attempting this.

Estimated time: 4-6 hours

Map Terrain: Steep. Steeper. then very steep descent.

Cheat codes:
Go Counter Clockwise.
Run down scree.

Reward: 10,000 points + Bonus

We underestimated this one! The views were outstanding and the hike was challenging both mentally and physically. If you're new to hiking this will be a challenge. There is a chains section that I found terrifying and had to be coached through! But others in my party breezed through it. Theres a fun skree-ski section coming down that was a blast. Overall it made us feel alive!!

Though I’m new to day long hikes, this was one of the toughest I’ve done. Definitely need to be in at least moderate shape to complete. I absolutely loved the variety this trail had to offer: forest, large boulders requiring the use of a chain to cross ledges, scrambling, breath-taking mountain views, scramble, and scree. Bring lots of water, snacks, and sunscreen. I finished the hike very sore, but feeling accomplished. If you’re looking for a rewarding challenge, look no farther.

Great aerobic hike to the helipad and scramble on for additional burn.

This is rated hard for a reason. It’s a continuous steep uphill hike with lots or rocks. There were lots of people hiking Lady Macdonald (we went on a Saturday long weekend).

We did the climb for 3hrs having to stop from time to time to rest and make sure our first time hiker is okay haha. The age of hikers we saw ranges from little kids to seniors so if they can do it, you most definitely can! We stopped at the helipad to eat our snacks while basking in the gorgeous views and watching others brave the ridge to reach the summit. The summit is out of my physical and mental ability.

The way down, which took us about 2hrs, was not the best. Heard lots of complaints and whines from my group saying things like “My toes hurt”, or “Ughh my knees!”, and “I hate this hike!” LOL. In the end everyone were proud of themselves. Hiking Lady Macdonald sure is a butt kicker. It’s a good work out and is definitely one of the most challenging trails we all have ever done!

I was on the trail by 6:30am. Got some amazing sunrise view of Three Sisters, Ha Ling and Mt. Rundle. It was so windy at the false summit (helipad) so I decided to head back down and save the ridgewalk some other day. Great hike overall and not so busy on the trail, I did it Thursday.

Fantastic view of heart shaped lake! Scramble down slope, amazing experience! First time seeing helicopter rescue young girl twisted her ankle, hope she’s getting well soon!

Amazing trail!!

Saw a pika and some interesting birds. Starts in forest, opens out to a pretty meadow + great view over the bow valley and all the way to Banff. Second half of the way up gets pretty steep but managed without poles. Moderately trafficked yesterday (weekday). Cold and windy up top so don’t forget your windbreaker.

Would HIGHLY recommend doing this hike with an experienced hiker and someone that has done it before as we lost around 1.5 hours going down the wrong path, as it’s not marked well AT ALL and very confusing, and having to come back. Getting to the summit was fairly easy, chain part was seriously nothing (and I had my dog!) but going down the loop was absolutely terrifying. Loads of scree and we avoided the most of it by walking along the face of the mountain (a 15 km loop) but do not try the scree unless with poles or an experience scree skier as it look absolutely deadly. Was a difficult hike, and with the whole trail being improperly marked, it took us 8.5 hours to complete... (however if not lost around 6) if looking just for a fun hike & great views just get to the summit and do an out & back. Will not be doing the full loop again.

We did this trail on the first day of our week out here and it was quite an introduction to the Canadian Rockies! Going up was a grind, but worth it. Scrambling up and through the rocks was really fun and I found the short chain section fun as well. The trail going down is difficult to find, and some hikers advised us to stay close to the mountain base and wait until getting into the forest before descending. There is ALOT of sliding on the way down and poles were a lifesaver there. We had never gone down screw before and we avoided the large scree fields by following the hikers directions. The views at the top were great, but due to the fires, half of our views were just smoky.

Super...will be my yearly hike!

Very intriguing trail! Lots of variety. I only wish I did this on a clear day because I'm sure the views would be spectacular.
From the beginning there is a beautiful birch tree forest, a rarity to start off hikes. The hike goes up to a grass crest and then begins its way up behind the block of rock. It goes through sections where light scrambling is required, all the way through to the chained section, which I found to be quite manageable though if you are afraid of heights - take caution!
From there it's a half hour or so to the summit with what I am sure would be impressive views without the smoke.
Finally the descent is quick through brown scree, I personally stayed on trail since I didnt have poles but found it manageable. Once we got to the trail beneath the summit block the colours were fantastic, with all sorts of different types of rocks.
From this horizontal trail there is a good trail that switchbacks down after less than a half hour along, though we continued and joined up with the hiking trail at the grass crest. This definitely adds time but is a less steep option.
Overall there are lots of options for the traverse depending on what is comfortable for you. It is a classic hike, so close to Calgary & worth all the efforts.

Absolutely stunning hike definitely going to come back. but make sure you do it counter clockwise

August 23, 2018

AMAZING!!! A little smoky out there today but still great views of the peaks and valleys off the back side of Yamnuska.
Definitely a challenging scramble. The chains aren’t as bad as people made them out to be unless you’re deathly afraid of heights. The summit has 360 views (when the smoke isn’t there) and there are 3 separate scree fields on the route down which are super fun! One from the summit down to the western edge of the loop and then two more connected sections from below the peak to the trail that connects to the parking lot. All said and done, about 300-400ft of scree skiing!
Best hike I’ve done out here yet...many challenging and exciting elements.
And oops...forgot to turn off the app until after we left the parking lot! It’s only a 9km loop!

Hiked to the helipad on Friday. Beautiful day, a nice wind to cool things down up top and the smoke wasn’t that bad. This is not a technically hard hike but is a steady incline all the way up and we had to make a couple rest stops so you do need to be in decent shape to do this. Trail is easy to follow, does branch off here and there but all lead back to the same trail. There is one section mid way in the big rocks where you feel uncertain where the trail is, look for the tall dead tree and you will see an arrow sign on it that directs you (although you can make your own path and if you just keep going up you will come to one of the trails). We did not go to the ridge, that looked a bit beyond my ability, physically and mentally-it is steep and exposed scree slope all the way up from the helipad to the ridge. With a couple rest breaks and an hour spent up top, we did this hike in 6 hours.

I did this hike last weekend with 1 expert hiker (who had done this hike many times before), 2 moderate hikers, and 3 novices (who had never been in scree or summited a mountain before). It was great for all skills levels, BECAUSE we had an experienced guide with us. If no one in your hiking party has done this hike before, I strongly advise completing some research beforehand, especially for the scree field locations. There are a couple scree-runs that end at the top of a cliff.

Although we didn't have too much visibility due to the smoke, it was a beautiful hike. I'm personally very scared of heights, but found the hike doable since I had hiking poles (helps with vertigo) and a harness and PAS for the chains section.

It took us about 5 hours in total, with lunch at the summit. Highlight for the majority of us was running down the scree.

1 month ago

We clearly did not do enough research prior to this hike, and since we lost cell reception just after the #1, we were unable to confirm any additional details of the hike. There is a king creek parking lot, but be aware the hike does not start from the parking lot, and in fact starts just off hwy 40, prior to the parking lot turn off. We ended up walking down the creek and did find another trail, which ended up leading us to a dead end. We did not see anyone else on that trail, however nor did we see any wildlife. We will be back to do the proper hike again.

I went on a weekday and only saw max 10 other people. I did the ridge walk right to the summit and had it all to myself. Most people didn't attempt the summit. It definitely increased my heart rate at the last little stretch right before the summit because there aren't many footholds. But the summit is so close you just have to do it! If you go slowly and carefully you should be fine but if you have a fear of heights, it might not be the greatest. Worth it though! Steep ascent the whole way from the bottom but I'd recommend it for a clear day.

I've done this hike many times. it is satisfying for all skill levels. great views and a very short drive from Calgary.

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