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Hidden gem!

Watch out for yellow jackets when you start the trail.

I’ve done this hike 4 times I love it, highly recommend swimming through the cave it’s breathtaking literally.

4 days ago

Is only 4 miles hike, but steep. Very nice. Will be back springtime when the falls are fuller.

The hike down and up is an alright trail. a lot of trash... The first cave, you can go left down or right. regardless what route you take you can actually swim through the cave. I suggest water shoes some water tubes! had no Verizon coverage down there.

nature trips
13 days ago

There is two different caves one right when you get down the trail and the other is about 10-15 walk from that one...second is beautiful

Nice day trip with my best friends. Easy hike in. Got a little busy. Definitely will return to swim through the cave.

A bit disappointed. Took this trek at the recommendation of a co worker. The walk in and out really nothing to brag about but the cavern at the bottom was interesting and worth seeing this one time. The disappointment came in when I did get to the cavern the general area had trash left behind from past lazy ass visitors who didn’t want to carry their garbage back out so instead left it behind to ruin the experience for others including myself. The worst part was the smell from visitors pissing and shitting wherever they could find a place. Smelly and gross on this day 7-23-18.

We thought it was a water trail, so we wore sandals. It said you could wade across, actually you need a bathing suit to swim it. if I were to do again, I definitely bring hiking boots, sandals and a bathing suit. You hike down to river for about 1.5 miles on a rocky trail. you definitely need close toe shoes. There is a cavern with stalactites that the river goes through and you can swim through the cavern. The river is were I'd wear water shoes or sandals. To get back you need to hike up the trail. To go down the hill it took about 15 to 20 minutes. to hike up it took about 40 to 45 minutes.

Super easy hike! Brought 4 kids between 9 and 11 and all had a great time! Bring water and a floatie:)

beautiful scenery inside the cave... definitely will go again!!

This is an amazing adventure! I had to gather my courage to swim through but so glad I did. There is another cave down stream that is a bit difficult to walk to but definitely less people.

We did this hike, arriving at 8:15am, which was perfect because we were the first people there. By the time we left around 11am the place was PACKED!!! We went to the first cave and went inside to get a taste of the water which was COLD! We didn’t end up swimming to the other side because it was too cold. I definitely recommend floats to use instead of swimming. If you look at my recording, we backtracked trying to go to the next cave (which was the wrong way) but found an AWESOME rope to climb down about 40ft to get to the other side of the cave had we swam through. It was actually a lot of fun climbing down, but had to be done carefully. We got to the other side and explored that side of the cave and also followed the river until we realized we weren’t heading the correct way to the second cave. We backtracked again and finally made it to the second cave which was spectacular. It was more secluded and we were able to wade through to the other side. It was a lot of fun to climb over rocks and sit on ledges inside. The trail getting to the second cave was also more narrow and had more rocks and foliage around. It was super fun but might be harder for someone who isn’t as physically active. To the first cave is easy, to the second cave is moderate to harder end of the “easy” ranking. I highly recommend this!!!

enjoyed the hike and the cave. my daughter enjoyed it also... just remember to bring some water shoes.

The waterfall trail is absolutely gorgeous.

1 month ago

Multiple waterfalls, lots of shade, dog-friendly, easy loop, not crowded: what's not to like? No permit was required for hiking as this was after 6/30.

Fun place to spend a hot afternoon. Take plenty of drinking water or a water purifier. The hike back to the car is a bit hot and long for some kids. Just plan to have watermelon and some other goodies at the car for when they get back.

nature trips
1 month ago

Surprisingly not much busy on a 4th of July weekday at 10am. I suggest not to take anything but water, towel, hat, water shoes ( no flippers as you can lose or easily slip) and a must floating device to go through to the other side. You can only swim, definitely cannot wade through the water once you are about 8 feet from the mouth of the cave. My friend and I put all our hiking bags, shoes in a sealed plastic bag thinking we can leave it in the water floating while we wade through. FAILED - we were not strong swimmer and cannot hold on to the bag and swim. We found out that there is another way of getting to the other end of the cave via climbing down steep rock with a rope. This is dwfinitely a must see place.

A fantastic hike that's relatively easy (it's downhill to the cave) and a workout on the way back up. The terrain is very rocky but not inaccessible. There is some shade but for the most part you'll be in the sun. Once you get to the cave the are some places to sit and enjoy or get in the water for a quick cool down. Highly recommended: hiking pole, hat, plenty of water, and water shoes. I got there on a Saturday about 9:30 and there were about a dozen people there - hiking back up I probably passed 40+ people (of all ages) and there just isn't a lot of room around or in the cave.
Parking is available along the road (the cars can block the entrance sign) or down a paved road.

Really a surprise. The trail is downhill from the road, a rocky path, with nice oaks and ponderous pines. Lots of poison oak along the sides. You can't see nor hear the river until you get right to the end, about 1 mile. then you see the overhang, the river and the cavern. It's very dramatic ... Very unique. worth the hike for sure.

Amazing must go/// bring tubes /// water ///---- pack in pack out /// keep California clean

1 month ago

Went there on 06/23 on backpacking. Pretty easy hike. but the place is infested with mosquitoes and no one will be spared even if you use repellent spray and face net. Throughout the hike a colony of them will surround you and protect you from other insects. Couldn't stay outside of the tent for long.. Though the hike is pleasurable couldn't enjoy cause of the mosquito menace ...

a gorgeous hike that is easy enough for little kids.

First 20 minutes were brutal, tons of mosquitoes. It gets better though, hang in there. Try not to stop. Hobler lake is beautiful and very peaceful. Not too much to see on the way, most of the time you are walking trough forest with no view. But the forest itself is beautiful.

The drive up to the trailhead is gorgeous!

Just went up on Monday and the trail was beautiful. The last mile there were a significant amount of fallen trees blocking the trail so make sure you pay close attention and do not go off trail. The water level in the lake was pretty low, but still offered a beautiful sight. I would recommend it for the beauty, but not for the fishing.

Love this place. Probably one of my favorite hikes. Please remember if you pack it in then please pack it out. And please DONT TOUCH the caves. The oils from your hands ruin this natural beauty.

Beautiful trail !! Great for families.
Is a short hike with lots of rocks so make sure to come properly equipped with hiking shoes or good water shoes. The rocks are very slippery , so be careful.
There’s two sides you can hike down.
Make sure to make the first left to the first side of the springs. Or else you will be hiking down a rope through s very steep rock. Dangerous by super fun

Take the southern entrance to the trail, near the gate to the access road. The northern entrance of the loop is closed and the trail is unmarked. Once at the bottom you’re greeted with a beautiful pond and a cave you can swim through.

Loved it!!! Definitely bring a tube float with you so you can see the other side of the cave!

It's an awesome, easy trail and the creek at the end, although pretty cold, is really fun to swim through. You can also swim through the cave to the other side and walk along the creek on that side too. Overall a great trail.

makes it so easy to find trails and get active. I get lost easy and this helps me stay on track.

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