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Very pretty area. We enjoyed this hike a lot.

AMAZING VIEWS // worth the tough climb

17 days ago

Very good hike. Went till we were even with the bottom of inter glacier. Stayed away from the glacier as rocks were coming down from the top of the glacier. Look out for those if you go beyond the campground. Beautiful up there. The top of the mountain looks soooo close and inviting

23 days ago

This was an awesome hike. We did a sunrise hike and it was so beautiful! I would recommend doing the same. It becomes very challenging close to the end, but it is beautiful!

24 days ago

Hiked on a cloudy day that resulted in no views of the Mountain - disappointing. Well maintained trail has a mild and gradual uphill to Basin campsite and very smooth hike back down to White River campsite. No knee or toe busting. Went on a Saturday in August and there was a moderate amount of hikers out for a misty day. Most were heading to or coming from Emmon viewpoint.

Considering all the trails in the park, I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to see more of the mountain :(

once a year we do this hike and it never disappoints.

1 month ago

Solid trail; 9,11 & 13yr old were able to finish. Great views. Much better in the AM

Trail was beautiful today. I highly recommend this trail. Easy hike and the wildflowers were everywhere. Make sure to hike to crystal lakes after going through sourdough gap

Did this today for the second time in a month, took a friend today. Wildflowers were plentiful both times. Saw a hummingbird! Moderately busy, people swimming in Sheep lake and camping. No mosquitoes! A few flies is all. Parts are very hot now. Not rated a 5 due to the long slog that follows the road, albeit well above, at the beginning and thus the end. Get there early in the day for parking and fewer people.

1 month ago

An absolutely beautiful and well-maintained trail. It's generally an easy and forgiving hike on the way up to Glacier Basin campground until the last .5 miles or so (where it becomes significantly steeper). We hiked it twice: once in the morning, and once in the late afternoon. I definitely recommend hiking it sometime in the morning, as the lighting on Rainier was perfect and not overexposed as it was in the afternoon.

We spotted lots of wildlife on this trail as well - if you walk a little ways past Glacier Basin campground toward the scree fields, you're in prime marmot territory (we spotted two scurrying around on the rocks there).

1 month ago

Great hike, went early, nice breeze on the trail,

You cannot ask for a more diverse and beautiful hike. AMAZING

This is a fantastic hike. We went mid July and the weather was perfect. We came across 2 snow patches which was cool to see mid summer. The only downside was the extreme amount of bugs/mosquitoes. Definitely take Emmons Moraine Trail off of glacier basin. It was absolutely beautiful and you can go down by the lake.

2 months ago

Trail is well maintained except for a few places where waterbars would keep runoff from eroding the trail. Otherwise it is wide enough in many places for side by side hiking. In many areas the trail is single track and trail etiquette should be followed for uphill hikers and groups of mountaineers. The end of the maintained trail has several campsites and a toilet. Happy Trails! "Rock Hopper"

2 months ago

If you haven't done this hike before---youre missing out! I completed this today (07/07/18) along with a short offshoot trail called Emmons morraine trail that offered a beautiful view of an aqua blue lake as well as the Emmons glacier.

Please note that All trails is way off on the elevation gain. The ranger verified that it's approximately 1700' of elevation gain and 7 miles round-trip.
The trail is in excellent condition and currently snow free!

2 months ago

Hiked this a few weekends ago. Trail was packed with melting snow at the higher elevation. Trekking poles and water resistant boots recommended, but still manageable without them. You get nice views of the mountain on the way up. Round trip took about 6 hours since I had lunch and hung around at the basin camp before coming back down.

3 months ago

This was such a beautiful hike!! It is snowpacked most of the way, but well worth it!!!

This hike was completed August 2017

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Trail is in good condition. Expected crowds at parking area, along the trail and at the lake. Lots of friendly dogs to greet our dog (most on leash). Not too many bugs. Wildflowers are in full bloom. Try to avoid the weekend if you can.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

This was a beautiful hike! I love the terrain and views!! The lake pictures is actually at the beginning of the hike and it's worth the venture to the view points!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

nice hike, but the hike doesn't start near paradise inn!! it starts at white river campground near sunrise!

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Nice day hike or overnight for beginners. The hike is mostly uphill on the way out, but the basin is gorgeous at the end. I sat by the white river and soaked up the sun until heading back. Hiking out was much faster.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Beautiful trail. Snow about halfway through, recommend bringing trekking poles.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Great hike!! A little challenging at the end of it due to snow! Amazing views! Completely worth it!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trail was in good condition, I wish I was. Weather was perfect, no wind, light clouds, temps mild. Trail can branch off in places but if you stay on the well traveled path you will not stray. There are nice views from this trail but I reached the ridge near midday and the noon sun tends to wash out the colors. I was hoping for some good fall colors but there was little. Most of the flowers were gone and there was a decaying stench on the lower portion of the trail. Crowds were low but present. There were a lot of dogs and even one puppy. Trail starts out fairly level almost to Sheep Lake then starts to climb to Sourdough Gap on a mild slope. All in all, an easy trail. To see Rainier and Crystal Lake, you have to hike to the next ridge which is a short distance and a little beyond. I was anticipating the lake at the first ridge. Once you get to the second ridge, Mount Rainier will be to the extreme left obscured by the trees. Continue along the trail into the park and you will be rewarded with beautiful views of Crystal Lake and Mount Rainier.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Loved it. Very gradual climb. The views are unbelievable.

Monday, September 12, 2016

great hike, great views. trail can be a little challenging up top. make sure you have good tread.

Monday, September 12, 2016

always a great hike

Monday, August 22, 2016

First Mount Rainier hike for me and my 17 and 12 year old. Mostly forested trail with breaks to see the mountain which leave you awestruck. Leaves a strong desire to return and see what the other trails offer. The Emmons offshoot offers more consistent views of the glaciers but mostly sunny so keep that in mind for warm days. Hopefully we will be back soon!

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