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on Forest Lakes Trail

1 day ago

Loved this hike! Must go to the 2nd lake! Sooo worth it!

off road driving
1 day ago

Switzerland trail was not a challenge at all! we saw a mini van out here. look out for lots of pedestrians on foot and on their pedal bikes. IF you choose to go down Pennsylvania gultch, then make sure you have a good 4×4 and clearance. It is extremely tight and very challenging. stock jku Rubicon

Great hike with beautiful sights! My mom didn’t think she’d be able to do a 4 mile hike, but felt amazing when she finished it. A good spot for a relatively easy hike in the woods!

Great hike.

1 day ago

Beautiful fall hike . Fairly peaceful . Easy to follow trail. Second lake made a great spot for our hammocks . Didn’t see any wildlife though

Breathtaking scenery along the way and at the end. Took me 5 hours with 2 twenty minute stops to enjoy the views. At Elk Pond you can take either Elk Falls Trail or Elk Falls Overview. Both are 1.1 miles from the pond. Elk Falls Trails leads you to the fall itself while Elk Falls Overview takes you to an overview that lets you see the Falls but also the entirety of Staunton State Park in all of its glory. The Overview Trail also passes through many Aspens which were stunning. Enjoy folks!

mountain biking
2 days ago

Nice trail with a pretty aggressive climb. Ended up walking the bike over some very rocky parts. The loop on top is nice single track with great views and some good shade. Run down was fun although walked the stairs as it was a bit above my skill level. A little busy between hikers and dogs but everyone was very courteous in giving/receiving right of way.

2 hour hike at comfortable pace within 45 min of downtown. Great all around hike, decent amount of shade and views.

Did the 10.8 mile RT to Elk Falls. Beautiful hike. Bonus, there are port-a-potties along the trail and they DONT stink!!!

GORGEOUS. no one is after the glacier. great hike!

amazing in the winter. gorgeous area look out at the top

We took our 5 week old son. It’s a great hike for beginners, visitors and families. Easy trail with moderate sections. When taking the loop I recommend taking the right route. Have fun and happy hiking.

Meh. Nicely built trail. Views at the top were pleasant. But the road-crossings made this feel like I wasn’t really off the beaten path. I never found the ladder?! And I didn’t find the trail to be nearly as hard as others describe. I carried poles but never even took them out of my backpack.

4 stars for the sunset, but the hike was not anything challenging or awe inspiring though. Short enough to watch a sunset at the top but not be caught out after nightfall long enough to need a headlamp or anything. Fairly short, easy hike close to Denver!

trail running
7 days ago

No shade and a lot of open space. Better for biking or running. Some inclines on a well defined trail with gravel maintenance in some spots. Sunscreen is advised and cattle do travel through the area. Horses would do well on this path, provide you can find parking for your horse trailer. Kids would be easy to keep in sight. Bike maintenance post at the Coalton Rd entrance.

Great trail, but definitely a workout with lots of steep inclines and rocky terrain to climb up and over. We went clockwise starting on the Gregory Canyon trailhead in the parking lot and then meeting up with the Flagstaff trail. Saw some mule deer, but more importantly, heads up for bears! Not-so-little guy was greeting people at the parking lot towards later afternoon hours, so be aware. Also parking is very limited and there is a $5 fee if your not registered in Boulder or have a pass.

Still one of our favorites close to Denver. We take Mountain Lion counter clockwise to Windy Peak. The creek is currently dried up but is usually flowing pretty good. Steady climb to Windy Peak with a somewhat tough half mile push to the peak. Generally pretty quiet and although this trail allows bikes, we rarely seem them on Mountain Lion stretch to the peak. Great views at the top.

7 days ago

off road driving
7 days ago

Very pretty drive in forested area. The lakes were very low, but it looked like very decent camping. Nothing spectacular.

One of my favorite hikes for sure! Less crowded than Crater Lakes and so beautiful! Only saw a couple people on the trail and a few campers set up around the first lake. Make sure you hike up to the second lake and go off the trail slightly to find the third mini lake. I was jealous of the campers set up around the lake and wish I had packed my tent and stove to stay the night.

Great hangover hike, like really wow. Ample free parking.

Great hike for just enough resistance so you don’t feel like you’re just nature walking. The view at the end was very pretty, definitely glad we took this one as I’m sick and my hiking buddy was from out of town and not used to the altitude

The trail road to Camp Dick was a little hard to find coming from Lyons. Saw a large sign that said Camp Dick and thought to turn there, but there was a closed gate. The road is just a little further South on Hwy 72. The road is a one vehicle paved road, so be prepared to move over onto the side to allow other vehicles to pass. There were a lot of 4 WHL vehicles going up the trail and the hiking trail was hard to find. No maps or markers. Found a trail to the right of 4x4 road and followed it to the bridge, then a clear trail way to follow, but no markers. Overall a very easy trail to hike and going in has a light incline with lots of rocks and muddy areas, but shaded and pretty quiet. The waterfall isn't much to see since your up high on mountainside, but cool too listen too. Finished the trail and came back, easy hike down. My only complaint is there were several dog poop bags left on the side of trail! Come on Boulder, what's up with this? Also, dogs are supposed to be on leash and 95% weren't and spooked us and our puppy! They were good dogs though and not aggressive, so I guess that's ok. Overall, an easy hike and saw some young children, enjoyed the shade and secluded lunch by the river with my boyfriend and dog.

Cool hike to the watershed. Some good views. Not a very strenuous hike.

Would have given it more stars except a group of *obnoxious* drunks down by the water edge yelling “FUCK YOU” and “I Don’t care” and “Dogs!!!” Across the water repeatedly. In fact the group did not shut up and were rudely yelling at other hikers across the water causing their dogs to bark back at them across the water.

Again I feel people that don’t understand hiking etiquette are literally ruining people’s experiences. I had to put headphones on to drown out the noise and yelling and obscenities. But I’m not out there to be forced to listen to music. I’m out there to hear **nothing** maybe birds and the wind. There are other hikers out there who travel from the city to escape people like that and yet these people are up there with absolutely no regard for anyone else. Selfish. Never witnessed such rude behavior on a trail before...ever.

Also saw people and dogs swimming in the drinking water, which I’m pretty sure is **prohibited**

Short, easy, decent views of Boulder valley. Took about an hour. Great for when you don’t have much time but want to get out into nature.
Be aware: google maps will tell you the wrong way to get to the trailhead. Off Lee hill road, turn right on 5th street into a subdivision. Turn left on Dakota. Park where Dakota curves into 2nd street.

Nice, pretty easy trail. Good for when you want to get out in the woods but aren't looking for anything strenuous.

Very rocky but great trill

Great views in route and at summit. The trail presented is not accurate at 4wd road crossing. There are only wilderness signs on west side of road, no trail today. We took the 4wd road north to an established trail that goes west and merges to a summit trail. Another trail descends from simmit towards Alice. We explored that route and haf to tske with an unmarked and closed 4wd trail that goes east towards st marys and the illustrated trail. We eventually went off trail to go east and find the trail to st marys. The all trails presentation might be a snowshoe route or an older route before wilderness designation closed a trail.

Harder than I expected, but a beautiful trail. Very shaded. The incline on the way up was hard for my new to Colorado lungs but I definitely want to go back. Watch out for a lot of bikers though. Also, limited parking at the base. And if you're coming from Denver, it's a short and gorgeous drive!

Changing colors of the aspens, mainly yellows, made the scenery worthwhile on this hike. Hiked around the lake then took the loops back into the park. There are prospector mine pits all over the site. There was one in particular that was fenced off and pretty deep down past the roots of two large aspens.

This was the area that i again for the second time this season on 2 different trails found disgusting used hypodermic needles (see picture). This is pretty unacceptable. :Leave no trace? I'd rather find no trace of your junkie needles discarded for anyone to stumble over. Just like the people who disrespect the trails and other people by leaving their plastic bags of dog waste along the trails for others to pick up -- leaving used possibly disease ridden plastic needles in the woods seems to be to new norm and not the exception anymore. Very disappointed every time i now find other's trash needles in the woods.

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