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4 days ago

Well marked trail, absolutely beautiful! Make sure you where proper footwear, treking pools are beneficial as well. Watch where you step ,especially near rock formations ,timber rattlesnakes are a common sight. Along the trail you will be crossing streams easily over 20 times, so you can't be afraid to get your feet wet!

it is one of my favorite places

mountain biking
5 days ago

Camping here for the weekend, very nice trail to walk in and out of the thick with plenty of scenery. Park says no biking on some parts of it. Certain parts of the day it's perfect to rip through it for mountain biker enthusiasts as I did.

5 days ago

Great day hike for sure! I’d say it’s moderate to difficult depending on your skill set. Didn’t see many animals, LOTS of chipmunks, so be careful..... do NOT get caught up in the Chip-Pocalypse! All jokes aside it was a blast, I took it counter clockwise as most people suggest. Only saw 2 other hikers. Bring plenty of water! There are some nice shaded places to have lunch in the valleys about 4-5 miles in. I’ll definitely do it again when there’s full canopy.

Pleasant hike with moderate incline. We hiked in and out but you can make a loop. We’ll be back for sure.

This park is truly beautiful. Lots of water features, interesting terrain. My only complaint is that some of these trails are very close to roads. While the roads may not be heavily trafficked, you still don’t feel like you are truly “in nature.” Nonetheless, I still really enjoyed hiking here and would definitely come back again in the summer when the trees are in full bloom. We started at the Worlds End trailhead next to the Park Office, took LT to Pioneer Road, Double Run Nature Trail, took the Link Trail southbound, up to the Loyalsock Canyon Vista where we stopped for lunch and then finished the LT loop back to the start.

Can't wait to do it again! Recommend pants and bug spray. I think my children scared away any wildlife for miles around. The dog even slept on the way home. They all have been very quiet and calm. Oh, wait! They are sleeping and it is a little after 9pm on a Saturday.

18 days ago

Nice hike, you cross a small stream back and force many times so wet feet could be a problem if the water is running good. My GPS tracker said it was a 10.08 mile hike. Hiked it the end of March.

19 days ago

Wow... pretty rugged trail. I did this hike 4/7/18 and the water was high which made crossing the streams a bit challenging. When I say crossing streams, I mean you’ll be doing it like 50+ times so waterproof boots are a must. I hiked counter clockwise... it’s quite the ascent to Raven’s Horn, what a beautiful vista! It was cold when I went so no sight of snakes. Tons of sticks and branches over the trail which will always get stuck on your boots or pant legs. The descent is hard on the knees. This is definitely what I consider a difficult trail, but worth the work. Also, it ended up at 10.6 miles for me.

Did this trail in late March of 2018. Beautiful trail! We did it counter clockwise and if you do it this way your first mile will be tough but well worth it. After that its pretty easy.

Great for kids.

1 month ago

Once you figure out where it starts the trail is very well marked. It’s a nice mix of up and down and flat throughout the hike. The park lists the distance as 12 miles.

1 month ago

Very entertaining trail. The sights and views are amazing and exciting. Not too many steep inclines but definitely a bit of leg work necessary! Took us about 2 hours to complete.

Beautiful scenery! Good hike. We took the dog he loved it too!

Great trail, with pleasant views. Cross rolling hills, along a stream, with views from the woods of farmers fields. You will cross seven bridges over streams and a tunnel under 944. At the top of the ridge you can sit on a rock bench and enjoy the view. A bit muddy today, particularly on our way back to the trailhead after the ground thawed.
I will do this hike again.

Muddy but a very well marked along the creek and up the mountain. The trail has beautiful scenery and is very well maintained. The overlook is a nice bonus.

A nice hike with no real elevation. Very wet and gushy at places. Pinchot is a very nice park and great for camping!!

This trail was fairly easy to navigate and so much histor!

Nice little trail even for winter . Super easy.The concept is awesome. We will return in spring for sure. Seems like it would be a great place for us to take our kids.

Hiked from Sherwood Dr parking to Darlington Shelter and back. It was a fun hike although the trail was quite swampy in spots. Definitely recommend some waterproof hiking boots. The climb up to the overlook is just enough to get the heart rate going. Nice view. Looking forward to doing this hike again after it dries out!

Short steep climbs with level grades in between. We did this as an overnight with a side trip into Ketchum Run Gorge, which I highly recommend. There is a west facing campsite at the edge of the gorge that the trail passes by. If you want to be treated to an amazing sunset, camp here. You can also hike down into the gorge. There is a small waterfall there. Very nice outing.

beautiful country

Headed out on the trail for the first time at the end of January, took our 100lb dog with us. It was a muddy mess but fun. Plenty of other pups out there as well. The final ascent was steep, even slowed down the dog, but it was worth it.

We do this hike in January and it’s always a nice first hike of the year. We do this hike clockwise so coming back is just a long gradual climb on a wide trail. Next year we’ll do it backwards.

2 months ago

It was a perfect January day for a hike here. It is peaceful and well marked. Follow the blue markings.

At about the 2.5 mile mark there is a clearing with amazing views in both directions. The trail itself was not overly difficult; however, the amount of leaves on some of the steeper grades made for some "fun" descents.

Beautiful day, had the trail to myself all day. The rocks looked a little intimidating shortly after passing Double Run, but really turned out to be no big deal. The view at the top is worth it, and hiking down via the Loyalsock Link Trail was a perfect way to end the day.

It's a lot of work for the view, but the trail's well maintained and the hard work comes after you are, shall we say, fully warmed up? Nice physical challenge.

4 months ago

Easy footing and mostly flat trail, but very long and deviates away from the lake for a good portion of it, I was expecting to be more along the "lakeside". Nice variety of tree species and good for bird watchers. The hunters and gun noise made me a bit nervous - be sure to wear orange during hunting season. Enjoyable hike but no "wow" moments.

Nice trail, 1 decent view if the leaves aren't too dense. This trail does have a few spots where rattlers lay right off the trail, keep am eye out but not something to discourage doing the trail.

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