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This trail has great water features and is not very crowded. Small walkable pathways next to cliff faces make you feel hidden within the forest.

This highly scenic trail provides almost constant views of the Big Muddy river and surrounding floodplain from a series of overlooks atop imposing cliffs. Lots of payoff for minimal effort.

on Trillium Trail

10 days ago

Great trail! Clearly marked if you pay attention to the signage. Great views and unbeatable rock formations. Probably my favorite trail I've walked in Southern Illinois/southeast Missouri.

No signs from Rt3 keeps this trail less crowded. Small parking lot, but excellent trail. Trees have blocked a lot of the view, so go in the fall or winter to get better views. The is a path that leads to a rock overhang that has great brows year round

I highly recommend visiting this area at least once in your life. The trail is easy to navigate, but does have a few slight elevation changes. If you are concerned about your own physical ability, at least try this trail for the view. I personally have a endocrine disorder that limits muscle use, but made it in and out with no problems. Lots of places to sit and rest. Vertigo was an issue for me as well when I stepped out onto the rock. Just keep that in mind. I truly dont have a fear of heights, guess the view was just kind of temporarily overwhelming, but so worth it! You wont be disappointed.

I realized my vertigo was a real problem when I stepped out onto the cliff face that we call inspiration point. The trail is short and the view is amazing! Though I had to view it laying down on the rocks I go back every year

I hiked the loop years ago with my husband. I'd suggest to start counterclockwise if you only want to see Mantle Rock and have no interest in a long hike. It's a beautiful hike, though, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Last December, I took my youngest daughter and my best friend for a girls day. We took the counterclockwise route and enjoyed time at Mantle Rock without the exhausting hike.

Beautiful place to explore. took my son today and seen some awesome rock formations. Nice little trail and was very easy to find

Very short hike but awesome rock formations. Great for photo ops.

We started the trail clockwise. It is a easy hike on a stone paved walkway for a little bit then you will see the stairs to go down and squeeze thru the rock formations..then the trail is a dirt path which had a little mud because it had rained the day before. But not too bad at all! Loved to see the huge rock cliffs beside us as we hiked. It’s a easy peaceful hike only saw one other person so not too crowded!

Beautiful trail. Easy hike , enjoyed the colors of fall

Trailer was enjoyable

2 months ago


such cool rock formations on this trail! definitely recommend if you haven't seen it before!

2 months ago

One of my favorite trails in the park.

loved the view of the lake if you take the straight bit off the loop and then double back. rock formations were awesome. go in fall when the trees are in color - it's breathtaking!

2 months ago

Beautiful and historic trail! We took our two year old on it and he did fine

2 months ago

Beautiful scenery and great sunlight through the trees. Very peaceful. My dog enjoyed it too.

Beautiful! Recommend taking the outer trail, definitely worth it and fun to explore.

Trail starts out uphill and then to set of stairs. Really liked this trail for something new to hike. Different areas reveal history of the area. Trail is close to a mile I would consider easy/moderate. Remember to stay on the trail!

2 months ago

Beautiful short trail. If you are a moderate to experienced hiker or are in good shape this is a good one. Lots of rocks and roots to keep your feet busy and pretty scenic views of the sand stone bluffs. There are a few significant climbs which make the hike super fun! This is NOT a buffed out trail. No wimps, no whining.

The natural bridge is nice for photos. It is really very scenic. There is not much of a hike, but you can explore under the bridge.

Great trail! Beginning half of trail is on a man made rock path. Very easy to navigate. Then trail continues into rock formations producing fantastic views. Second half of loop is on an incline. Nothing too difficult. Wish trail were longer!

Site of an ancient Indian village, interesting for the history. Nice general hike.

Trail is very well laid out. No special scenic areas, just a nice walk through old growth forest.

3 months ago

A nice, short trail, mainly for sight-seeing. Gorgeous rock formations. Great for kids!

3 months ago

walked this trail many times...great place

We have hiked and backpacked there several times over the years and it is still one of my favorite places.

A good one in Shawnee, great rock formation!

It’s really fun, they’re all pretty easy around giant city, except for fat man squeeze. If you stop at the lodge they’re tell you where it’s at. I think they might be a picture of it up there, but there is a big crack in a rock wall you can try to squeeze through and it’s an entertaining thing to watch or try!

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