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love this walk with stunning waterfall

I’m not the most “fit” person but I was able to complete this trail! Devils staircase seriously busted my butt, after that it was awesome with amazing views.

Nice well shaded walk

Amazing. Hiked it mid October, just as the snow was melting. Took crampons but didn't really need them. was a great time to go as we had clear skies and less people on the track. Still busy but definately worth it.

Such an amazing hike! Awesome views, well maintained track.

Was a good easy walk, I took my 7 year old she loved it

not worth the money. but hey it's outside and you see some stufg

Really hard, but really beautiful! Once you’ve defeated the devil’s staircase, the fun hiking begins through the beautiful landscape, the mountains and the snow. Definitely a must do when in the Tongariro area!
Do as many stops as you need during the trail, and let the nature blow your mind!

So amazing ! We went in the middle of October and we have seen a beautiful mix of landscapes. A hot weather but also with some snow on the mountain !
I recommend you to go there !
Cheers, Zoé from Belgium

nature trips
18 days ago

Better to go by night and observe all the glow worms !

Trek across a volcanic alpine landscape of dramatic contrasts – steaming vents, glacial valleys, ancient lava flows, alpine vegetation and vivid crater lakes, all with stunning views.

One of the best in the world!

What a beautiful hike. Bring a lot of layers. We were sweating in some parts with just long sleeves and hiking pants on, other parts had on 4 layers with winter coat, gloves, and hat. Sunscreen is a must - many exposed areas. There was a lot of (packed) snow but nothing our regular hiking boots couldn't handle. But wow - definitely one of the top hikes in my lifetime. Worth the time. It took us 6.5 hours total, completed October 18 for reference.

28 days ago

Was this Mars or New Zealand? amazing hike but bring a ton of layers.

The waterfall is beautiful! The trail is paved with crushed rock, so easy to navigate. The ancient plantlife puts you in another world.

Beautiful coastal & cliff top walk

Entrance fee adult around 32$ .....

Super short walk

Amazing! Some steep bits. A walking stick can help!

This was such a great experience hiking in the snow. Crampons a definite must have. The views and the majestic alpine scenery made this hike so worthwhile!

Eine meiner besten Erfahrungen.
Der Muskelkater war es Wert

Good hike with great views. A bit windy up the top of the creator. Some steep parts, with stairs and rope climb. Took about 7hrs to complete but so worth the view

Great views and seals to see. easy gravel path.

Incredible trail! Felt otherworldly and so glad I did it. Staying at National Park Village was a good call too!

Awesome hike with 1metre new snow
recommend only doing guided in winter .
Used Outdoor Adventure they rocked
very few hikers in the winter quite different to the rest of the year
Crampons and Ice axe a must

Surreal and beautiful!


3 months ago

A short trail along an exceptionally tumultuous river and numerous waterfalls. People can frequently be spotted in organised tours floating by in yellow rafts.

3 months ago

One of the best hike I ever did. 6 hrs, took our time, long and hard but so worth it. Imagine walking on a Volcano, and feeling like you are on Mars! Bring layers, good shoes, lots of water and a lunch. You need shuttle service at end or another arrangement. This is a one way 20k ride. Enjoy!

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