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The giant steps were described to me as a “unique and challenging experience”...that’s about right.

beautiful walk nice quiet beach

The bike ride was a quick loop, took about a half hour to go around (maybe less). We found a view of the water and parked our bikes. We took a steep trail down to the beach and enjoyed the view and the breeze. Very nice and relaxing afternoon. I wouldn't recommend this trail if you are looking for a work out, but was pretty, well kept and overall a pleasant experience.

You can either hike/trail run or mountain bike this trail, both are great times!

There are lots of twists and turns in the trail that keep you engaged. And logs are set up to create hills or obstacles.

Some fun things to stumble upon include a shelter made of pine tree branches, evergreen trees decorated for the holidays, and interesting metal debris that could be old car parts or not. Deer/wildlife and foliage are great for viewing here.

I hiked this on a rainy day and the tree cover kept me relatively dry. The pine needles kept the trail soft and stoped it from getting muddy.

This’ll get your cardio in for the day. Woo! I’m partial to the stairmaster so this hike was right my my alley. Hiked the trail in 2 hours with my bf. Fun scrambling mixed between spacers of flat scenic intermission. Would recommend hiking shoes to prevent rolling an ankle or stubbing a toe on all the boulders. Gorgeous view of the Hudson from both river and peak levels. Would def go again. Good stuff.

Enjoyable and challenging at times, fun trail. We hiked on a Saturday, and met a few other hikers along the way. Weekdays would prob be best if you’re looking for solitude.

Bob Klein Field to get in for free

this was a brutal hike to do in 90+ weather in a day. Save marcy for last and stay in the tree cover out of the sun that way. I burn through water so bring a filter. I'll be coming back to do it again!

Nice trail to walk on; swampy & creepy; strange during certain times of the day

Beautiful views. But tough trail. Climbing back up after the Great Stairs is hard!!!!

Great views, but not an easy trail.

My husband and I hiked this trail with our 5 year old son and our toddler in a backpack carrier. The kids both did great. I’m really surprised this is rated as easy, but I guess it’s due to the length. I’d say it’s moderate and I hike often. You’ve got to definitely watch your step with all the rocks. I am so amazed at the amount of people we passed wearing flip flops or no shoes at all, you definitely need proper footwear to handle all the rocks,, they’re slippery. If you want to be able to take in the falls without a large crowd I’d suggest getting there very early in the morning. The walk to the trail head wasn’t ideal with kids along but it’s definitely manageable as long as you keep aware of cars. Overall, we enjoyed this hike and the falls a lot!

Amazing trip! Well worth it, even the hike down.

Great for anyone looking for a short day hike with a high reward. Such beautiful views will make you never want to leave.

This hike has always been a favorite with something for all levels. Lately they’ve made some changes to the trail to make it more accessible to beginners and families like fixing the boulder stairs and adding a deck to walk out on and view the falls.

It’s usually crowded, so come early or be careful walking on the road to the trail. Make sure you are fully in the shoulder of the road I’ve seen people get towed before!

Fun run. No whining people took about 6:20 mins

Good hike. Close drive. Lots of scrambling.

Did it with three kids- 12,10 and 5. Little hard for the 5 year old with short legs.

Def .5 but straight up, steps helped the little one. Worth it! Rocks at top are slippery so be careful.

Parking SUCKS walking with three kids in a twisty road was scary.

Had great cliff views

Excellent fun climb, that’s short yet engaging. The problem is the parking. You have to park away from the trail and walk along a busy road - more a concern if you have kids with you.

Needs more parking.

Perfect hike with dog to enjoy falls on a sunny day.

Wonderful trail for biking, running, walking and even roller blading.

Friendly to all ages and families and dogs.

During the spring, summer and the beginning of fall you can see lots of wildlife. Especially ducks and geese. If you’re lucky you’ll see swans.

Plenty of people fish off the bridges or near the shore of the lake. I’ve even seen people wade in the river when it’s nice.

Great hike. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Not for your young kids.

It’s a nice park for a leisurely walk. There’s also a picnic spot and a playground for some wholesome family fun. And the location is great!
The reason I’m rating this 3 stars is because besides the play ground/picnic area being a little crowded. There are a lot of bees around.

The best part about this place is the goats! They aren’t there to pet or feed but if you’re lucky the heard will trot past you and sniff you.

Great for either walking or running.
Not only does it have a fitness course through out the trail, you can easily get variety and switch up which way you walk/run.

At the top of the hill is an awesome spot where on a clear day you can see Manhattan!

Pretty stiff hike starting at Cold Spring Harbor. Tapers off to a relatively flat, gentle hike after about 5 miles. If you go all the way to Merrick Rd. in Massapequa you have a 20 mile, 8 hour hike. Lots of ponds and streams over the last several miles.

This is not for the faint of heart!

It is a brutal 17 miles whether it’s from the heat, the mud, the ice/snow at the top etc. You will not get a break here.

All that hard work pays off in the end with absolutely gorgeous views from the summit, waterfalls, and wildlife. It is definitely one of my favorites.

It took my group about 12 hours to complete this hike and we are experienced and relatively swift hikers. (Who also stoped for 3 lunches along the way

Very fun, definitely enjoyed the scramble but it's not too difficult as some have said below.

Literally a walk in the park. Suitable for all ages and skill levels to walk, bike or trail run.

Lots of pretty sights in the woods and on the shore to see. Great place to watch the wildlife.

This is the type of place to get away from is all, enjoy nature, and relax with out going to far.

Amazing waterfalls

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