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Took the Coxing Trail up to Mel Brooks Mountain, this wasn't all too difficult, mostly a flat walk through the woods. Then off to Gertrude's Nose, this trail was completely snow ridden and involved quite a bit of scrambling. My party returned using the Mel Brooks Ridge trail. The trail was very, very difficult, involved much more scrambling, sliding down ice, albeit, the entire trail was ice and snow. Looking over the towns below at night, beautiful! The plethora of stars on the opposite side, breathtaking! It was fab.

As others have stated, getting to the trail was poorly marked and hard to find. No signs for trail starts anywhere from parking lots. However, once you find the trail it’s very well marked. Rock scrambles are difficult for dogs but do-able. Only a few steep parts and they’re on the rock scrambles. The views from Sunset Rock are absolutely beautiful.

29 days ago

Loved the trail. The mellow carriage road towards the end was just what we needed. The falls and surrounding ice was beautiful. Recommend using spikes of some sort as it was icy in some parts. Just a bit of reassurance on the slippery parts.

1 month ago

This was my first visit to Minnewaska. The hike was not strenuous, but was hindered a bit by a lot of ice. The ice added some challenge which I enjoyed. Rainbow Falls, frozen, is an amazing sight and the view of the Catskills is worth the trip.

Just missed the peak colors on my 10/20 hike, but got my first of 35 down. Loved the forest on top of Panther

Did this loop in late January 2018. Trail was pretty icy, I’d recommend bringing spikes. They’re not needed most of the time, but some sections were long stretches of thick ice over rock, particularly at the base of the falls.
The trail was beautiful, with a number of vistas along the way and had a great mix of terrain for moderate hiking. Almost no people too, which was a bonus in this popular park. There were a few sections that really needed some maintenance, but I attribute that to the extreme winds we had a few weeks ago. This hike takes you past the bottom of the falls and then up and over them. Getting both perspectives was very nice.
Would highly recommend this one.

Finished! 35er!

There were some fallen trees we had to climb over which added an adventure aspect but some might find difficult. We couldn't find the big falls some directions would be nice but all trails were well marked. The hike was private we saw only 2 people leave as we entered. Definitely check for ticks though, I had a tick on my side after leaving. We would go back to look for the falls.

Beautiful trail, I am in love with this place.

I have been on Millbrook Ridge a few times. The last time i was with a Group and did the whole thing to Millbrook Carriageway and the peak of Millbrook Mountain. Great views, possible sightings of peregrine falcons, and if you are here in the right season you may see beautiful mountain laurel in bloom. Last I was there to see beautiful fall foliage.

A very nice spot great views
Fantastic way to spend a December day
The only drawback was having to walk thru the campground since it is closed for the season
Even got to see a deer

Great hike the terrain reminds me of the PNW. Easy with the kids and dog and short hike to nice falls.

3 months ago

Great hike on an absolutely gorgeous day. Pretty easy trail...not too much traffic. Highly recommended

Beautiful trail in a beautiful day, 10 stars.

Good views from Giant ledge. The hike is easy and is a good hike for beginners.

very nice place

Great view!

Campground was closed which made getting to the trail head a bit tricky as everything was poorly marked. Still a nice stroll around north/south lake. Once on the trail everything was very well marked and the views were beautiful and well earned. Some of the rock scrambling, especially if you divert up to north point, can be tricky, but not too difficult. Highly recommend to anyone looking for sweeping views of the Hudson Valley.

Loved this hike. Took the Yellow trail to the blue. Turned right on the carriage road and then onto the orange (Rainbow falls) trail. There was a long walk back on the carriage road, but it was a great hike and very peaceful.

awesome hike, rocky and steep on the way up but boy is the pay off worth it when you get to the ledge. Jurassic views!!

Beautiful trail, views and waterfall, still picked up ticks on Oct 31, 2017.

Amazing views from the ledge, decent from Panther. Had heavy rains this week so the trail was like walking up a stream bed. Most people who do this trail only go as far as the ledge, so it gets really quiet once you pass them.

Beautiful trail. Very dog friendly and not crowded at all

This was a beautiful trail and the views were amazing. Artist's Rock is breathtaking, and you reach it almost instantly. Took my 10 year old. The parking lots closer to the trail were closed, so we ended up having to walk from the western most tip of South Lake to the trail. That added a few more miles to our trip, so we were over 7 miles.
For us, the Blue trail was easy. It was relatively flat, and then you would reach steep, but doable areas to climb. It was beautiful, and we loved it.
North Point was a bit steep (300 ft in .3 miles), but the view is worth it.
We took the red trail (Mary's Glen Trail) back down. While it was stunning, it was hard for me (as I have problematic knees and ankles). It was very rocky almost all the way down. I should probably have taken blue back down, and will again next time I go.
Overall, it was a hike that should not be missed. I am not a very experienced hiker, and I have a good amount weight to lose, but it is doable, even with a 10 year old. Just take your time.

4 months ago

Great day- hardly another person on the trail. Some great fall colors

This trail was good, but definitely not the best. Great views, slightly tough with dog on a few steep climbs.

This was a tough trail due to the steep ascent. lots of scrambling! It would be easy for a day hike when you’re only carrying a small pack.

we camped at about 3400 elevation however, and it was definitely difficult to scramble uphill/downhill with a full 50L pack w tent.

not a lot of look outs as trees are overgrown but its still a nice view. i’d say its worth it.

First off...gorgeous views from the Giant Ledge and a couple decent views on Panther Mountain. I was disappointed in how people using this trail do not respect it. Trail was packed on my way out heard a loud noise..a guy was using a drone on Giant Ledge..I get it this is the annoying world we live in today but I wish people would leave their loud obnoxious toys at home and just sit and enjoy nature. There is a porta potty in the parking area and certain people using the trail seem to feel that is ok to just throw their garbage in a pile next to the toilet....I was appalled by the amount of trash as well as this mentality.

4 months ago

Truly a gorgeous hike. Colors were stellar. Trails were well marked. Cores were outstanding.

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