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Lots of wash out from all the recent rain...

5 days ago

This place was good:) although the road takes u to some private road it brings you to a right place to start after you park your POV(private owned vehicle). The place starts off with off road trail that has road closed bar/sign. The previous review is good review but its a LOOP trail! Before you start there is a board of sign, map, caution, all good trash on it

Very poorly marked. We figured out we went the wrong way after it was too late. When you begin the trail after you park stay to the LEFT. I’m sure we will be back to hike the correct trail next time. Kind of a bummer.

9 days ago

The river is fantastic. Steep climb out once you get down to the river, but well worth it.

Significant storm damage has portions of these trails closed. On 8/11/18- 40+ volunteers cleared 8 miles of trails, this being a wilderness area means we can only use hand tools (crosscut saws and sling blades etc). Still some sections are closed due to damage from flooding. Reading below there is a misconception that forest service personal maintain these trails, the FS has only a few trail techs that cover large swaths of forest so they rely heavily on volunteer organizations to keep the trails marked and clear. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact their local ranger station or a local trail maintenance group, in this case Kevin Vasilinda from the FS teamed up with members of the Benton Mackaye Trail Association, Southern Appalachian backcountry Horsemen and the Conasauga trail volunteers to clear a lot of downed trees.

13 days ago

Simple walking path with a small creek that crosses it. I liked the many mushrooms/toadstools along the trail, but maybe much better as a biking trail.

This app says "out and back" with the miles. Does that mean TOTAL hike miles, or it is ONE WAY hike miles?

trail running
23 days ago

Second time there and we found the river! There is a sign at the beginning of the loop that is extremely misleading....ignore it as it will guide you right off the river loop trail. It points to a different direction with a picture of horses, hikers and bikers. At any rate, the loop starts and ends at a big oak tree in the middle. Stay on the narrow path and you're on the way to the river and sand bars.

29 days ago

Hike was beautiful. So much greenery right along the river! Water was warm also, with several small beach areas along the trail. Only negative was the bugs! (And I got stung by a bee)

1 month ago

Beautiful easy hike

We didn’t do the full hike because there were so many downed trees and a lack of trail marking that it was very difficult to follow the trail in some places. Because of this I would rated as a challenging hike rather than a moderate hike. We did not see any bears. Wildflowers were starting to bloom. I found that the second big River Crossing was super difficult- even with my hiking poles.(I’m pretty short and the river was high and was flowing very fast.). I’ll do this again in the fall when the water is lower and I will take a friend who has hiked it numerous times. I wish the forest service would remark the trail!

2 months ago

It’s a great exercise trail and perfect for biking.

The trail is no longer a loop. A simple up and back. Nothing spectacular to see. It is easy/moderate and a nice hike but no real points of interest. Personally I was hoping for views like the pictures uploaded but this is a wall in the woods. Nice, but nothing special.

If you click the Directions arrow through Google Maps, it does not take you to the lower parking area with the easiest access to the trail. The link takes you to the upper which is a 2 mile forest service road walk. The trail is beautiful once you arrive on it.

Just back from the lower trail of green mountain. Easy walk up to the end of the trail where you can see blue ridge lake. Beautiful . It’s Friday and passed by 3 persons. Ideal with my dog. Also close to downtown blue ridge for food and drink when done.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Great downhill trail with lots of technical features and many creek crossings. Some crossings required carrying the bike. Brush growth with hinder riding this summer without some trail maintenance.

3 months ago

It was great! Fun for the whole family ages 7-40 ... we went in the evening it was a nice sunset and great temperatures. Well maintained trail and just overall great way to enjoy a Sunday evening in the north ga mountains!

3 months ago

This was a great hike. The walk along the river was one of the prettiest we have seen. The views and sounds felt like you were a million miles away. Be sure and get a Land Use pass or take ur fishing/hunting license. This is state land and they are checking for the permit. It helps support the upkeep. You cannot buy it on site.

Just got home from completing this one. Due to weather, we decided to do the river crossings first. Which meant we had to face an uphill penitentiary branch trail the next day. That was fairly strenuous.

on River Loop Trail

4 months ago

This was a fun hike with my Wife as I celebrated my 61st Birthday today with her in Gods Country. 4-8-2018

I find it interesting that I only came across one other reviewer who mentions this. Land use passes are required and cannot be purchased onsite. Paying to park in a state park is reasonable but there are too many free trails close by to bother with this one and the cost associated.

One of my favorites. Beautiful river.

A nice, quiet hike with awesome spots to view the river. Not much scenery outside of the river, but once you get to the river, it’s worth it. Prepare to get a pretty good work out.

Great with kids!

4 months ago

Nice hike to river. Went counter clockwise . Beginning of trail could be marked a little better.

One of my favorite hikes in this area- beautiful with inclines. A bit odd entry, though, as the parking area doesn’t give clear sign of entrance. Walk down the gravel path to first fork. Go left. Walk to the second fork and go right. BUT take left at the next fork. Look for the blue blazes. If you don’t see them, your headed in the wrong direction.

5 months ago

6 months ago

Had a blast,nice open trail,few stream crossings and an old free standing chimney! Not far from home and easily accessible!

7 months ago

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