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3 days ago

Found this to be a fairly easy hike through the woods with a waterfall, river and covered bridge as the highlights. I went on a Sunday morning and it wasn’t too busy, crossed paths with a few dog walkers and joggers. Missed having blazes to follow but they do have signs on posts at all intersections and path well groomed so no chance of getting lost. I would walk here again.

Hiking, Beautiful place. Waterfall.

Beautiful views on the way up and from the top!

Maybe it's just me, but it's pretty easy to get somewhat lost. I ended up appearing in a neighborhood next to someone's backyard...

It is very challenging but I felt like Jesus wanted to meet me here so I did even if I was scared that the stone is slippery because it was pouring on my drive to the location. Anyway I just kept hiking up like a penguin by using the outer edge of my foot to support each step. I didn’t slip and the rain cloud started to be swept away and I got a chance to see the sun while it was slowly setting. You have almost a 360 view at the very top. Coming down a solid white line is steeper, it needs more faith, trust and persistence. The breaking yellow line would still be slippery if it rained so still be careful.

This was our first trail hiked!!! Awesome, memorable experience. Gorgeous views the whole hike up. The trail got pretty steep towards the end but not too difficult. My 9 and 7 year old did this hike very easily. Would definitely recommend for family vacationing.

Great way to start the day, made it up in time to watch the sunrise.

1 month ago

Quite the workout during the last 1/4 way up. Busy trail with lots of people, but trail is wide most of the way so you aren't likely to be stuck behind someone very long. Beautiful Vista views from the top.

1 month ago

This is a great trail every time. Crowded, but beautiful and a good workout.

Lovely waterfalls! Pretty nice for yoga

An intown gem.

Love this park. Love this trail.

Great workout ran up and ran slowly down felt great but crowded on the weekends. Beautiful had a great time with great people.

Great hike!

Up/down makes for an awesome workout! Go early or late. Mix/match with the trails/gravel paths. I love challenging myself with the climbing. I’m up to 5 summits back to back in one visit! You can really make it as hard as you want it to be! When you get to the top- be sure to locate the geo marker!

Only about an hour long, beautiful and can get steep! We went early so there were only a few people.

Grew up here. The Nature Center itself is great for children, they have lots of activities especially in the summer. I remember as a kid in elementary school sometimes our classes could walk to DNC and use their outdoor classroom! (Not sure if that’s a thing anymore.) Now as an adult I take my dogs all the time and it’s a good hike that can last about an hour. There’s a great spot where the local Boy Scouts set up Eno Hammocks for the public to lay in after a good hike. There’s other cool things to discover like a huge teepee (maybe a yurt?) and a cool beehive with a pane of glass in front so you can watch the bees do their work.

3 months ago

Nice easy hike, pretty waterfalls, a bit crowded on a nice October day and hard to pass at points.

I appreciate the abundance of signs mapping the trail, but blazes would've been a lot nicer/easier than having to stop and check which one of the paths you want to go down. Also, some kind of marker for where waterfall overlooks are would be appreciated instead of just following the sound down different trails.

I'll be honest, part of me writing this review is because it was sitting at 666 reviews :p

As a brand new trail runner this is my very first trail and it’s awesome still getting use to it having been running it the last 3 Sunday’s so it’s still challenging but I think I found something new to add to my workout regimen. It will be even more exciting when I trail running shoes come in!!!!!

Easy for family hikes

Awesome setting for a short trail but extremely packed. Recommend finding some of the side trails tucked off on the sides to venture back down the mountain.

3 months ago

Bit crowded but it’s a good trail. We stared off from riverside st parking lot to achieve 3.8 miles trail. During returning we adapted a closed trail which we were not aware of and that trail was dam creepy but had fun and we were able to catch up the active trail. Plan to take extra pair of clothes if you want to get into the waterfall. Overall it’s a awesome trail.

3 months ago

quads on fire ! loved it

3 months ago

This is my first trail so I don't have a comparison but I enjoyed it! Challenging enough to not make me quit walking altogether but easy enough to make me feel comfortable to do it again. Love that it's mostly shaded....I avoid the sun!

3 months ago

Crowded, full of trash, and constant traffic noise from Grimes Bridge Rd.

3 months ago

Went today with my friends, nice day to hike and good trial.

Seen a couple of instances of folks not having their dogs leashed.

I’ve been wanting to check this place out for a long time and can’t believe what a hidden gem this is! I was looking for a new place to walk my dog and this popped up when I did a google search. This was my first time here and since it was a Sunday afternoon the building was closed. I couldn’t get over how peaceful and beautiful this place was! Very well kept trails, beautiful water features around the building, great place to walk my dog and enjoy the scenery. I took a bunch of photos along the way. I can’t wait to go back!

3 months ago

I felt it quite easy and no elevation at all. For warming up and running into woods, I recommend this trail

nice for a short run. some misleading offshoots to back yards just turn around

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