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12 hours ago

Fairly well kept trail with moderate hills. Good hike to do early morning or evening; would definitely do again.

no shade
washed out
1 day ago

Love this trail !

Great hike! Lots of choices and not too strenuous. Bikers on the trails so have to share. Went off trail a bit to get close to Lake Hodges and rest a bit and enjoy the tranquility. Spotted a coyote 30 ft from us taking a drink by the shore. We spooked him and he ran off.

great hike.. all charged up for MLK Day..

I would recommend this trail this season. As everything is green and a cool weather for taking the trails. Some wind at bottop and mostly at top. Great for camping activities and meditation. Definitely will come back.

Watch out for horse poop! Was not too busy and the people that were there were friendly. Pretty view of the city. Would do it again. Easy hike and the dog handled it well. :)

Great little hike!

9 days ago

Definately a place to check off the list & a unique site as the 2nd tallest waterfall in the NF, but go with expectations. This is NOT a hiker's hike. You will encounter grafitti, trash, sewage, loud human noises, partiers & the trail inexperienced (read: don't know trail ettiquette). While it's rated moderate for the rocks & a short hill, it's fairly easy. Kids & small dogs could make it.

Beautiful trail with snow in the winter. Not a person in sight.

It’s ok but not that great hard to find which way to go trail everywhere no sign where does star we when around trying to find the flag .

11 days ago

Did this hike with my two dogs. The last quarter mile is a steep scramble as the trail narrows and the vegetation is thick. Once at the top the views are great.

Loved this. Fun, challenging trail with nice views along and from the top. Slid a few times, watch the loose rock!

My favorite section was the high meadows. It was a clean trail and mostly well marked. A few signs were old and missing all the paint, but with the All Trails app, it was super easy navigation. I’m going to do this trail more often.

This is a great hike close by in San Diego. It’s pretty steep and rocky so definitely wear hiking shoes or shoes with very good grips. I’d also recommend going on a cool day or very early as there is no shade at all. It’s easy to get confused where the right trail starts so be sure to go in towards the left where the power towers are.

Very fun and interesting trail. Really cute waterfall and something really nice to see during the winter!

Beautiful. My fiancee and i hiked this today. Full of snow

If you’re peak bagging San Diego County, you gotta do this one right? It’s the tallest... and it’s a real mission to get to it if you live down in the city. It’s been on my To-Do list for a while and I finally motivated my ass to drive up there and get it handled, on a snowy winter day in January.

It was a weekday morning after a fresh snowfall maybe two days before. Checked in at the ranger station and paid $10. No cars at trailhead, not a soul on the mountain that day. The hike itself wasn’t incredibly difficult, about Mt. Woodson level of effort. The trail was gorgeous, very green and lots of pines. The snow made for some rad photos. Followed a faint trail from the dilapidated lookout tower up to the actual summit (look for the helpful little orange flags) but couldn’t go up the summit boulder due to ice. I settled on eating lunch under the tower instead.

Absolutely stunning visibility, as could be expected on a winter day. Landmarks visible in 5 other counties plus Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. It’d be almost easier to make a list of what I couldn’t see up there. Views from summit included:

Cuyamaca Peak, Mt. Baldy, San Jacinto, San Gorgonio, Toro, Palomar, Woodson, Iron, Mission Trails 5, San Miguel, Mount Laguna, Rabbit, Villager, Salton Sea, Islas de Coronado, Point Loma, and Downtown San Diego.

I was actually pretty surprised to see Point Loma and Downtown, I wasn’t expecting that. On a hot hazy day you’re not going to see half of those landmarks, definitely do this on a clear winter day if possible.

And don’t be a daredevil like me and hike it solo. Go in a group! I saw a few sets of mountain lion paw prints in the fresh snow a few miles in, it had me dialing up the paranoia to the 9’s. Thankfully saw none, but they out there...

20 days ago

Beautiful walk along the beach you can get right down next to the seals, visit sunny Jim’s sea cave (entrance through the Cave Store) and visit tide pools all in a 3 miles stretch worth the trip if your in the area get there early to get good parking.

Did a New Years 2019 hike. Primitive trail, which is a plus in my book. No enhancements (no steps or fences). Remnants of a switchback on the lower half, now eroded and gully-washed. Traffic now ignores the switchbacks. A fairly strenuous hike up. Tricky footing coming down. Awesome views into Mexico, ocean, downtown, and El Capitan. Nice alternative to Cowels as it’s less crowded. Will do again.

21 days ago

Decent enough trail, be sure to go on a cloudy of chilly day, as there's literally no shade. Pretty steep in parts.Trail itself doesn't have too much to look at, but views are good.

Was great! There are two chairs cemented in to giant rock at the very end that are worth checking out. Great views from up there.. :)

Steep but moderate. Not too difficult if you’re somewhat experienced.

great hike close by. the last 1/4 of a mile is steep and narrow. great winter hike.

Nice hike with a good elevation gain. Go on a nice cool day as there is really no shade at all. Lots of plant life, crows, a few cottontail rabbits, etc. The switchbacks, once completed, will make this hike a much nicer one!

Came here on a lunch break, and did the loop. Overall parking was very easy since it starts on a residential street. The trail is well groomed and the signs are clearly marked. If you are local to the area is a great place to take your dog for a loop, or get a walk in yourself. There’s a little bit of incline but nothing too strenuous. Overall I would not travel too far for this, but if I’m in the area I will check it out again.

Unfortunately, a ton of graffiti. Very rocky. Wonderful spot all year!

on Pumpkin Rock Trail

29 days ago

Even better if you enjoy hills and hit the surrounding trails.

Beautiful hike last1/2 mike very steep. Use you sticks and all will be fine. Watch the signage small white sticks.

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