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This trail might have some of the best views in Colorado. There's a lot of boulders in and along the trail. This will slow anyone who wishes to run it. I went with a family member who's not much of a hiker and it took three hours to finish. I'll be going back to get a new personal record.


11 hours ago

Easy hike with great views both in summer and winter!

awesome trail. along ariver for most of it. great in winter too!

This was the first hike I’ve done in Colorado. Wanted to do something easier as I am trying to get used to the elevation. I personally loved the trail. Very shady, several places to stop and climb some rocks for some great views. We took it counterclockwise and went downhill most of the time which was nice. Well maintained and easy to find trail. The bottom is awesome as the trail goes right next to a little creek in which you can see some fish. Took us about 3 hours due to several stops and lunch. Traffic on the trail was not too bad. I’d recommend this trail.

2 days ago

Love it

Quick hike

one of my favorites

beautiful hike. once your at the bottom it's nice and cool following the stream for a while.. I would rate as hard, but able to do it with my baby in my pack. glad we took the advice of others and did clockwise, down the brook trail and up Chavez.. nice challenging hike

Easy drive and beautiful views. I haven't seen any reviews mentioning the NARROW ROAD. So be aware the road is very narrow in some areas with room for only one vehicle at a time and not a lot of space to pull off. Because we were unaware of the narrowness of it we drove up in our Raptor which is WIDE. Not very many courteous people drive through there and most don't have road etiquette and didn't even attempt to make room even though WE were on the cliff side. Other than that the ride was beautiful and we saw the beautiful Fall Aspens.

4 days ago

The bluest blue water that blew my mind! Most of the hike was not too bad until the last 45min. Completed the loop rather than out and back.

on Boreas Pass Road

scenic driving
5 days ago

I usually drive this road several times a year, but Autumn eye-candy is always the best. Heads-up folks - the conditions in the high country are soo dry that with everyone on the road, kicking up dust, visibility was extremely poor. There were many sections were I couldn't even take a pic because of how thick the dust was. My advice, go really early in the morning. Even later in the evening is busy.

A great hike just a drive out of the city and the trail is defiantly moderate or more. There are rocky terrain along the Chavez trail and so I appreciated someone’s tip about taking the trail up rather than down the sliding rock terrains. Thank you and hopefully others will do so too. Enjoy!

It's pretty much a reverse version of Dakota Ridge and Red Rocks Trail. First mile or so was boring, but once it gets closer to Red Rocks, the view gets better. Good and fun trail for beginner hikers. Have fun!

Challenging but so beautiful! The scenery was incredible - glad I made it to the Colbert blue lake!!

Easy hike with epic views.

20 small water crossings on the trail loop.

A must if you are in the area! The lake was unbelievably blue and beautiful! Felt like a straight up and straight down hike with only a very small portion that was flat. Seeing ice lake at the end makes every step you have taken worth it though!

Great views the entire time and will do this hike again when I'm back in Silverton.

I started hiking around 2 PM and the trail was almost completely in the shade. Loved that I could stop pretty much anywhere along the way to get wet.

7 days ago

We loved this hike! The colors were brilliant today, the hike is a little steep but so worth it. The falls at the end are spectacular!

8 days ago

started from bear lake to lake haiyaha to alberta falls to glacier gorge shuttle stop. don’t get me wrong, the hike was beautiful, just didn’t find the falls too impressive. maybe it would have been different if i looped the other way?

on Alberta Falls Trail

8 days ago

8 days ago

Extremely difficult but equally rewarding

8 days ago

I never been hiking before but, this trail changed me. Greatest trail I’ve done within my two weeks of being in Colorado. It was difficult but, worth it.

Nice elevation-

My favorite hike ever! I hiked to Ice Lake for the 3rd time on 7/19/18. The wildflowers were in full bloom and absolutely stunning. We hit the trail at 6am and it took us 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach Ice Lake, including many stops to take photos and catch our breath. The hike is very strenuous but worth every step Don't layer too much because the incline will have you sweating 10 minutes in. Absolutely make time to continue to Island Lake as well.

It was a good short hike for half a days worth of fun. Not very hard if you’re looking for something to do in the morning before lunch. A little crowded as the day goes by but well worth it.

Gorgeous scenery on this hike and so close!! We hiked early on a Sunday, before the Bronco game, and it was not busy at all! You get a little of everything on this hike. Shaded forest, river crossings, narrow cliff paths, sunny hot patches with cactus all in one hike.

11 days ago

Good spot! Pretty easy and heavily trafficked but worth seeing the waterfall!

11 days ago

I hiked this trail alone on a day when it was not highly trafficked. It was gorgeous and very rewarding with a lovely creek running through the bottom of the valley. Beware coming with kids, the Chavez Trail side has cliffs and steep parts, and I dropped my phone off of one of the cliffs and had to venture down to get it. Overall very rewarding trail system and would love to try the longer version of the trail.

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