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Great Hike with GTAH, AZ! Easy/Moderate with spectacular views! Bathroom on site! Need to purchase pass at Gas Stations, $8.00

1 day ago

It is definitely a good one but can be difficult at times. This may not be for everyone. I’d recommend those who are in shape & have maybe done some hiking or backpacking on some more difficult trails before. Would recommend this hike to anyone as far as beauty and escaping from life goes. Oh & be sure not to miss the turn off for the falls trail, it can be easily missed.

A beautiful hike with incredible views of Battleship Mountain and the Superstition Wilderness. Trail is really well marked and taken care of!

Two sections of uphill hiking (if coming from the Thompson entrance) make for a great workout! Great views of San Tan Valley too! Highly recommend.

Hiked on Sunday 12/3 and could not summit due to icy and snowy conditions. Beautiful hike.

Started around noon and finished at 5:20. Great hike, I did hike clockwise first up the Fremont ridge. This seems to be a popular hike to the ridge ran into a dozen people or so. But after the ridge I didn’t see a sole. Pure wilderness solitude!

Quick easy hike. Beautiful views and the cave is a nice area to relax before heading back.

Perfect morning for magnificent views. Not a thing I can complain about on this hike. Trails are in good shape. There are a few rocky spots but nothing too bad. watch for a few spots where the desert has grown into to trail a bit and have a great time.

Good trail hard up easy down

Very pretty trail, great views. It was cloudy and a bit rainy today but gave it a go anyhow. I was hoping the clouds would have cleared up, but they didn’t by the time I got to ~4000’ elevation. I was right at the cloud line and thought it would be pointless (and perhaps dangerous) to proceed into the clouds to get to the summit. Quite disappointed, I turned back, short of reaching the top. Took me 4.5 hours for the abbreviated hike. Looking forward to trying this again in better weather.

Thank you too everyone who put out the cairns, they were a lifesaver! That and this great app!

10 days ago

Great loop with amazing photo opps. Pretty well marked, not that hard - just kinda long. I loved it and ran part of it. I hiked during a weekday and it wasn’t that busy.

Amazing hike great tribute to the 19 firefighters.

This trail starts off simple enough, but then you quickly feel like you’re getting a pretty solid hike going. Offers some spectacular views. It’s worth it to get to the top. A great hike overall!

Good hike for the experienced. I tend to always get dehydrated on this hike. Be smarter than me and bring electrolyte rich food and liquid. It's a great workout

Rough terrain but would say this is a moderate hike. Last final push up to the cave was the most difficult. Cave does smell. But the views... awesome!

Did the loop clockwise today, solo, 102-104-234-235. Started at 10 am and got done by 4:30 pm. Used 1.5 l of water though had total of 3 l. Weather being perfect (60 F) helped. Not many people on the trail after the saddle point. Markings with cairns can be subtle. The map from AllTrails helped a lot. Overall, an awesome hike!

Perfect day for this hike. Beautiful scenery the throughout. Did the loop clockwise and was surprised at how rugged the trail got on the return on 234 and 235. It took just over 5hrs total time. I carried 2 liters of water and trail snacks and had plenty left at the end. I will definitely do this hike again.

Terrain isn't great but its definitely worth it. Beautiful view from the top.

Easy for about 2 miles, once you get to the base of the mountain id say it’s a moderate trail to the cave. Easy to lose the trail so watch for the cairns. Cave is awesome, great views. Super loose rocks on the way down, be careful. My 6 year old did this no problem but she’s a big hiker.

So this hike was fairly easy. As soon as you start to head up the side of the mountain to the cave you can easily lose the trail. This app helped me keep on the trail. The cave is pretty awesome, didn’t get to go in (no flashlight) . It has an amazing view definitely worth it! It didn’t take me long at all. I would say an hour and a half up to the cave. Coming down it’s pretty strap, lots of loose rocks so be careful.

19 days ago

I Survived! Actually, if I were in better shape it would not be a very tough hike, but the views of my community and surrounding communities are incredible. Thankful for the person that posted the American flag and put three chairs at the peak. That is very cool!

20 days ago

Good trail! Not far and it was a good workout. We saw a few coyote too.

Easy trail with one sort steep climb. Well marked trail with benches here and there to rest or take in the views.

Easy hike until the last ascent up to the cave but nothing extremely difficult. The trail markings aren’t the best as you get closer to the cave but as long as you move towards the cave, you’ll be fine. Great views and the cave is a nice spot to relax for a bit even though it sort of smells (probably bats).

What a great weekend camping trip and hike with Boy Scout Troop 131 from Scottsdale. We got a late start, but were still able to summit and get back down to the saddle in 3 hours.....just in time to see the sunset. We completed the hike under headlamps and a half moon, while getting glimpses of the crimson sky and city lights coming to life. It was a spectacular hike and one of my all time favorites. We were fortunate to have the entire mountain to ourselves on a calm and cool day. Extra special experience for me to summit for the first time since 1999, while with my 13 yr old son. We will be back! Best advice: wear gloves when starting up the crevice on the scree, and bring plenty of water and snacks. It's a solid 4 hours despite this trail's 5.4 mile distance.

I haven’t hiked this yet but have a question. Is this really a loop?? When I look at map it looks like an out and back.

Great hike!! The view was amazing !

beautiful hike

23 days ago

great day hike! took our dogs. some areas with loose sharp rocks but great scenery, super nice polite ppl on the trail.

on Butcher Jones Trail

23 days ago

I love this hike. Beautiful views not very difficult! Don’f orget to buy a Tonto pass.

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