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4 days ago

Great exercise and beautiful views! The creeks were wonderful and peaceful. The whole trail is actually closer to 7 miles. We will definitely come back and make sure to have more time to stop and enjoy more of the scenery. We went late in the afternoon so we rushed it. It began to snow/sleet which made for beautiful snow covered trees.

5 days ago

Enjoyable hike with pretty views. Trail is well-marked. It is uphill for the first half, but not too steep or difficult. We finished in about 3 hours going at a leisurely place and stopping for lots of pics.

good trail... harder to find trailhead but realized it was through the residential area. only saw one other couple. Great 5 mile hike.

8 days ago

We were here in Oct., and the weather was perfect - partly sunny, light breezes and 75-80 temp at midday. We were a little short on time, so only hiked out about 1 mile and then returned. I wanted to get past all the mounds with footprints, for good pictures, and found that in spades! We returned over some dunes that weren't directly on the trail, but in the general direction of the trailhead, and that was neat to be the only ones you could see for quite aways. In the distance we hiked, it was easy to navigate. Very easy to hike barefoot, and this is preferred, especially in the looser sand of the dunes.

Awesome views and trail. Bring your water did this early and enjoyed the sunrise. Bit of a challenge but trail in good condition.

9 days ago

One of the most beautiful trails in Aguirre Springs. Although it was a rainy day, we enjoyed a lot the astonishing vistas of the pine tree forest and the rock formations, a wonderful landscape!

10 days ago

Thoroughly enjoyed this hike! The canyon with the stream and the wildflowers was lovely. The hike up to the ridge was a little strenuous but totally worth it. The views from the ridge were amazing. Saw 5 mule deer and elk tracks. Took T93 the whole way to extend our hike and avoid the difficulties since mentioned with T92.

Beautiful hike but more like eight miles if you go all the way to the ridge line. Met a great crew of guys working on the trail.

This is one of my favorite trails, beautiful landscape with canyons and rock formations.

15 days ago

Very enjoyable hike. Took my wife and dog. My dog thoroughly enjoyed all the opportunities to run in the stream that follows the trail most of the way. Only the last kilometer i would rate moderate or slightly difficult because of the loose rocks. The view from the top is gorgeous.

19 days ago

Great hike. 2 1/2 hours stopping for lots of pictures. Take breaks! went early saw the sunrise on the drive to and that alone worth it. Not a soul around, nice. Wear hike boots.

the trail is fairly easy but kinda hard to tell where you're supposed to go in certain places, the cave is very, very underwhelming, but I saw deer on this trail so that gives it some bonus points.

three words. Too Many Mosquitoes.

Took my Citified wife on this trail. She struggled a bit on the return thru the miners trail, but worth going that route. Good little hike

nice clean easy for kids. we saw deer and the are bathrooms at the beginning of the trail. you can fish the lake with a license

Great trail not far from town. I would rate most of the trail fairly easy and on the lower end of moderate but I also didn’t have time to do the entire loop. T93 has lots of little creeks to cross and plenty of scenery. It was the best trail for my dog that we hiked all weekend and enjoyed the wildlife. I ran into 5 or 6 people so it’s lightly traveled.

This trail is an easy and beautiful hike for adults and kids alike.

Great family hike. Took us one hour with three kids. Saw deer three times. Beautiful with lots of chances to take a break.

Very pretty. Small waterfall at the bottom and we saw three deer.

on Big Dune Loop

1 month ago

This place is one of the prettiest places I have seen, I also recommend going at sunset. I have seen some amazing images taken at night too, plan to camp the next time we visit.

1 month ago

Went up the canyon on TR93 great hike along the creek lots of water flowing after a few days of heavy rain. Great views from the top, the trail down the ridge TR92 is pretty bad with lots of erosion damage. Treking poles highly recommended very loose steep rocky terriean. Next time I will just go back down TR93 it is way more fun and shady. Looks like a new MTB trail going in as well.

Great easy recovery walk.

2 months ago

Great hike, make sure you have 5 dollars exactly to pay for parking at the station, it has to be left in an envelope. It's very easy to get off the trail, so pay attention.

God is good !!!

A easy hike in the white sands. Very beautiful. Remember to take a sunglass as the white sands reflect the sunlight strongly.

Really enjoyed this trail. It was so hot, but the views the whole way made it worth it.

2 months ago

Nice hike but on the high end of moderate. The last 1.5 Miles was walking a very loose and rocky dirt road of an abandoned house community. Looks like they got the roads and the fire hydrants put in but stopped. Now the roads are deteriorating to the point of difficult to walk down.

Beautiful scenery! Great to do early in the AM. Some parts were strenuous, but overall good hike! Breathtaking view at the highest elevation.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail. Great for a low key hike in the morning.

This trail has everything, great views, easy to follow, easy, moderate & challenging in different areas, lightly trafficked, just a really enjoyable trail to hike. I would suggest starting on T93 and then T92.

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