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This trail is exactly as described. The first 1.5-2 miles captures 2/3 of the elevation change. The most challenging part was actually at the top though. The last climb to the summit was daunting after the rest of the hike, but the views were totally worth it.

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Amazing trail with a spectacular view of Eastern New Mexico!
This is DEFINITELY a HARD trail and that's putting it mildly, take lots of water, have protective clothing, good hiking shoes, trekking poles and protection as you are in the middle of nowhere with wild animals and unpredictable trails (that are not always easy to follow)
Plan to have a whole day to devote when hiking. It's not and easy up and down yet do rewarding!

An incredible hike! Hiked to the top on 1/15 and it was perfect visibility (we got lucky). All ice and snow had melted and it was even comfortable at the summit. With the government shut down, we parked right outside of the gate, and easily hiked the extra .9 miles in. Round trip it was 6 hours, even with a solid 30 minutes at the top. Definitely worth whatever drive you need to make to get here!

Amazing views, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze! This was a game changer for me, my brothers and I completed it in 7 hours

Excellent views and flora. Usually water at all the named Springs, and primitive campsites can be found throughout.

Such an exhilarating hike. Although government shut down is still in place we were able to access the park. We parked at the parking lot up the road from the national park HQ pinnery parking lot I believe. Its only an extra .9 miles to the trail head. Totally breath taking. Like others have said the first 1.5 miles are really tough and steep, but after that the inclines of the switch backs are quite moderate nothing too bad at all. A lot of false peaks. Winds were not too bad but there is still a bit of snow at the top. Nothing serious just take your time, and watch your feet. Completed 1/10/19 5hrs 15mins from the parking lot.

Great, tough hike! I would also recommend microspikes as the snow/ice is now hard packed in areas. Probably for about a mile. I did it in trailrunners and managed, but luckily I had trekking poles. Take it slow, and you’ll be fine. Cheers.

Woke up at 4 and hiked to see the sunrise. Stunning photos. Lovely experience.

1 star for today’s hike but five stars in general. Will be back.

Attempted this hike today (01/03/19) during the government shutdown :( I’ve done 39 state high points, hiked in the Whites in NH, and done high elevation stuff in UT and NM... this was by far the scariest, most intense hike I’ve ever done. Please be careful if attempting this in inclement weather or wind!! Turned back 1/2 mile from the summit.

The park had been experiencing a crazy weather system the last couple days that made it unseasonably cold (like daytime temps in the teens). Today was the first day of reasonable weather (forecast for visitor center around 45 with winds 10-20 mph) so we went for it. Got first start on the trail and any previous snow tracks disappeared above 6500 feet.

The trail was full of ice with plenty of exposed sections. Wind chill to the teens to twenties. Gusts of wind to 40-50 mph gave the drop off sections (up to 800 feet) the potential for deadly consequences. We had to crouch to stay planted several times. Even with micro spikes I feared I’d be blown off the mountain in certain parts. The wind never abated no matter how many times we turned a corner onto a new face of the mountain.

Hiked down and saw plenty of people attempting in jeans, sweatshirt, and worn out Nikes. I have no idea how they made it that far. If they reached the summit, good on them lol.

Beautiful scenery with amazing views of the desert floor. I’ll be back in the summer to bag this thing. Knowing my luck with Texas weather, it will probably be hurricaning

Gorgeous hike. If you are going soonish I would take some microspikes as there are icy areas starting at roughly 7000 ft. The ice isn’t everywhere so crampons would be overkill and not recommended. The summit could use a new log book in case anyone wants to take the initiative! I posted a photo of the current, overloaded one.

We hiked only a portion of the Guadalupe Peak Trail this past Saturday (12/29/2018). The views were beautiful everywhere you looked. There was snow, the trails were a bit slippery, and the air is definitely thinner the higher you go. My mom had a heavy cold and was not able to continue to hike due to the freezing air and high elevation. The day was also very foggy and it was a bit hard to see. The peak of the mountain was covered by both clouds and fog. We did also start the trail a bit late around 12pm. If we would have started a few hours earlier and left my beautiful momma at home, I’m confident we would have been able to complete it. We were only able to get about a mile till we decided to turn back. There are lots of sharp rocks and steep areas. It is a little difficult but it is manageable. If you’re headed during snowy days be prepared with snow/hiking boots, jackets/coats, and plenty of water. We can’t wait to go back in warmer weather and when my momma is feeling better.

Please note: We parked outside the gate due to the govt. shutdown so you do have to walk uphill about a mile from the main road to start the trails. Restrooms are closed. Visiting center is also closed. Water refill stations are open.

This is a gnarly hike, tough but rewarding and incredibly biologically diverse. Must do if you’re in the area.

Hiked this on Christmas day and it was beautiful. A little ice at the top but we managed in just hiking boots. Some sort of spikes would make it easier though.

Awesome views and saw some elk real close to the trail! Took about 6 hours but we easily spent 1.5 hours taking pictures and meeting friendly folks on the mountain. On a clear day it's a beautiful hike.

We hiked this trail, July 22, 2018. Very tough the first 1.5mile to 2miles. After that, it wasn’t easier, but tolerable. We took two 5 min every 30 min then two breaks every 45min to an hr. That really helped us a lot.
Going down wasn’t difficult at all. Only problem was, our legs started to to get tired and weak (possible risk of rolling/twisting ankles).
We did it in the middle of summer. Morning was 77-80 degrees, then reached up to +100 degrees once we arrived to the top. Thankfully we couldn’t feel the scorching heat at the peak, but coming back down..:yeah we started to feel it and we almost experienced heat exhaustion.. BE CAREFUL AND DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

Overall, would I do it again? YES!!! Maybe next time during cooler weather.

first mile gain is a good warm up. easy after that. wonderful views from thw top.

The trail itself is not very demanding; the ice and snow makes the upper part of the trail extremely slippery (and hence somewhat dangerous). The view is splendid.

A beautiful trail with wonderful views. The trail is not difficult but this time the snow an ice made the trip a bit difficult, once on the summit, the 360 degrees view that we contemplated was a wonderful and unforgettable experience that made the effort worthwhile.

Good trail. Pretty good pull ..3000 ft. Views are excellent just be sure to bring some crampons or boots with real good tread. Very icy..not so bad on the way up but coming down it was a challenge.

Took my dog for a walk here today. Dog waste pickup bags are at the start of the trail. There were several filled poop bags left by people on the trail. C'mon people! Dispose of the waste you pick up rather than leaving the bag on the trail! No wonder dogs aren't welcome places!

The trail is marked with arrows. Easy footing but it is sandy. Saw several rabbits. Petroglyphs are visible and really stand out when the sun is right. It was an enjoyable, easy walk.

Awesome trail...first mile or so is a little tough, but after that, fairly easy!

Beautiful hike! Definitely challenging, and it was very hot when we did it in late May. Take plenty of water, at least 6-8 bottles if not more per person. Took us about ten hours up and down the mountain, with plenty of breaks along the way.

Great hike, awesome views with every turn. Took about 3 hours going up, and 2 coming down. Coming from sea level, itll get the ole ticker a ticking. A little rough on the knees coming down, nothing too bad.

Not to difficult, previous reviews were right. First 2 miles or so are rough after that pretty easy. Super fun hike, great views

Hiked on a sunny Saturday in December, did it in a bit less than 5 hours. Amaizing views, diverse landscapes going up and pleasant, easy-to-walk trail (regular grades, well maintained path), windy at the top

Pretty steep with lot of switchbacks but it's cool to be on the top of Texas! Took us about 6 hours. Can be very windy on the top!

This was alot of fun and a bit challenging.

Nice views. Took me 2.5 hours up, but I go at a fast pace when I'm by myself and without an overnight pack.

Amazing view. My friend and I did it in about 5 1/2 hours without any training whatsoever, so it’s doable. Very windy though.

One of Texas’ great hikes. Not as difficult as listed, moderate and can be completed in 4-5 hours

me and my friend camped at big bend for 5 days then on the way back came here just for the purpose of reaching the highest elevation in texas. we were running short on time and were able to go up to the top and back in only 3 hours.

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