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Nice trail, not much elevation gain, so more like a 5.5 mile walk. Pretty muddy in places, but we did it in mid-December. Would do it again!

First off you have to bring your own whiskey. Second off byow (water). The trail starts out with fascinating foliage and scenic views. Although beware because there may or may not be an enormous aggressive snake running rampant through the trails. Later on, the trail begins to ascend about the same rate as a child’s playground slide although with slightly more igneous rock. You also may encounter feral badger as we had to remove one from a cholla cactus (see photo). If you choose to bring a metal detector, you will not be disappointed. We may or may not have buried some treasure ;) You’ll eventually reach a fork in the trail where you have to decide if you actually have aspirations in life or you are a total piece of trash that takes the easy way out. Be aware of various attire you may encounter on the trail (old man shorts). Make sure you are mentally prepared for that. Once you reach the the summit, enjoy your climax. Eat the Cheetos drink the whiskey and descend a new person with an optimistic view on life. This was truly life changing.

10 days ago


A 3yo, an out of shape 64yo wearing oxygen, and 3 young adults with a dog made parts of this hike without too much problem . Rocky in places, steep in places for me, but I had good hiking shoes and poles. We saw hikers and bikers and quite a few dogs, some of which were loose. Decent views all the way to Cabezon and south to Ladron Peak. Perfect weather for this anti-black Friday activity.

30 days ago

Probably saw about 20 mountain bikers today, not a big deal though. This is an easy trail, decent scenery.

Nice trail! Great for anyone new to the area, well marked and a good amount of use. Little chilly once you get close to the summit. Water, hat, gloves. Great views of Santa Fe!

I thought this trail was just ok. The scenery is not spectacular and the road is not too far off so you always hear cars. Nice little bits of nature though.

Great trail, easy at the beginning but then a nice workout uphill

Fun. Slippery when the rocks are wet. Perfect for a drizzly day.

Well groomed trail. Some areas steep climb. Relatively open to sun but frequent opportunities for shade. Beautiful!

1 month ago

Cool blustery day but perfect for the up hill sections. Beautiful views of the valley. Only a few hikers on a mid week October hike. Definitely worth the effort..

The good: shade along the way, beautiful forest, great views all the way up, cool geology (quartz and blood red granite outcropping), nice mountain breezes, tremendous views at the top.

The second half of the trail is steep and strenuous. The top is 9200 ft, and for this out-of-towner, the second half is a sustained and strenuous side of moderate. That said, don’t give up. The payoff at the top is peaceful and so gratifying. Near the top, there is a white milky quartz outcropping that feels powerful and sacred.
About the side-Trail to the overlook, we did it, don’t bother. The overlook views all along the trail are better.

Great views! Will definitely do again.

Another nice moderate hike. We are a fit couple and it took us 1 hour and 5 minutes up and and 1 hour and 2 minutes down.

mountain biking
3 months ago

fun trail to do with kids to take them out and enjoy being out on bikes. plenty to see if you like the bosque . only reminder I have for people is to remember the trail is on east side of river.

on Bosque Trail

road biking
3 months ago

We drive 4 hours from El Paso just to ride on this trail once or twice a year... We love it.

3 months ago

Great trail to hike. Took my 8 year old son and we had lots of fun.

Nice trail. I thought there were a lot of bikers, but I went on a Sunday. I went the counterclockwise route and am glad for it. If you don’t mind a steeper climb until the first junction then it makes for a nice gradual downhill hike out when you get into Tunnel Road. Will definitely do it again but only on a weekday when there aren’t as many bikers.

Wasn’t really impressed. Lots of winding trails to choose from. Very open. Pretty views but wouldn’t do again.

I go to the Bosque trail all the time. I park in the Alameda Open Space parking lot. It’s the only parking area with bathroom access. The trial itself is flat and paved. It’s usually pretty crowded on the weekends but it’s secluded from main roads and has some shade from the cottonwood trees. You’ll pass by a few farms and see some horses on the trail occasionally. You can access the river from the main trail at some areas as well.

4 months ago

Note that this trail has been reopened. However, when we were headed to the trailhead via Wilderness Gate this morning at 7, neighbors driving by told us they had seen a large bear at the base of the mountain along the road, so we played it safe and hiked Picacho instead.

Highly disappointed. Walking trail we picked went along backyards. Little shade, and good luck finding a map and dust in-between my toes.

5 months ago

Very nice walk!

6 months ago

We hiked to the top and the views were great. We stayed on the correct path and took the easier route up but steep route back down. Both my wife’s phone and my tracker had our distance at 8.2 miles. This is well above the 5.8 listed miles so if you are looking for a short hike this is not it. Good trail though.

This was a great trail with plenty of up! The views from the top are worth it. The trail numbers switch from 174 to 170 as you reach the power lines. We took the harder route up and the easier down. There was an offshoot trail that takes you up to a lookout on the easy side. Take lots of water.

One of our favorite hikes in Santa Fe. Some of the best views in the area but you have to work for them.

6 months ago

We are fairly new to hiking and found the trail quite strenuous towards the top. Was able to make it to the summit in about 2.5 hours with many short breaks along the way. GPS Said 8 miles so if you are new to hiking and looking for an easy hike this may not be the trail for you.

6 months ago

This is a great 6 mile out and back trail close to Santa Fe. It is strenuous so be aware of altitude (if visiting) and incline and be sure to bring plenty of water. It is popular therefore fairly busy but most hikers are courteous. There is a junction where you can by pass a steep grade and go around via an easier path. It is clearly marked “Steeper Way” and “Easier Way.” I suggest taking the “Easier Way” on the way up to conserve energy and taking the steeper route back down.
There is also a side jaunt called Atalaya Lookout Trail that is a loop shooting out to the south/southwest. It will add maybe .5-.75 miles to the journey if you want to take in that view.
Depending on your level of fitness or ability, it can take anywhere from 3.0-4.5 hours. Some are running it while others take multiple breaks and enjoy the gorgeous views of Santa Fe.

We hiked Picacho peak the other day while in Santa Fe, and really loved that trail. This hike is in the same area, not exactly part of the Dale Ball trail system, but it is still in very good condition. We started at the upper trailhead, where it guides you to mark post #43. This saved us about 1.5 miles total since we didn't start at the college parking trailhead. The beginning half is not too steep, though it is a constant steady climb. The last half is steeper, more rocky and consists of many switchbacks. It took us about 1.5 hours to reach the top, with a couple of stops to break and drink water(bring a good amount if it is a warm and sunny day).

The views from the top are quite beautiful, you don't get a great 360 panoramic view of everything, and there are a decent amount of trees at the top that block many views, but overall it was worth the 2.5 miles up. I would actually recommend doing the Picacho peak over this hike if you had to choose one over the other.

This is a great trail. It is well groomed and well marked. Do not wear your sneakers on this trail, you need hiking boots because it is Rocky. Keep in mind that the full loop comes back on Chalk Dust trail.

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