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Get there very early to avoid bottle necks in the narrow canyons. But otherwise the hike is phenomenal. The view from the top is beautiful and the narrow canyons were stunning.

on Tent Rocks Trail

1 day ago

Very beautiful trail with lots of interesting geology. Challenging for us amateurs, but not too much. Go early to avoid crowds.

2 days ago

Fun out and back hike. We took the high road from the TH and came back down the creek bed. The higher trail has a few sections where there is a steep drop off; just be aware and you'll be fine.

3 days ago

Easy trail to navigate. Some inclined to get your heart beating but not too bad at all. This place is great for views! Beautiful area and the trail was pretty quiet. A lot of areas are closed off but those are mostly secondary trails so it doesn’t ruin the hike.

Loved the hike.

Gorgeous views! Go early, as it gets crowded, but oh, so worth it! The tall walls or slots give shade too, so you don’t melt. High stepping towards the end make this a more challenging hike, but also interesting. Highly recommend!

This was a great beginners trail. I took a 2 year old, 8 year old and my pregnant sister. It was a breeze.

Beautiful hike, feels like you're on the moon... recommend taking some Gatorade or something similar to get you through it. Sun reflecting from all angles can take its toll on you. Lots of sunscreen!

7 days ago

Love this trail! If you want to spend the night somewhere before you hike then stay in Santa Fe or possibly North Albuquerque. Don’t bring a pet and bring $5 cash. They don’t take credit cards.

It’s a great quick hike but still a little strenuous. We went at 10:00 on a Saturday and we were done by 12:00. It was not very crowded at 10 but on our way back down it was pretty crowded. I would agree with the other comments.. go as early as you can!

So much fun!

Always fun with the family! Can be quick and easy or a bit longer and off path too if you're feeling adventurous.

Favorite trail to date.

Nice hike, but not the best of the park

12 days ago

So beautiful !

14 days ago

This is a bucket-list must do hike! If you’re in the area, make this the one you do!

This was an awesome, gentle afternoon hike—if you’re into the geology aspect, it’s super cool! The views of the sandias are incredible too.

on Chamisa Trail

14 days ago

Beautiful views on the high side of the loop. Other side is essentially beneath it where there’s a creek bed.

Favorite trail on my week in New Mexico thus far. I am not that adventurous but found this to be the right mix of challenge and beauty. The trail is very popular but worth it. The National Park pass gets you in free, otherwise it’s $5. There was another road leading up to the Memorial which was closed. I would have liked to explore that.

Really great views but the trail was snowy and icy as you moved away from the crest and into the forest.

Great workout and close to home. While listening to an audiobook I quickly scrambled up the hill but was more careful on my way down. Didn’t want to slip on rocks. How lucky we are to have the luxury of an evening hike before dinner.

19 days ago

We did a ‘baby equilateral triangle’, went in for about only 5 markers, then cut across to the other side of the trail, and walked out, for a total of 1.5 miles. Worked great with children. With a lot of exploration on the way, took about 1 hour. Saw a bleached earless lizard. The sand just beneath north slopes was very cool despite the air temperature being well above 80s.

We did both the east and west circle trail and the falls trail which is a short 0.5 mike trail off of the east circle trail. I felt that the west circle trail, which is the longer and harder of the two, was a lot of work for little reward as far as the views. While there were some cool views of several different mountain ranges and Santa Fe, they were almost all mostly obscured by trees and there were no opportunities to really get a good panoramic view despite how high the trail climbs. If you’re looking for a good workout, it was definitely a challenging hike on the west circle. The falls trail was partially frozen and I’d like to go back, but I would not hike the west circle trail again.

21 days ago

Wow, it was a great experience! I've read people's comments and I was not 100% sure if I wanted to take my time and come to this trail but I am glad we did. I brought my 2 teens during the Spring break from Colorado and this was definitely one of the favorite one. I didn't ended up following the trail on the map because there are so many amazing petroglyphs and I am satisfied. If you're not from the area, this is one of the must "trail" to go!

21 days ago

Enjoyed family time on this trail!

The falls are usually a trickle, but there's also the tiny cave and a whole lot of fossils in the rocks above and to the right of the falls. Fun for kids to climb around and explore. Some seasons there's wild irsises and grapes here. If you follow the trail up past the falls just a short ways, there's a rock stacking area.

23 days ago

Rangers will push people out of the trail at around 4pm! We arrived too late around 3:30 and only hiked half the trail before being intercepted by a ranger, together with a large contingency of turned back hikers. Even so, the first half was already spectacular. Sandy ground and slot canyon allowed only one person to pass in many places. The cone shaped features are well worth the trip.

Good one to run..a little boring to walk.

Even in the rain it was a beautiful trail! Can't wait to come back on a sunnier day !

25 days ago

It's rated moderate but I think some people will find it closer to difficult. There are a LOT of ups and downs and I was definitely glad I was wearing my hiking boots or else I'm sure I would have twisted my ankle a couple of times. It's an absolutely beautiful trail with lots of great views of the Rio Grande Valley as well as the Sandia Mountains.

There are quite a few side trails and it's easy to get off the main trail, and by our calculations, we walked 2.5 miles from the parking lot at the Tram to the La Luz trailhead, NOT the 1.7 miles the marker said at the beginning of the trail. So bring lots of water and energy snacks, and hiking poles will definitely help. I wish I'd had a hat on by the end of our three hour out and back in early December. I don't think we will do this trail in the Summer.

we went mid March and it was beautiful weather. the trail ascended almost the whole way but it was very gradual so doable with dogs and kids. we took our 3 dogs and our 2 year old and it was a ton of fun. there was a small trickle of water out of the rocks but the hike was easy and very beautiful. on the way down we ended up going northbound up 130 for another few miles and came back down. I highly recommend if you're beginning to get into hiking.

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